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84-Year-Old Man Fires at Burglar, Who Flees. Victim May Be Charged.

Written by Gary North on June 27, 2013

An elderly man returned home to find that a teenage burglar was stuffing stolen goods into his car. The old man confronted him, telling him to stop.

The burglar did not stop. A witness describes what happened.

“The boy was ramming his car into the fence back there; ramming it into Mr. Tony’s car, trying to get out of there. Mr. Tony asked him to stop several times. He didn’t. He shot at the vehicle. The boy came through the other yard and missed me by about that much and he shot at the vehicle again,” Patterson recalled. The boy then drove down the street in reverse, so nobody was able to get a license plate number. . . .

However, according to Dave Bristow of the Manatee Sheriff’s Office, the manner in which Mr. Tony fired his gun is questionable.

“We’re still investigating the case. But he apparently fired shots while the vehicle was fleeing, so that’s questionable, and so, yes, the investigation continues and we’ll probably end up sending it to the State Attorney’s Office,” he said.

We await the civil rights case, filed by the burglar against Mr. Tony.

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70 thoughts on “84-Year-Old Man Fires at Burglar, Who Flees. Victim May Be Charged.

  1. SweetOlBob says:

    Mr. Tony: Get a large caliber gun and shoot for the driver, not the car. A .40 or a .357 is sometimes up to the job. You ned to "make a bad impression on his mind".

  2. shorewater says:

    Drug addicts who steal to get drug money should be punished when they are committing the act. This elderly gentleman did the right thing and should not be charged! Of course criminal lawyers will attempt to skirt the law in any case. More guns in the hands of people will put a damper on crime.

  3. RivahMitch says:

    Looks like his next shot should be at the local constabulary who obviously wish to enforce anarchotyranny on their community. Semper Fi!

  4. jammin44 says:

    Our rights are slowly being taken away from us. Vote for those that are FOR our constitution.

  5. To bad he didn't kill the sorry sob !!! Would save the state a lot of money later !!!

  6. David in MA says:

    Damn white thieves…..

  7. lucky3511 says:

    With you there! If you can shoot well use the head as target. Bullet in brain makes it difficult for the perp to lie.

  8. Jeanne Stotler says:

    Parents, Start teaching your kids, THEY ARE NOT INTITLED TO WHAT EVER THEY WANT, teach them that they must WORK for these things, and that stealing is a violation of GOD'S Laws as well as local.

  9. Rabelrouser says:

    Summer is here and schools out, no jobs to be had, so this type of criminal act increases. Protecting your property rights has no place in a "equal justice" system.
    The perps MO says that hes done this before, but because he is a teen he will only get probation and community service if caught. Justice serves the criminal well.

  10. Rabelrouser says:

    Man, its happening all over! http://godfatherpolitics.com/11455/california-man

  11. Rudolf Kolaja says:

    Great comment !!! However, telling many of them to work has become very old fashioned. "Social justice", meaning taking from those who choose to work has become the new way of life. Amen

  12. Hey Bob you got that 100% on the money, after you steal you can sue the person that you stole from this is outright BS

  13. Like my father used to say, "if you break the law. such as break into someone's home, you do so at your own peril". He said this to me after we were watching a news report of a Burglar suing a homeowner after the homeowner's dog mauled the Burglar. The Burglar's reason, the owner did not post a "beware of dog sign". The Burglar actually won the suit,. My Dad who usually wasn't very vocal said "it is a sad state of affairs when criminals can sue their victims and win". I think our government has jumped on this band wagon, charging gun owners who try and protect themselves and their property. My father would shake his head in disgust if he lived to see what this country has turned into.

  14. Mr.Tony get a good lawyer and sue the boy his parents and the cops for not protecting you and his parents for not teaching the kid respect and the kid for stealing breaking and interning and not respecting his elders, not to mention for taking your peace away.

  15. Oliver Cromwell Jr. says:

    Too bad he didn't kill the S.O.B.
    The Police in this case appear to be as dumb as the Keystone Cops.
    What a sick joke this country has become.
    But with people like Holder going scotch free
    From his criminal behavior
    It would appear that the the crooks are running things.

  16. As a famous CIA man said shoot them in the head. you just got to get them to turn around. I am not for killing some one, If more people would arm them selves and take their neighborhood's back,these punk's would be in jail or dead. we had the same problem's in the 50's and 60's ! my father and the neigbore's got together and clean it up, in one nite no one got killed but a lot of the punk's went to prison. You cannot stay in your so called safe little area, and let them control you. surely their must be ex vet's living in your area.

