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Rand Paul Opposes the Immigration Bill.

Written by Gary North on June 28, 2013

Google News ran this as its top story. It featured a photo of Republican Senator John McCain shaking hands with Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer. The headline announced Rand Paul’s opposition.


This is a big story for the moment. The House of Representatives has not yet sent the bill back to the Senate with a postmark: “Return to Sender.” It is the story of how 14 Republicans in the Senate voted for the “Future Democrat Majorities Law.”

McCain, elected by the voters of Arizona has once again voted for a bill that will open the borders even more. He may think that this bill, if voted into law, will share the flow by letting more immigrants into California, New Mexico, and Texas. He is correct. It will.

Rand Paul is getting publicity as the opponent of the bill. There were other opponents, but he gets the headlines. This will help build his voter base in the Republican Right. Marco Rubio’s support of the bill will force a showdown in 2016. Will Republican conservatives support Rubio, despite their opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens and a fast track to citizenship for them? Rubio campaigned against this in 2010. Now he has publicly reversed his position.

We will see if House Republicans want to join this alliance. We will see if they get behind this Obama-supported bill. He says he will sign it if it reaches his desk. House Republicans can keep this from happening. Will they? I think so. So do most other analysts.

Most voters oppose this bill. They want a stronger border before amnesty. The Senate did not pay any attention to what their constituents want. I think the House will.

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34 thoughts on “Rand Paul Opposes the Immigration Bill.

  1. Another reason both parties (Paul excepted) want amnesty is the federal government needs more new suckers to prop up Social Security and Medicare in the future.

  2. Hey Danno, don't you think that "more new suckers" will only insure a quicker demise of Medicare and SS, which after all continue to be funded in part by productive Americans?

  3. Gary North's common sense views on immigration should be adopted by the greater libertarian movement, including Lew Rockwell. A shame Lew and the rest have been silenced on this issue – the early issues of the Rothbard-Rockwell report were so strong on this issue.

  4. No one cares what Rand Paul thinks. He's a failed optometrist and an even bigger political failure, merely riding on his daddy's coattails (which he's been shredding as he moves farther and farther from Ron's political leanings).

  5. Did they not read the bill…..it neuters Americans who even question if they are here illegally…gives them our jobs, and penalizes a company if the don't hire them. We just gave our country to 11 millions illegals…..this is not reform…it is a takeover….NORTH AMERICAN UNION signed by bush, mexico and canada in March 2005…..the end of America as we know it……look up Lou Dobbs exposes the North American Union…on Youtube….the facts are there in front of your face.

  6. The Immigration Reform bill was not written to fix the problem. It was created to distract us voters from the real problem – the welfare state.

    We didn’t have an immigration problem prior to the War on Poverty (1965). Since then, the welfare state has been the "carrot" on the end of the "stick" — but no politician wants to touch what people now feel they are entitled to. That would be political suicide. So, instead, our politicians talk about “border security.” In reality, that talk will end up being nothing more than a “make-work” boondoggle and more national debt. How do we secure over 50,000 miles of open ocean shoreline?

    If existing laws are not enforced, why will new laws make a difference? It’s all a scam, folks – and we are the suckers.

  7. awkingsley says:

    The Senate bill contains 50 million for La Raza. LULAC just blackmailed Whole Foods in Albuquerque, NM and in Austin, TX for more Hispanic jobs by refusing to accept Whole Foods English only policy. Then LULAC upped the ante by making an additional claim that Hispanics do not receive good service at Whole Foods. When Spanish is spoken in a business, English speaking employees are placed at a disadvantage, so the business ends up with all Hispanic employees. This type of blackmail and extortion from businesses has happened over and over again in Albuquerque, NM. A business of any size in New Mexico has to hire a Hispanic Recruiter, then all of the available employment positions are granted to Hispanics.

