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Global Warming Propaganda’s Last-Ditch Effort Week

Written by Gary North on June 24, 2013

This week, President Obama is planning a speech on global warming, which ceased 17 years ago. He plans to revive the obviously comatose movement, just as he planned to ram gun control legislation down Congress’s unwilling throat earlier this year.

As part of this campaign, he sent John Kerry to India, where Kerry scolded India for not doing more to impose restrictions on its economy. He assured Indian officials that what the world’s economy needs to get economic growth by means of a massive international government program to raise the cost of energy. Indian officials, being polite, ignored him.

Kerry then mentioned the recent devastating flooding in India, claiming that Mother Nature is trying to tell us — meaning India — something. The region has experienced such flooding for thousands of years, but Kerry thought he would score political points as an outsider by blaming the flooding on the Indian government’s unwillingness to pass the global warmers’ agenda of cutting economic growth in order to save the planet from a problem — global warming — when this warming ceased 17 years ago.

The campaign is visibly dead. It has been dead ever since late 2009. The global warming propaganda machine suffered a major defeat in November of 2009, when hackers stole thousands of emails and documents from Great Britain’s #1 global warming propaganda center. These documents showed that the people running the Climate Research Unit had pressured professional journals to get out their message and suppress rival views.

Then the hackers released the documents. That torpedoed the Great Leap Forward meeting in Copenhagen three weeks later. National leaders canceled their scheduled appearances at Copenhagen.

It was all over but the shouting. Global warming propaganda cooled. The movement stalled. The world shrugged, and nothing has gotten the machine back on track.

President Obama will find that Congress will do nothing to implement his plans. India will do the same: nothing.

The global warmers thought they could cover up their lack of evidence of any global warming by shifting the movement’s name to “climate change.” It hasn’t worked.

Nothing has worked. The Kyoto Treaty of 1992 has no teeth. The world’s political leaders are still dragging their feet on implementing it. The Copenhagen meeting was supposed to put teeth in Kyoto. What few teeth it had got knocked out by the hackers.

The USA never ratified the treaty. Canada did, but it pulled out in 2011. There is no enforcement mechanism.

Interest has cooled. John Kerry’s speech will not change this fact. Neither will Obama’s.

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20 thoughts on “Global Warming Propaganda’s Last-Ditch Effort Week

  1. SHIRLEY FORD says:


  2. It must be difficult for BIG-GOVERNMENT types to let go of “global warming.” I can’t think of anything that would make government bigger than a reason to control weather.

  3. Lorraine E says:

    The "global warming" hoax is nothing more than a scam to control the masses. The powers which actually control the entire world are using the world leaders to endeavor to control the sheeple by telling the lies over and over until they are believed. The truth is that the earth's weather is controlled by the developed countries and has been for over 50 years. The web site which explains how global change in controlled is: geoengineeringwatch.org/

  4. Obama and Democrats still love beating that dead horse called global warming again and again

  5. After the NASA study came out that disproved once and for all that carbon dioxide is a "greenhouse gas", you could see the toadies in the corporate owned media trying to discretely distance themselves from their slavish support of this debunked scam. The BBC: "Climate Slowdown Means Extreme Rates Of Warming Not As Likely”.

    The human-caused global warming scam was always ultimately about the imposition of a worldwide "carbon tax" on humanity. The brokerage houses that would make billion$$ for the insiders by trading carbon tax credits are already set up in Europe and the US, although the one in Chicago that Obama & Rahm Emmanuel were early investors in has shut down :(.

    Also, many of the temperature sensing stations the government set up to create the raw data that would "prove" global warming, were placed next to things like trash incinerators and a/c outflows of skyscrapers, so the data would always be skewed in favor of the agreed-on hoax.

    Lastly, methane is a far worse greenhouse gas, but the biggest producers of that are deep-sea microbes, who are far too intelligent a life form to fall for a "carbon tax".

  6. Ask Spain and Germany of their cost wrt chasing the rainbow….

  7. Seymour Kleerly says:

    This issue alone will keep the young from voting Republican until they stop defending the polluters.