  17. The problem was, he shot while the robber was fleeing, as a CCW holder we are taught not to shoot when the robber is running, the time to "stop" (we're taught to not shoot to kill, but to "stop") him is when he is facing or coming after the robber's victim…

  18. Jammin, you're right, law abiding citizens rights are being taken away while criminals and other perverts are getting more rights.

  19. afimedia says:

    I know of no State that requires you to shoot to stop and not to kill. The only time you are justified to fire your gun at an assailant is if your life is in danger. If your life is in danger, you shoot to kill. If you are not prepared to take a life in defense of your own, then you should not be armed. If you try to shoot to wound or to stop, you risk your own life AND the fact that if you are overpowered and you gun stolen, you will most certainly be killed, and so will many more…with YOUR gun!

  20. It should be lauded when someone shoots a fleeing criminal. Stopping them from continuing their life of crime should be the criteria for much laud. Not an excuse to re-victimize the victim. Anything that happens to a criminal when they are engaging in a crime is their fault. Injury or death is always the fault of the criminal who chose to break the law. The victim is never at fault for striking back.

  21. That's right, suspect was fleeing so we must allow him the freedom to steal again. Funny how when the police shoot unarmed suspects in the back, or taser someone to death, and claim self-defense, it's a-okay.

  22. Soffitrat says:

    Ball less Sheriff. The people need to fire him, then run him out of their county. On a rail!

  23. Clarence Crosby says:

    Many cops today are too stupid to be anywhere around a badge just because their sense of judgement is so distorted as to be rediculus , just as many school teachers and administrators are . I thing the words are " ABSOLUTE AND COMPLETE MORONS " ,

  24. Good one!

  25. Marc Jeric says:

    The old man should sue the city and the police for $10 million for failure to protect him and the failure to arrest the the violent thief.

  26. Why is it so prevalent for people to add an apostrophe and an s to pluralize something? All you have to do is add an "s" by itself to make neighborhood plural. (neighborhoods) Same thing with punks, not punk's.

    I agree with your stance on crime, totally.

  27. Why do stories like this almost never cite the name of the town it happened in, or a newspaper article from that town? I don't know whether to believe some of these stories or not. OFFER DOCUMENTATION.

  28. Maybe I should post a "beware of dog sign" just to cover myself in case I ever get one. And put very large dog dish near the door.

  29. Right, and he should have AT LEAST shot the little bastages tires before he could get away.

  30. I don't see why people don't shoot the perp bastage's tires when possible. That way, they have to flee on foot, and when the cops come your stuff will be in the vehicle. And the car's registration can be traced to the owner. That does not always mean the owner is the perp because the perp could have stolen the car, but at least you will have prevented the perp from getting your stuff.

  31. The Sheriff is just following the unofficial policy set by this countries rulers, That deadly force is only to be apply by government designated and sanctioned shooters.

  32. A car is not a deadly weapon??

  33. Bob Marshall says:

    Mr. Tony need to take a marksman class. He has the right to defend himself and his property. One day this punk will not be so lucky.

  34. Of course charge the victim…certainly not the perp.

  35. 84 year old Mr. Tony vs a young male thief using his vehicle to ram and narrowly missing the victim and after warnings would not stop his agression. I would give Mr. Tony the benefit of the doubt and say that he was justified in using deadly force. I think this same scenario would justify a police officer to use deadly force. Criminals need to get the massage that a person's home is sacred ground

  36. david pasztor says:

    my father would shake his head in disgust too if he had seen what this country has turned into.

  37. I heard a comment recently that the supreme court said the police were not responsible for the protection of you or your personal property. So from my point of view, you are responsible for your own well-being and that of your family and property._If I ever have to make that split second decision, I'm going to be tried by twelve, not carried by six.__ Lloyd M.

  38. Be sure what you are shooting at and take care to aim accurately. If the burglary victim had hit the robber this would all be a moot point.

    If I were on the Jury I'd kick the old man lose with a note of gratitude. One dead robber equals 999 scared robbers.

  39. Helps if you use enough firearm. A handgun is a not a serious firearm. A rifle or shotgun would have ended this drama very quickly and effectively.

    Better if children were raised to keep the Commandments – Thou Shalt not Steal!

  40. I wish that commission of a crime rendered this kind of "lawsuit" null and void. In a Just Nation….

    We're just going to have to build a Just Nation. Commit a crime and you have no "rights", except the Bill of Rights.

