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NRA T-Shirt Kid Has All Charges Dropped

Written by Gary North on July 1, 2013

A 14-year-old West Virginia middle school student wore an NRA T-shirt to school this spring. It had a picture of an AR-15 on it.

His teacher told him to turn the shirt inside-out. He refused. The teacher told the administration. The administration called the cops. A cop told him to turn it inside-out. He refused. The cops arrested him for obstructing justice — a criminal charge.

A judge has just thrown out the case. “The state of West Virginia is not interested in the possibility of creating a juvenile criminal record for this defendant.”

The mother of the boy says she will sue the people who did this to her son.

The case is one more example of tax-funded education run amuck. The anti-gun mania means that students may not even wear a T-shirt with an image of a gun on it. This is gun control taken to the next level.

The solution is not lawsuits. The solution is to pull children out of the tax-funded schools. But most parents refuse to take this step.

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49 thoughts on “NRA T-Shirt Kid Has All Charges Dropped

  1. What would you expect in this day and age of no common sense. I admire the kid and he should be given an award for standing his ground in a country that used to be free. If it was a black kide you wouldn't hear a peep. Oh they wouldn't have a shirt they would have a free cell phone and his own access card.

  2. Donald Custer says:

    the police should not have beencalled,nor should the police ask the kid anything an aslong as the kid was not being disorderly
    no arrest should have beenmade,besides thatwas the wrong charge to been with

  3. Frances Carney says:

    I wonder if the shirt was Brown (such as the youth of Nazi Hitler wore) would be appropriate with a Swastika on it would have been more in line with the policy in this school????

  4. Patriot says:

    The filter they are using I question.Do they filter rags on there heads or tattoos of obscenity and death? Is it a filter that changes according to oversensitivity ratings of Time Magazine or multi-colored rainbow flag. What is the "standard?" Is it a moving target of convenience? I'm not at all sure when kids get to come to school dress in all black trench coats and kill their siblings. The filter should filter itself out of the inequality and dismantling of the Constitution.

  5. Jesse Tomblin says:

    Finally a judge with BRAINS. Sadly I am from W.Va. and related to the IDIOT who is in power there. This boy's mother should Sue those who did this to her son for Billions if not Trillions I know she would not ever get it but it would send the message that this type of STUPIDITY won't be tolerated. Those who did this act of UTTER STUPIDITY should be FIRED and banned from their particular type work for ever. I say thank GOD for a judge who has brains.

  6. Tango Tommy says:

    I would sue also. But I would give them a choice. Fire everybody in the school, police department, and prosecutors office,
    responsible for this bull. or 10 million bucks

  7. AD Roberts says:

    The education you get these days in public schools is about worthless anyway. Then there is the fact that there is NO discipline, because the libers think that is child abuse. So the bullies STILL run the schools. I know. My neighbor WAS a teacher. Then the schools cost way more than they should. That is because, as I was taught when i worked in government for 5 years, you ALWAYS spend everything you are given and ask for more.

    Perfect example. School vouchers was voted on in California. The voucher was to be for $2900/year. The schools were, at tht time, getting $5600/year/child. And the unionized teachers were TERRIFIED that they would lose control over the children and lose major numbers of children. Do you see the irrationality of this.

  8. AD Roberts says:

    The cops were afraid NOT to obey the liberal who was in charge. You would think that cops would know what was legal and what was not. BUT THEY DON'T.

  9. AD Roberts says:

    Huh? Be more explicit.

  10. AD Roberts says:

    No, that would just come out of the taxpayers pockets. Your relative would get NO punishment and would just continue to abuse his power. If he is one of the Bilderbergs, he would be trying to cost the taxpayers as much as possible because the push is on to destroy our dollar and our government.

  11. I hope they get enough cash from the law suit to pay for all their expenses, as well as their mortgage, their children to go on to college, and a new car.

  12. Btll Williams says:

    Your exactly right as I worked in government the last 15 years of my career and if you don't fine a way, any way, to spend every dollar in your budget and ask for more in the next budget you will be in trouble. In government the bigger budget you have means power.

  13. Many thanks to this teen and his family for their courage and stand against the tyranny that is surrounding all of us. This may push back some of the brazen efforts — at least for a little while. I pray he is well rewarded for this.

  14. bobmead says:

    Charges should be brought against the people who fallaciously charged him with a crime!!

  15. dntmkmecomoverther says:

    "The solution is not lawsuits. The solution is to pull children out of the tax-funded schools."

    The 'solution' is to pull the tax funding FROM schools. Make open enrollment the law, and then watch consumers of education choose what it best for their child. Then give each family a voucher for that child's education. Watch the learning environment change for the better…we might actually get an education for our kids rather than an indoctrination.

  16. Charlie says:

    Given how moronic so many of the strings that come with government money have become, frankly, I think all government money should be removed from schools save for locally-raised money through taxes and tuition. That, however, would make it difficult to pay teachers enough money to make anyone want to do it, and let's be honest, home-schooling is not a realistic option for everyone, nor is it always the best solution for any family.