    The Albuquerque Fire Department is all Hispanic. The New Mexico legislature speaks Spanish in all of their committee meetings, so English speaking legislators do not remain in the legislature. New Mexico has had more Illegal Immigration than any other state, and this is the unfortunate result. Whites are discriminated against in New Mexico on a regular basis. We do not need more immigrants; we badly need to get control of Illegal Immigration and to stop all government funding for any Activist or Separatist organizations. Prior to granting Amnesty, Affirmative Action needs to be struck down. Affirmative Action is an extremely abusive set of laws in a circumstance such as we have in the United States where Hispanics and other ethnic populations are completely ethnocentric and do not integrate or assimilate. Democrats and RINOs are engaging in very foolhardy Illegal Immigration legislation. Whites are the most giving of all of the ethnic populations, but when their livelihoods are jeopardized in more states, they will have to fight for survival – another Civil War.

  8. I think Immigration Policy demonstrates a need to reform Labor Law. In America an undocumented worker can't form a Union, can't sue you for "workplace discrimination", won't form a Union and bankrupt your business with benefits and pensions, won't go on wildcat strikes to support other Unions but will compete for their wage.

    Welfare is only part of the appeal for the undocumented. Another is that American employers need affordable and effective employees.

  9. Senator Paul is fortunate that he comes from a State where there probably isn't a great need for undocumented workers. He is therefore free to speak his mind.

    In contrast Senator McCain probably has MANY constituents who rely upon undocumented Labor for construction, landscaping and other tasks. Senator McCain has been "growing" in Office since the Keating Five Scandal – growing leftwards.

    A good rule Inside the Beltway – Follow the money

  10. profitup10 says:

    Here is how WE THE PEOPLE can take our Government back and make the Federal central government small, wear and very limited in powers . . while the States will be unlimited except as stated in the Constitution and they will be strong with senators again working for the State Legislatures – no more super statesman status – no more national actions – represent your home state or be recalled by the Legislators.


  11. Hugh Coburn says:

    Stan by Rand!!!!

  12. Rand Paul is about the only one that is sticking to his principles. Sadly, Senator Ryan has weakened and is going along with S 744. McCain, well we know that he has lost his way and dances to whatever is easy and convinient. Those who cave to the notion that if we do not cater to the illegals demands that the GOP will seize to exist are buying into extortion. The only way to send a strong message that America is a sovereing nation with borders is to stand on principles and the rule of law. One thing is for sure, if we give in more extortion will come.

  13. The issue is the continuous line of "waivers' built into this law….and to think that taxpayers paid eight representatives and their staffs to conduct this in hiding. Congress needs a lesson (or several) in testicular fortitude. The tail is wagging the dog. I used to have respect for Rubio, to the point where I originally thought Romney should have chosen Rubio as his running mate to bring the country together. Rubio is more a spokesperson for the nation's hispanic community (less than 10% majority).

    But another writer above is correct…this law should have included a discussion and debate on the labor issues, not necessarily unions. We are dangerously close to the demise of Social Security, where it requires a broader labor force to support it. For once, as in the past 7 years, I wish that Congress would not rush through important legislation either in hiding, or to be politically correct. American taxpayers deserve and want an educated deliberation on the issues.

  14. gavinwca says:

    Why would we vote for a two faced , admitted Lier . We have enough of them in office now.

  15. Paul Colby says:

    The line of reasoning that they need more illegals to shore up S.S. & Medicare is completely insane! Then when those new MILLIONS of people get old we will need MILLIONS more to pay for them. Another example of Stupid Federal Government solutions to everything that messes up ALL of our lives.

  16. Margaret jacobson says:

    Illegals will not be enough to prop up social security much?? When they start bringing grandparents, aunts , uncles, disabled family members here , we will be paying through the nose !! Besides it was the Democratic Party that started giving money to disability, survivors, ssdi from social security funds !! When the were running out of money for entitlement programs they replaced cash money with "no interest added" " I.o.u. Notes !! Worthless !! That's why it is broke !!

  17. I agree with Rand Paul in almost everything he says and so do millions of others. Expressing your disagreement is very acceptable but just name calling is so typical of the far left these days. What specific issues and beliefs do you disagree with? Expressing a different view is interesting to read, but not just hate text.