  41. Police cannot be sued for "failing to protect". That's been in US Court precedent since the mid 1800s.

    So when the Gun Control Lobby talks about "let the police protect you" they're lying. Again.

  42. They need to watch the old westerns. A good sheriff knew when to apply and NOT apply certain laws, all for the sake of his citizens and common sense.

  43. To be expected in the most corrupt and incompetent law enforcement agencies in the US. Many of these crooks with badges depend heavily on confiscation of private property (civil forfeiture) for a big part of their budget. No conflict of interest there, is there. They just LOVE the phony "war on drugs".

  44. Bernard England says:

    I agree, parents need to teach their children this and many other things,like good work ethics, going to school and trying for the best grade, living off the people that work hard every day is not a way of life, etc. etc.

  45. Rand Paul is coming up and I sincerely hope he runs for election. He's the ONLY one making any sense right now.

  46. A lot of rights have been taken away from police. I am sure many of them would want to shoot the criminals themselves, but they have to separate their emotions from what they are trained to do. Uphold the Law! Too bad that isn't being done more, on the streets or higher up.

  47. Trouble with that is the police do not have to protect you, (supreme court decision) it's up to the individual to protect themselves. That is why we have the right to arms.

  48. Just like England. There appears to be little left of the right of self defense. Once they take the guns away, all the old people and women are just victims waiting to happen. Black or white, red or brown, you have the right to defend yourself and your property, use it or loose it.

  49. Cruz is, too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. guestMr. Saltine says:

    Is skin color really relevant in this situation?

  51. What do you mean "in this case" ?

  52. ANTICRIME says:

    TOO MANY did not pay attention in English class or they would realize that the apostrophe before the "S" ('S) is only the deletion of the letter "I" which would make the whole word "IS" ….designed only as a shortcut to cut down on words in writing. (WORST of ALL, too many did not pay attention in HISTORY CLASS!)

  53. madmemere says:

    It seems this young thug has had chutzpa enough to, actually, file a civil rights case against Mr. Tony, so Manatee County Sheriff shouldn't have that much "difficulty finding him"! A "civil rights case", really! Please, tell me "whose" civil rights were violated? I suspect it was Mr. and Mrs. Tony's "civil rights"!

  54. DHS1934 says:

    OPPS, Here is one for the BAD guys. Maybe the old man should have been a better shot and killed the juvenile while still on his property instead of shooting wildly on the street and endangering the public with stray bullets. The car did not steal his stuff the driver did. Shooting at the car makes no sense. It would take an anti tank round to stop the car. This could be a person who should have his gun taken away from him. Maybe his driver license too?? It's guys like this that gives law abiding gun owners a bad name & help the anti gun crowd cause. I'm a 78 year old man saying the above. If I get to this point I hope my kids take my guns and car keys away frome me so I don't hurt or kill some bystander. DHS

  55. Strangerinmyownland says:

    And we will hear the litany of complaint once again……"he's young, he didn't understand, weren't you young once, etc." It goes on and on. I usually tell people that I turned 22 in RVN and I was the "old man".

  56. Spudpicker says:

    Psychology 101: If you want to INCREASE a behavior, REWARD it. If you want to DECREASE a behavior, PUNISH it

    So, the kid seems to have been rewarded (Got away with the goodies!) and the old man gets punished.(faces charges!)

    This only makes sense if the powers that be want more crime so they can expand governmental forces to "combat crime!"

    As the Bible says: in the last days good will be called evil and evil will be called good! How true!

  57. NO, no impression on his mind! A hole in his head. The boy aiming the car (a deadly weapon) was a act of deadly aggression and should be addressed as such.

  58. And that you will beat their butt and they will wish the cops had stopped them instead of you!

  59. Incendiary bullets are necessary for firing at thugs escaping in automobiles.

  60. If apolice officer were almost run down, and the driver were shot, it would be called self-defense. Does this mean that one must shoot to kill in order to avoid prosecution?

  61. Daniel from TN says:

    Here's another incredible story. I read about it two years ago.
    One man was asleep in his home when someone broke into the house. The intruder wore a mask. The homeowner woke up and was forced to defend his home with a gun, killing the thief. When the police arrived they investigated and concluded the killing of the intruder was justified. However, when it was discovered the intruder was an illegal alien the federal government charged the homeowner with criminal violation of the dead man's legal rights and with a hate crime. Only in America.

  62. Randy G says:

    Why can't the witness have the kid arrested for attempted murder by car?


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