  8. Marc Jeric says:

    Examples of his Harvard-educated eloquence by Barrack Hussein Obama in his recent Philadelphia speeches:
    “There is (sic) still too many people who are out of work, too many homes underwater, and middle-class families that still don’t have the confidence that the future for their kids and grandkids are (sic) going to be brighter than their futures have been (sic).
    So my expectation is that somebody in this auditorium is going to figure out new sources of energy that help not only make us more energy independent, but also deals (sic) with problems like (sic) climate change.”

  9. The weather goes in cycles… but it always has… even before cars.

  10. If carbon dioxide is a pollutant, then every living breathing creature with lungs, including every human being, is a polluter.

  11. Clarence Crosby says:

    There is NO global warming , there is , however climate change that is destroying the mid west of America and other spots around the globe , it is caused by the three degree tilt off the earths axis caused by all the water behind Chinas massive new dam . Now who has the nads to do something about that ?

  12. Seymour Kleerly says:

    The polar ice caps are melting way faster than predicted! The climate is changing for the worse. Do you have grandchildren? Do you own stock in the fossil fuel industry? Do you only watch Fox News?

  13. I agree and I am always amazed when they say they know what the weather is going to be in fifty years and miss what it is going to be next week. then there is the follow up. If we let them have a trillion dollars or so what is it they can do to control the weather?

  14. "The polar ice caps are melting way faster than predicted!

    Actually they are melting slower than predicted.

    In 2012, the ice mass loss is modeled to have raised sea levels by 8mm. This is 250% of the average sea level rise trend of the last twenty years of 3.2mm.

    "The climate is changing for the worse."

    I will do what I can to breathe less.

    "Do you have grandchildren? Do you own stock in the fossil fuel industry? Do you only watch Fox News?"

    No, no, and no.

  15. Seymour Kleerly says:

    You've given me a Right Wing web site to counter the overwhelming info about polar ice caps, including satallite photographs of it's demise. I hope you realize that the fossil fuel industry will spend whatever it takes to continue producing and unfortuneately polluting with as little regulation as possible. GREED rules!

  16. "You've given me a Right Wing web site to counter the overwhelming info about polar ice caps, including satallite photographs of it's demise."

    Correction, I gave you a science blog which doesn't hesitate to point out when global warmers use junk science to buttress their claims.

    "I hope you realize that the fossil fuel industry will spend whatever it takes to continue producing and unfortuneately polluting with as little regulation as possible."

    That doesn't change the fact that I spoke the truth…if carbon dioxide is a pollutant, than every human being which breathes is a polluter. Your position is absurd.

  17. mrsgunnut10 says:

    Obamass is trying with all of his IDIOTIC impulses to get the peoples minds off of Bengazi, the IRS Debacle's, the NSA Debacles, and all of the other Debacles that his Looneys in his White House Cabinet have started and/or caused. Now his EPA Loonies are trying to "Jump Start" their Climatology Garbage, even after Scientist's have proven that there "IS NO GLOBAL WARMING". This just show's how stupid Obamass really is, if he continues to believe the garbage that his EPA Anti-American Loonies are spewing every Day or so. The House of Representatives should cancel each and every request for the millions of Tax Dollars that the EPA is trying to swindle out of the American Tax Payers. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  18. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Sorry, It's A Right Wing "science" blog, which like Fox News or Talk Radio will only give you the Conservative viewpoint. Also, yes it's true that we exhale carbon dioxide, so what's your point?

  19. Elizabeth Cleveland says:

    "It's a right wing science blog, which like fox news or talk radio will only give you the conservative viewpoint."
    May i ask you something?

  20. See more, you really need to broaden your mind and stop thinking of everything as "Right Wing" or "Left Wing". And Fox News is like every other TV news station, meaning it is wrong or misleading about 80-95% of the time.

    For your information, the global warming skepticism view point, regardless of whether or not it is "conservative", happens to be correct. The global warmers have been wrong in their consensus, which is why they have had to resort to lies and deception as their predictions and models have failed and they have gotten more desperate.

    "yes it's true that we exhale carbon dioxide, so what's your point?"

    That carbon dioxide is not a pollutant is my main point.

    Any honest climate scientist would admit to you climatology is very complex and it is very poorly understood. There are natural causes for changes in climate which need to be studied as the hypothesis that man-made carbon dioxide generation warms the planet has utterly failed over the last 15 years.

    The global warmers are actually obstructing and standing in the way of real science.