    However with this proposal, if it was given NSA (that's "no strings attached") to any properly-accredited or accredidation-pending school, this might work.

    My concern, however, is that with government money comes so many restrictions- including not being allowed to criticize or question the government (needed for a free, balanced education), that I don't think it would work as well as it should unless some regulation guaranteeing free academic inquiry was passed.

  17. ken1lutheran says:

    The issue is this: Parents may dislike one thing or another in the public schools. What they do not want to do, though, is pay the tuition to send their kids to the nearest Catholic or Lutheran school where the teachers union does not set the agenda, hence no political correctness. That would mean paying money. Less money for trips, for going out, for all sorts of other things. A generation ago, young Lutheran and Catholic families came up with the tuition first and then made the ends meet around that. I was flat broke, but my kids went to Lutheran school. Parents now won't do that.

    A footnote is that if this kid were in a Catholic or Lutheran school, he wouldn't be wearing that T-shirt because he'd be in the school uniform. Those uniforms are a godsend to parents, who never have to listen to, "But Ma, all the cool kids are wearing…!" and don't have to worry about the price of whatever the fashionable brands of clothes are. The T-shirt was a good protest against the political correctness of the public schools; there is no need to protest that political correctness in a Catholic or Lutheran school.

  18. Education Needed says:

    Sueing is only ONE of the possible response to criminal behavior on the part of school administrators, police and everyone else that took part in this travesty. If you have the money to do this or that or any of the above, please do it. Do it now and do it loud. To say this is not the solution is to imply there is only ONE solution! Please, don't be stupid. Ultimately, the NEA and their ilk need to be eliminated. They should not have the power or authority to do this type of nonsense.

  19. bojidar says:

    ,,The solution is to pull children out of the tax-funded schools.''
    I agree!

  20. Johnnycake says:

    In 1969 I was told by a gym teacher – not my gym teacher – to cut my hair above my ears. I did not. The next week he picked me up by my collars and pushed me up against a wall. He was a huge man – about 6' 5' and 280 lbs. He said if I did not have my hair cut the next time he saw me I would get 3 swats. My parents had to have a discussion with the principal about the matter. Turns out he was a gym teacher in HS when I got there. And also the A squad Baseball coach. I was the best center fielder at tryouts in 1971 and he would not let me on the A squad. The B squad coach made a fuss but to no avail, so I quit the team. SO it did not just start the last twenty years. I saw this coming 40 years ago.

  21. The proper step at this time is to bring charges against the Police officer for 'obstructing' this American's 1st Amendment right. These charges should first be brought through his police department along with false arrest and harm to a minor through intimidation.
    This will cause the department to investigate and to either terminate or write up the officer causing his record to be tarnished making his ability to be promoted difficult, as well it will put a thought in every other officer in this departments mind to not just jump to force American's to forfeit their rights.

  22. allosaur says:

    Part of the settlement should be making the idiots responsible wear a T-shirt that states:

    Zero Tolerance = Zero Common Sense
    That's why I'm a stupid jerk!

  23. WhiteFalcon says:

    The fact of the matter is that nothing should have been done at all. The kid did nothing wrong and he was just wearing a T-shitr. I expect that many of the kids were wearing T-shirts. There was nothing obcene on the shirt and therefre he was totally within his rights. I would have liked for hte judge to have said something along these lines. There is to much idiocy in our so called education system, which is actually a giant Government indoctronation effort.

  24. What helped the boy was that this made national news and someone posted the name, phone number and email for the school admininstrator. We, the people, told him what we thought. Their phone system was jammed up, thousands of emails and eventually it got through to the idiots that they had done something stupid. When I read a story like this, I either do the research and post the info, or ask someone else to please do it. The phone number is in front of you as you read the story, easy to make the call or email them…we, the people still have some say in this country…LOL

  25. GeoInSD says:

    I don't like the judge's reasoning. It shouldn't be because Virginia isn't interested in possibly creating a criminal record for the teen. The reason should have been "This charge is bullsh*t and should be wasting the time and money of Virginia taxpayers."

  26. GeoInSD says:

    correction: "shouldn't be wasting the time …"

  27. I hope the mother DOES sue and I hope she collects big. And here is just one more example of the hypocrisy of the left. They have stigmatized and possibly traumatized this boy and numerous others, down to Kindergarten age, as part of their anti-gun agenda. They do not care what harm they cause to the child if they can use the child to indirectly hassle and attack the child's parent(s). Sue this school and sue the teacher and I hope they collect.

  28. What a GROSS waste of time by these OBAMABOT IDIOTS, not to mention the tax payers money!! You are an OUTSTANDING young man and with your courage, you will do Very Well in life!! Congrats!

  29. porterv7 says:

    Has that moron cop been fired yet?

