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Edward Snowden versus Jay Carney

Written by Gary North on June 26, 2013

There is no doubt that Edward Snowden has created a huge public relations crisis for the Obama administration. The government appears to be not only stupid, but utterly impotent.

Here we have this gigantic spying system, and it looks like the Keystone Kops. It cannot locate him. It cannot stop him. It revoked his passport. Nobody cares.

Obama has remained silent on all of this. He is like one of the three monkeys: hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. He is surely speaking no evil, and he is surely speaking no good. He is not speaking.

In his place is Jay Carney. Who in the world is Jay Carney? Who are any of the presidential spokesman? Can you name Carney’s predecessor? Do you know what that man does today?

For decades, the United States government has been represented in the media by a series of no-name flacks. These people have achieved nothing of significance, at least in most cases. No one outside of the Washington Press corps had heard of them before they got involved with a presidential campaign, or maybe even later. Out of nowhere come these people. They stand in front of reporters, and they speak on behalf of the most powerful person in the world. Then back into nowhere they return, never to be quoted again.

I can think of no other political system in the history of man that has ever transferred this much authority, or seeming authority, to people as obscure, untrained, ineffective, and without real power as a White House spokesman.

The following brief note appears in The Wall Street Journal.

“The Chinese have emphasized the importance of building mutual trust,” said White House spokesman Jay Carney. “And we think that they have dealt that effort a serious setback. If we cannot count on them to honor their legal extradition obligations, then there is a problem.”

We are in the midst of what could become a full-blown diplomatic crisis. It could put communist China and Russia on one side, and the United States on the other. Venezuela or Ecuador may also get involved. The United States is publicly demanding that countries do what the countries have no intention of doing.

Who announces the significance of all this? Jay Carney.

Jay Carney speaks for the President of the United States. He stands in front of reporters and pontificates about the meaning of Edward Snowden’s escape from the clutches of the world’s greatest superpower. The reporters dutifully write down what Carney says. The cameramen turn over their files to editors, and the editors create sound bites for the evening news shows. Carney speaks for the President of the United States. Carney knows what the United States government is doing, thinking, and will do and think.


If it were not for the fact that he is the White House spokesman, nobody would pay any attention whatsoever to Jay Carney. When he finally leaves the office, nobody will ever again pay any attention to what Jay Carney says. But, for a brief period in his life, he is quoted by the world’s media. The world’s media presume that he speaks for the President on every issue. Whatever Jay Carney spins, that is what becomes official policy of the president of the United States.

So far, he has been asked 10,000 questions. Guess how many he could not answer.

You should know this by now. Go on. Guess.

The answer, according to Wikipedia, is 2,000.

You should have known that. Hint: What percentage of 10,000 is 2,000?


Every President of the United States is faced with this problem, which is a self-made problem. He is represented by someone who he is in limited contact with, and who may let this or that cat out of the bag. Why do we tolerate such a system?

One reason why a President tolerates it is that he can always explain away whatever the White House spokesman said. This gets him off the hook. This lets you hide behind a wall of personal silence. If he happens to approve of what the White House spokesman has said, he can remain silent. But nobody can be sure what he is thinking.

There is another reason for the office. Correspondents dutifully assemble in the briefing room, and because they do not have anybody worth quoting, they will quote Jay Carney. They fulfill their obligations as correspondents. Their editors are content. Their editors really do not care, because they have to get a newspaper out on time, or get the evening news out on time. Everybody suffers from deadlines. The White House spokesman enables everyone to meet these deadlines.

There is another factor to consider.

(To read the rest of my article, click the link.)

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16 thoughts on “Edward Snowden versus Jay Carney

  1. ralph_swan says:

    You made me double check my original thought on the fellow's name. Online dictionaries indicate that variations carney, carny, even carnie all possess the same definition. I had assumed that someone (with a sense of humor) hired him into that position on that basis.

  2. sean murry says:

    Carney is a paid liar lower than whale crap.

  3. Rabelrouser says:

    In reading the complete article you come to realize that Snowden is opening a picture of the ineptness of the police state we are living in and the manner in which the propaganda arm is being used to forment its agenda.
    Kudos to Gary for bringing to light the correlation between the two entities and the understanding that the present system is chasing its own tail in an effort to keep the masses confused and distracted by it's "cake and entertainment" policy of information dissemination.
    Few can see the way their minds and actions are being manipluated and even fewer can understand how this form of "information" sharing is keeping them blind to larger truths. And so the nations problems and delemias grow to massive proportions.
    When the people can not understand something so basic as manipluation, they become a part of it and allow it to control their lives. Pitiful uneducated masses, facts are facts; but knowledge solves problems.

    Read more: http://teapartyeconomist.com/2013/06/25/the-fomc-

  4. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Were Bush press secretaries "paid Liars"?

  5. It’s summertime and the circus is in town which always brings the Carnys!

  6. Carney doesn't have to be anyone of substance. His function is to deflect–not answer–press corps questions. The less information he gives out, the better he's doing his job. Hence, someone who knows absolutely nothing about what's going on is perfect for the job. Check out this article:

  7. Nice article, The press should keep hammering about the legality of the spy program and not ask any wheres snowden questions, If all the questions ignored the later and honed in on the illegal program , it would be a great q and a to watch.

  8. Rabelrouser says:

    Lets just call it the "Great Snowden Deception".
    Keep the focus on him and not what the government is doing in its data mining of average american citizens in the name of "security" (theirs).
    Deflection and deception are the trademarks of this admins mouth peice.

  9. Wow, you blew an opportunity to post an image of Carney juxtaposed with an image of Snowden. They look remarkably similar!

  10. Doug Rodrigues says:

    Who's doing worse, Snowden telling what most people already found out, or the subversion and treason perpetrated by the Obama Administration?

  11. The gutting of America as a free country is nearly complete. Prepare for the bloodshed to begin.

  12. Eddy Fudd says:

    Carney is the leading ass-ole in this illegitimate, communist, evil pack of homosexual activists, because there is the ONE THING which distinguishes he from this pack of ANTI-Americans, and he could be well-received relative thereto, but is NOT about to resign his position, being an ass-ole. What IS this ONE THING? He is the ONE American Citizen–in the midst of communists, moslems, and all anti-Americans! Congratulations, HERETIC!

  13. I keep seeing this vision of Obama and the Russian when Obama said "after the election, I will have more flexibility" and I cannot shake it. Seeing his attitude now, I have to wonder just what the Snowden deal really is? I feel that Obama's goal is
    the destruction of the United States, because of all of his actions and his words, and feel this is not beyond the realm of possibility. I personally believe that Obama is a Communist and question if this relationship between Obama and Putin is a front. I realize this is a serious accusation, however, I believe we need to start speaking the truth in our country.

  14. Brian Hill says:

    COME ON! don't you get it by now? YES all of us conservatives have weighed the evidence and we agree with you, Bush was HORRIBLE! he did many things that we who voted for him hated, However you will find to a man(or woman) that unlike you liberals when the man we voted for went off the reservation we were critical of it IMMEDIATELY! We made up petitions and wrote to our representatives and the White house complaining of the bad decisions he made.
    I ask why can you liberals not do the same, take Obama at his word and make him accountable for his lies and misdeeds. It is like you all have blinders on and/or just chose not to see the tyrant for what he is, A threat to the USA! I could go on for a thousand words on the lies and misdeeds of president Obama , But it has all been printed and reported on even the main street media now. Where is the vitriol for the very same kind of issues you were all so up about with Bush. ?????

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