  18. Margaret jacobson says:

    This has been coming for a very long time !! Maybe since World War 1, the League of Nations , depression, world war 2, United Nations, new deal plans, packing the Supreme Court , Korean conflict, Marshall plan, foreign aid , Vietnam war, the federal government "taking over the role of caretaker " to the disadvantaged !! The federal government taking over much of the private sectors control of economy !! Making foreign agreements , in secrecy! Interfering with foreign governments when it is not necessary !! I remember reading that Kuwait was originally part of Iraq !! All this costs us money , prestige, safety at home front , we have become the worlds biggest debtor nation in the world !! We are no longer a country !! We are a mercenary army for hire ??

  19. Margaret jacobson says:

    If we end the entitlement state , most of the illegals would eventually self deport ! They might riot, go to established charities , eventually they would be gone from our shores !! If we verified all employment records they would be gone faster !! I think that ( in my opinion) belongs with churches, civic organizations, local communities . NOT THE FEDS !!

  20. Margaret jacobson says:

    If you. Ask any educated person from Mexico , they will tell you the USA stole these lands from Mexico !! They are just taking them back !! The ones that are coming here to the USA are the ones that are demanding welfare . If immigration passes the demands will be ongoing !! Cash! Family reunification for all extended family, voting, dual language everywhere , education employment , signs, etc!! They really haven't started their demands !! Maybe a special cabinet post ?? They might (probably) fight fir what they consider their "rights" !! Maybe that's what the government plans to do with all that ammo ?? Give it o them and the Muslims ??

  21. Margaret jacobson says:

    It ERKS every time !!!!!!!

  22. well said Margaret! "The People" will not stand for an overnight takeover…it has been a slow and insidious process. People stand up before there is NO SHRED of freedom left.

  23. exactly!

  24. Completely agree. Thank you for posting this!

  25. snuggles says:

    they are flim flaming you again. They say this will boost the economy over the next 10 years. YAH. It might but what the don't say is what will happen in 20 or 30 years when these illegal aliens begin to collect SS and Medicare. They also don' t say if it would be even better for the economy if 12 million went home and their jobs were filled by unemployed Americans.

  26. Laurence Cohen says:

    Some of you have made some excellent points. First, an 1100 plus page bill is nothing but a sham filled with pork including 100 million dollars to advertise for more people to go to Las Vegas really taxpayers need to pay for that. Second, of the 68 so called leaders who voted on this monstrosity who actually read it. I remember Rubio campaigning in 2010 that all pieces of legislation needed to be smaller so people would have to read a bill before they voted on it. That of course is the most offensive and detrimental practices in both houses being perpetrated on the American electorate and should automatically disqualify any one from continuing in that job. Third, an immediate solution to this foul system of government we have morphed into would be term limits. 2 four year terms for congress and 2 four year terms in the senate no seniority just do the nations business and get in and get out.

  27. Old School Repub says:

    Paul is a successful M.D. I guess you have to make false statements to smear people.

  28. No, millions of others don't. Exaggerations don't help.

  29. He's a fraud. He created his own ophthalmology certification board to give himself his own certification.

  30. Social Security, Medicare – they're all Ponzi schemes. All Ponzi schemes eventually run out of rope and go bankrupt. Just like the Federal Reserve System, they're all failed experiments. The trouble is the "leadership" in Washington can't think of anything more original than suckering more rubes into the scam.

    When you have a society living in denial as totally as this one, it has to crash before people will think of something better.

  31. What common sense views other than no more non-White immigration of any kind, period, plus strong incentives for self re-patriation by non-Whites can there be?

    There simply aren't any.

    If a person wants to express his/her inner cat lady, then said person should emigrate to the nation of his/her 'passion' practice it over there.

  32. The congress men don't have kids in schools where the illegals stick their kids that speak not ONE word of english! They are destroying our schools, but our fearless leaders don't care! If we wouldn't give them everything from housing, food stamps, free medical, and anything else they need paid for by the taxpayer, they wouldn't come here in the first place!! Time to ttake a stand!!
    Our country is being invaded and the government is supposed to protect us from that!
    DO YOUR DARN JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Jason Galbreath says:

    Liberal, faggot scum? Must be, to shoot down one of the only men protecting our constitutional rights. Go to a liberal site where you can suck up your ideolovy from those of your likes.