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NRA T-Shirt Student Could Get a Year in Jail.

Written by Gary North on June 18, 2013

The eighth grader in West Virginia who was arrested when he wore an NRA T-shirt is facing a $500 fine and a year in jail.

I don’t think he will serve any time. He already received a 12-year sentence: public school education.

The NRA T-shirt stands for National Rifle Association. If I were his father, it would stand for Not Re-enrolling Again. Instead of fighting to get his son back into the tax-finded loonie bin that expelled him, he should be lining up a home school curriculum.

These stories are constant. There are school administrators who are lacking in common sense. They do bonehead things, and then they wind up on the evenings news, followed by stories on the Internet. Next thing you know, a link goes viral.

The academic performance of students in tax-funded schools has been declining for 50 years. Still, over 60 million children are attending them.


Most parents are not yet at the stage of pulling out their children. But for those parents who want something other than lock-step education for their children, there are alternatives.

Suing schools is great as a publicity stunt, but the problem with this approach is this: the winners re-enroll their children in the same loonie-bin school. That seems like a loss to me.

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10 thoughts on “NRA T-Shirt Student Could Get a Year in Jail.

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Come out from among them, and be ye separate!

  2. I guess 1st Amendment doesn't apply since he's conservative.

  3. Public School? They say you need to attend from Kindergarten to 12th grade. SURPRISE! Our children, if you parents and them WANT an excellent education, enroll them in a parochial school curriculum or any of the thousands of home-school groups which are turning out well-educated and well-rounded children. Public School: it sounds like a Public Bathhouse–and treats children like they are IN ONE! Secret: "DIS PUBLIC EDUCATION." (There is NO LAW which states that children must attend a public school! Wake up, parents!

  4. I meant to sat this: …if you parents want them (your children) to have an excellent education, enroll them in either a parochial school curriculum or any of the thousands of home-school groups which ARE turning out well-educated and well-rounded children. NB: Children must be engaged in the learning process, which, in Home School or Parochial School, they WILL BE!
    Public education schools are an I N D O C T R O N A T I O N C E N T E R for unsuspecting parents and children.

  5. God! This website is horrible! I am shocked at how I type one idea, and this website prints another (after I have edited for any mistakes)! Very bizzare.

  6. Wake up, people!

  7. has worked fine for me for years…… PIBCAK?

  8. Vouchers is the answer.
    What part of lower quartile performance do most Americans not understand?

  9. Doug Rodrigues says:

    A year in jail for wearing a politically incorrect T shirt? Is the person who pulled off the greatest FRAUD in the history of this country going to jet jail time too? Barack Obama posted a fake birth certificate, fake Social Security number, fake draft card, plays dumb about Benghazi, plays dumb about the IRS, the increased costs about National Health Care, plays dumb about voter fraud, but the kid with the T shirt is the one in trouble?

  10. Bryan76016 says:

    The camel is in the tent. Burn our flag, freedom of speech, wear a T-shirt with a message that offends the administration is not "freedom of speech." "Prayer" blocking a street can only be done by muslims, not Christians. It's time to drag the camel out of the tent and all the camel herders and goat ropers should be put out also. The "tent" is the USA, and goat ropers "love" goats. Get them all out of the USA.