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NSA Tapped Senior Politicians and Milirtary Officers, Says Whistleblower.

Written by Gary North on June 24, 2013

Let’s say a Congressional committee starts looking into the NSA. Should its budget be cut?

Whistle-blower Russ Tice explains why it will not happen.

Roll back NSA snooping? I don’t think so.

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6 thoughts on “NSA Tapped Senior Politicians and Milirtary Officers, Says Whistleblower.

  1. Rabelrouser says:

    Any government that wants total control needs to know what the people are thinking and saying, and having a built in system that allows for that capability (used under a guise of protecting the "mother land") will be utilized to that end. Those who are presumed to be a threat to that total control are then monitored, regardless of position in life or political stature. Information that can be used against someone , even if it consists of personal opinion, is stored for future use.
    This is the basis of the revelations that have come forward and are constantly villified daily by the power structure and their propaganda arm.
    Its a game of "whose side are you on?". Remember, keep your "friends" close, and your enimies closer.

  2. Think about this, lets say one of our elite Political figures who heads a committee ( lets say a Senator) on ethics or defense and they are caught in a situation that compromises their position (lets say prostitution) then they are slated to vote on something. Couldn’t they be swayed by blackmail to vote or not to vote on something to keep that from coming out? After all they are being watched and wiretapped also aren’t they? And it may depend on who’s in office at the time –Democrat or Republican. I’m just saying this compromises the way people could or could not vote.

  3. The worst part of this scandal is it even violates the Hitler-eque USA PATRIOT ACT that all these DC whores invoke when they insist that they have to extinguish the Constitution, Bill of Rights and declare war on the American people for their own good.

  4. This comes as no surprise. It is not like any proof is needed. By now, the knowledge of this type of behavior from the liberals is intuitive. Of course they will engage in criminal activity… they have no moral compass, ethics or integrity.

  5. I believe that this Administration has "something" on everyone so that when push comes to shove – they can turn the screws
    and determine the outcome. If anyone ever doubts that this Administration owes someone powerful, and dances to their tune, think again. How else could anyone move so quickly from community organizer to President, this is how so many of us see this – bought & paid for. We deserve better – get out, now, and begin the work for 2014, we need the Senate and House to put things right. Let's invest our time in winning and moving forward to restore our roots. GET READY NOW – IT'S GOING TO TAKE ALOT OF WORK

  6. Clarence Crosby says:

    Again , nobody in DC has the guts to rock the political boat .