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Governors Invite Connecticut’s Gun Manufacturers to Move.

Written by Gary North on June 18, 2013

The governors of Texas (no state income tax), South Dakota (no state income tax), and South Carolina have all made sales pitches to Connecticut’s gun manufacturers. Move, they have pleaded. Don’t stay in Connecticut, where you are not appreciated.

The great advantage of federalism is that if one state’s legislature decides to take away your liberty, you can move.

Each of the governors is sending a message to voters in his state: “I am on the side of gun owners.” Whether any of the gun manufacturers decides to make the switch, the governors have made their point.

With demand for guns at very high levels, all of them could start manufacturing guns in any of the three states. They could switch their ownership to a new state, keep the Connecticut plants open — continuity of management — and make the transition in steps. Why stay where you’re despised?

The Northeast — New Hampshire excepted — is anti-business, high-tax, and anti-gun. But there are states that are pro-business, low-tax, and pro-gun. Why not move?

The future is with liberty. If I were on the board at any of the companies, I would vote to switch. Texas would be my choice. I would recommend a new company slogan: “Made in Texas for Texans.” That would sell a lot of extra guns.


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5 thoughts on “Governors Invite Connecticut’s Gun Manufacturers to Move.

  1. Interesting that a majority of the gun makers in this country are located in three states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. The old industrial heartland from the 19th century. They are also the New Europe today. The gun manufacturers should move their operations into the US, away from New Europe.

  2. Clarence Crosby says:

    I have resolved to never purchase or participate in anything from an anti-second amendment state , and especially guns ammunition and accessories Thes states include Kalifornicate , Massachusucks , disConnecticed , and the Peoples Republic of communist New York . I have been boycotting many companies most of my life , like Jimmy Dean meats and a couple of others after they were bought up by gun control donors SARA LEE . Nor do I patronize companies that I disagree with on other issues , like the homosexual agenda of HOME DEPOT and STARBUCKS , even thought they are not anti-gun .

  3. gadfly32 says:

    Home depot gave $25000. to try to defeat the right to carry law in Missoiuri.

  4. Okay, so I voted for Perry three times. I can see what he's trying to accomplish. HOWEVER, and that's a BIG BUT, along with these East Coast manufacturing businesses come EAST COAST voters who have already screwed themselves royally. Their attitudes have been "it's okay for the other guy, but I'm exempt" until they wake up and Mario Cuomo, who they voted into office, has maneuvered and manipulated along with the other 60% of liberals they've voted in, take away one of those pesky rights they think it's okay for the "other guy" to lose, but not them.

    So do we want Colt in Texas… OH, YEAH. Do we want Colt liberal voters and their families… HELL NO (to paraphrase the Apostle Paul)! Ditto for all of the others. If you vote blue stay the hell out of Texas, Oklahoma and South Carolina (I fear SC is already on the way down with Texas not far behind, thank you Mario Rubio). There's a reason Texas is prosperous when NY and CT are not and it isn't because of the liberals. Even our Democrats are more conservative than NY Republicans.

    Governor Perry… ARE YOU FREAKING NUTS?

  5. I've lived in the People's Republic of NJ for many years. It used to be a decent place to live and do business. Now it's second only to Illinois in corrupt politics and to kalifornia in loony liberalism. Citizens and companies have been leaving ppnj for over a decade now.