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4 thoughts on “A Few Physicians Are Moving to Cash-Only

  1. My wife and I know a doctor and his nurse wife who are operating out of their home in a small town in Washington. They won't accept insurance, and because of that, they can offer services for fees that are almost as low as the copay on many procedures. They've cut their overhead drastically, and their non-productive workload by a huge amount. Too bad more doctors hanging out their own shingle don't do the same.

  2. Remember, the middleman gets all the profit, and anybody else who gets anything, (including health care) does so by pure accident. Obamacare is just a plot for the government to "take over" the insurance racket and become the Godfather of the middlemen.

  3. Gloria Medina says:

    My son just had hernia surgery. Since we were cash, we negotiated a great price. The doctor even waived his fee…So we just paid for the hospital and anesthesiologist. If all doctors reduced their overhead and it reflected on their fees, it would be a good way to go. Instead of paying worthless insurance companies with their limited coverage and outrageous fees, etc.,

  4. That's fine for the medical practitioners, and it would work fine for the doctor's office visits and maybe some lab tests. But what about something requiring hospitalization–even same day or outpatient. It's so damm expensive that NO ONE can afford to foot the bill. The problem with the Great American Sick Care System is–no body can afford it. All the various providers just charge too much. There is NO relationship between what it costs to provide a service and what they charge. They charge what they want. Where any other business would sell more product or provide more people their services if they want to make more profits, the medical industry just jacks up the price at will. Supply and demand is not in effect in "health care".