  30. lilbear68 says:

    sue them and win is great but you have to understand that the money she may get from the lawsuit ultimately come from the local taxpayers not the school admin, or cops

  31. A lawsuit might help other school slaves IF the defendants have to pay the judgment out of their own pockets, as they should. Unfortunately, they usually find some way to steal the money from taxpayers, so the judgment has not deterrent effect on future conduct.

  32. Spudpicker says:

    Ah, yes! Zero Tolerance! Don't think, just do what you are told!

  33. Bumbershoot says:

    Public schools get taxpayer money based on enrollment. Take our kids out, and less money goes to the school. Why do you think government schools fight tooth and nail to get homeschooled kids back on their rosters?
    Vouchers sound like a great idea, until you realize that once the government gives money to a school, the government has control over what the school teaches. Soon indoctrination in the form of "character education," sex ed, and "anti-bullying" will be forced on the school. The solution is abolish the Dept. of Ed and wrest every child from the clutches of the left.

  34. It was only a picture of a gun. What is wrong with these people? I used to have a jacket with a picture of a race car; would I get thrown out? Cars kill too if operated incorrectly. Every teacher and superintendent should be schooled on what IS LEGAL and appropriate.

  35. I think a nice lawsuit is in order. I'm not big on lawsuits but sometimes the only way to get attention of some sorts of people is to get an award against them.

  36. David in MA says:

    And, in all likely hood, this will be in his CORI record, forever, even though the charges were dismissed by a court.

  37. Steve Rhinehart says:

    Boy will I catch it for this. every one of the school oficials involved has a collage degree. Observation shows an inverse relation between education and inteligese. One clear exampel is the invention of the airplane. Langley with all his education and a $50,000 grant failed to relise he needed to be able to control it and the the wing had to be strong enough to suport the weight. It took two high school drop outs to do the job.

  38. Buffalo Bill says:

    You bet and don't forget the food stamps & free housing too. The illegal Mexicans would have gotten the same treatment as the displaced African.

  39. ncbill12 says:

    Yep, we've seen examples where dad wants a new SUV, so pulls the kid from our private religious school and dumps them in the public system, to the detriment of the kid.

    People forget the 'good' schools can become bad very quickly – when I was a kid, only one Catholic school here offered private high school, the rest of the private schools only went through the 9th grade.

    My public high school was redistricted between my junior and senior year, with the majority of the kids my senior year coming from inner-city projects.

    What saved me from the crime and violence (several friends robbed & beaten) that year was that my senior year was comprised essentially of all Advanced Placement courses, which were taught at a centralized location off-campus.

    I'd NEVER send my kids to my old public high school.

  40. Conservative Senior says:

    With so many great responses from folks who seem to get the real plan being hatched by the Obama gang for the destruction of our democracy how did this anti American Radical Muslim despot get reelected?

  41. Marcus_T says:

    How about freedom of speech? Is freedom of speech under pressure even over there in America?
    best regards from Norway.

  42. God Bless you you have more guts than the rest of us or obama and his minions would be in jail where they belong hopefully common sence is coming back it got lost some were, hope the kids will do better than their parents have allow all this perverted dishonest , immoral, lying, cheating shit to go on, it's Wrong very Wrong Hope and Pray the kids end all this shit that the parents allowed…

  43. The reason the charges were dropped was that when the story came out, the name, phone number and email of the idiot were posted online and we, the people told him what we thought of him. The phone system went down and they received thousands of angry emails. When you first see a story like this, do the research, find the info on the cuplrits and post it. Make it easy for people to phone or email them instantly, the volume of the responses gives the idiots a better perspective of their stupidity. Don't let them get away with it…

  44. Paul Brown says:

    So what your saying is a Catholic or Lutheran school is the only way to go and the rest of the kids are screwed. You are as dumb as a box of rocks. No matter what school the kid goes to there was and is nothing wrong with the shirt he had on. The school teacher, administration, the police and everyone evolved were, "wrong" and they should all be penalized. Fire the teacher, administrator and police. Then prosecute them.

  45. Paul Brown says:

    Liberals and blacks

  46. ken1lutheran says:

    No, that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that public schools have been subjugated to the teachers' unions and their political correctness. The number of public schools that have not been politicized is small and shrinking. And Catholic and Lutheran schools are examples of good schools that are free of NEA politicking; there are other good schools. The teacher and principal were simply reflecting the biases of the education establishment in this country today, and the police backed them up because they operate on the basis that they have to back the teachers up.

  47. ken1lutheran says:

    And a great many kids in public school today ARE screwed by the political/educational establishment.

  48. Chris Cleveland says:

    "The solution is not lawsuits. The solution is to pull children out of the tax-funded schools. But most parents refuse to take this step."

    Absolutely correct.It is long past time for an exodus from the government indoctrination/education centers. Leave while you can. Leave while your children are still impressionable for truth.

  49. These sorts of things used to end in a lawsuit over false arrest.

    If the teachers are afraid they'll be arrested for supporting anything that looks like free speech, there should be equal fear of making a criminal case out of something that isn't.