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A Lead Trial Balloon: “John Bolton for President!”

Written by Gary North on June 25, 2013

John who?

John Bolton is famous mainly for his moustache.

Among neo-cons, he is famous as a war hawk.

On the National Review site, there is a brief article explaining that Bolton is being encouraged by unnamed conservatives to run for President in 2016. The article reports this as if it were anything but a variation of “Stassen for President.” This indicates just how far removed from reality National Review is.

The unnamed conservatives at least are smart enough not to get identified with this Don Quixote-like crusade.

The last time a man was elected President who had not been a governor, a senator, a Vice President, or a four-star general was in 1928, when Herbert Hoover was elected. That did not work out well for Republicans.

John Bolton has no political experience, no power base, no name recognition, and no political action committee. Other than this, he is a bright hope at National Review.

Bolton would have to raise a million dollars just to become a dark horse.

If Bolton is neo-conservatism’s great white hope for keeping the conservatives amused through the expansion of empire, then things are not as bad as we might think.

John Bolton makes Lindsey Graham look like a shoe-in.

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16 thoughts on “A Lead Trial Balloon: “John Bolton for President!”

  1. Even Bill Kristol thinks the guy has no chance.

  2. Who cares what Bill Kristol thinks and for your information klejdys, regardless of his intentions towards running for president or not, John Bolton is a solid Patriot worthy of respect.

  3. Bill Kristol and John Bolton are both sleazy neo-cons cut from the same cloth.

  4. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Bolton is very consistent. Defend Bush's horrific foreign policy and oppose Obama on everything.

  5. Agnes Tillerson says:

    I agree. Billy Kristol is a non-entity as far as I am concerned. John Bolton was a great UN Amabassador. He called a sapade a spade and never kow-towed to third world and other nations regarding decisions made to assure policies discussed were in the best interests of our Republic. He is a solid American patriot.

  6. How does being a war mongerer (international police mongerer) make one a patriot? A Patriot is one that defend's the laws of the land, not openly flouts them, IOW, War's are to be declared by congress. There is NO other way Jyrine.

  7. Well said Danno!

  8. Texas Chris says:

    (Jeb) Bush / Bolton?

    Yeah, they may be that stupid…

  9. It's gratifying to see how many readers are jumping all over Bolton for his neocon positions. Maybe there's hope after all…

  10. Clarence Crosby says:

    I like John Bolton , and he would get my vote if he ran , but I would still like to see a Rand Paul- Sarah Palin ticket or a Sarah-Palin- Rand Paul ticket .

  11. Old School Repub says:

    Too many Republicans think Bolton is great, but don't realize what the Neocons have done to this country. Two huge war debts hang over our heads and Afghanistan and Iraq are already in the abyss. Yet fools like Bolton say we should get into more Middle East wars. The old-school Republicans like Robert Taft were non-interventionist. Wars are bad for America! Get it?

  12. John Bolton has always been my choice for President of tht US of A. He is a no nonsense guy! In many respects, he reminds me of President Harry Truman, who ended the war with the A Bomb and saved millons of US & Japanese lives. He didn't put up with any bull from anybody and took responsibilty for his actions. Bolton will put us back with power to influence our so called allies and scare the hell out of our enemies. The countries and people who want to do us harm do not fight by any rules. They don't care about their own people and hide behind them for protection. I'm 78 years old and say we need to get tough with our enemies. You can't deal or make peace with people who want to kill you. I say turn the desert into glass with a few A Bombs and tell the World you are with us or against us and mean it and you will be suprised how quick things will settle down. I know that the so called peace makers will have a fit over my remarks. But our enemies only respect force. DHS

  13. Sarah Palin should be in the Senate as Majority Leader.

  14. So tell us how you feel about FDR and WWII or Johnson and Kennedy re: Vietnam??

  15. I was told by Johnson that if I voted for Goldwater he would escalate the war in Vietnam. I voted for Goldwater and the war was escalated. I guess I should have voted for Johnson and the war wouldn't have been escalated. Johnson lied about the Gulf of Tonkin and 50,000 of our troops died. We could have ended that war with one A Bomb on Hanoi and saved lives in the long run. We need to stop wars before they esclalate into all out war. We need to maintain our power and the bad guys will think 3 times before they start trouble. If it was known that every person had a gun in the house and knew how to use it, the bad guys would think 3 times before breaking in. Guns do not kill. Bad guys with weapons do. DHS1934

  16. Anders Mikkelsen says:

    Anyone who thinks dropping atomic bombs will solve anything needs to read Martin van Creveld’s ‘transformation of war’. Also remember that if the British had atomic bombs it would not have helped the suppress the American colonies.

    The best foreign policy for the USA is to lead by example and dismantle the welfare warfare state.