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Automatic Record-a-Cop App for Smart Phones

Written by Gary North on June 27, 2013

This is an app that might get me to buy a smart phone. It automatically records an audio file of everything within “earshot” of the phone’s microphone.

Think of this. It will let you record everything, all the time. Then it automatically erases it. If you want to save the recording, you can.

It has a 5-minute memory, but that will no doubt get much longer as the technology improves.

There will always be situations in which you would like to have had record of what’s said. Now you can.

But beware. Soon, everyone will be recording everyone else. It’s like “Candid Microphone,” before there was “Candid Camera.”

Alan Funt would be proud!

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3 thoughts on “Automatic Record-a-Cop App for Smart Phones

  1. And Obama and the NSA will have access to these recording so you will be doing the spying for them. This is a dangerous … a better app would be one the has some easy on/off switch, but but an app that records everything, that’s just asking for trouble. Not to mention that in some states it is illegal to record a conversation without both partys permission!

  2. Retarius says:

    The author is probably unaware of US Patent 8,254,902 to Apple, which issued August 28 of last year. This patent allows a 3rd party to selectively disable specific smart phone features, possibly without knowledge of the phone user, within a certain distance of "something". The "something" could be a movie theater, which turns off the audible ringer of a cell phone when in a movie theater. Or it could be a police car, which turns off audio or video recording within a distance from a police car. You get the idea. Just because an app allows you to record doesn't supercede the type of capability this patent describes. This is part of the reason I don't have a smart phone, and just use a plain old conventional phone.

  3. vampwriterblog says:

    Read "Heroes Proved" by Oliver North and you'll see the loss of freedom all these "Smart Phones" will result in! It is a treacherous slope we are traversing; our Marxist government is going to use it to abrogate the Constitution and Bill of Rights!