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Rand Paul’s Speech: Bring Our Troops Home

Written by Gary North on June 14, 2013

Senator Rand Paul spoke at a meeting of Faith and Freedom, an evangelical Protestant activist organization. Highlights:

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Americans are seen by Pakistanis as infidels and invaders. We will not in a thousand years bring enlightenment to Pakistan, only Pakistan can do that.

When Pakistan begins to police Pakistan better, when girls who long for nothing but freedom and education are embraced — rather than gunned down by murderous thugs — then will progress finally be made. . . .

I can only hope that the violence done to her will motivate those who believe in both Islam and peace and tolerance to stand unanimously and proclaim this violence does not represent them. That the Taliban does not represent them. That gunning down children in cold blood does not please their God.

The violence and intolerance against girls is also directed toward Christians. It saddens me to see countries that are supposedly our allies persecute Christians. . . .

There is a war on Christianity, not just from liberal elites here at home, but worldwide.

And your government, or more correctly, you, the taxpayer, are funding it.

You are being taxed to send money to countries that are not only intolerant of Christians but openly hostile. Christians are imprisoned and threatened with death for their beliefs. . . .

Even when we’ve tried through good intentions to make the world a better place our actions have often backfired.

During the Iraq War, over a quarter-million Iraqi Christians fled Iraq. Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator but his government was secular and therefore relatively safe for Christians. Christians, however, feared the Shiite government that we helped put in place after Saddam, and they fled in droves.

Where did these Christians go? They headed mostly for Syria, joining the over one million Syrians who have lived as Christians since the time of Christ.

Now, the Senate is attempting to arm the rebel forces in Syria, many of whom are Al Quaeda or affiliates. They do so out of a misguided attempt to stop the violence in Syria.

Instead their actions will bring more violence and more persecution of Christians, who have long been protected in Syria.

Before the Arab Spring, Christianity flourished in small outposts, like the Coptic Christians in Egypt. I had hoped that the Arab Spring would bring freedom to long-oppressed people throughout the Middle East, but I fear the Arab Spring is becoming an Arab Winter.

Today, Christians in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria are on the run–persecuted or under fire–and yet, we continue to send aid to the folks chasing them.

While they burn the American flag and the mobs chant Death to America, more of your money is sent to these haters of Christianity.

Even if all the atrocities to Christians were not occurring in these countries, we simply don’t have the money to engage in this foolishness. We must borrow the money from China to send it to Pakistan.

While American soldiers spent a decade fighting to liberate Iraq and while American taxpayers have sent roughly $470 million each year in aid, Christians in Iraq are the subjects of what Carl Moeller, president of Open Doors, describes as “religicide.”

Before the toppling of Saddam Hussein, Mosul, a city in Iraq, was home to some 75,000 Christians, but now the number has dropped to around 25,000.

Christian homes are set on fire, bombs are being placed in their cars and Christian families are receiving letters threatening them to leave Iraq or be kidnapped or killed. . . .

The bipartisan consensus in Washington vows to increase Egypt’s funding. The President is currently requesting a billion dollar increase in aid to Egypt.

This is an outrage! It is amazing that so many in Washington fail to see who the real enemies are. We should immediately stop sending F-16’s and tanks to Egypt!

It is clear that American taxpayer dollars are being used to enable a war on Christianity in the Middle East and I believe that must end. . . .

War is not a game or a sport and any politician who speaks of pre-emptive war with gleeful bravado should not be leading any nation.

As we sit here, our brave troops risk their lives, serving our country with faithfulness and honor. They endure harsh conditions, loneliness and great danger. I pray for their safe return each day and I pray for an end to the war.

I can recall no utterance of Jesus in favor of war or any acts of aggression. In fact, his message to his disciples was one of non-resistance. I do not believe that means that we don’t defend ourselves. . . .

Jesus, himself, reminds us of this in the Sermon on the Mount, when he proclaims, Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Continue Reading on www.paul.senate.gov

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19 thoughts on “Rand Paul’s Speech: Bring Our Troops Home

  1. If only more politicians talked such good sense.
    Amen Rand Paul amen.

  2. fireladybetty says:

    what does not make sense to me is they want to ban our gun rights to protect our children. right? then they turn right around and up hold the killing of botched abortions and killing these baby's. they should be teaching these people that life is presious no matter what. GOD will make you answer for this no matter whom, what you are, where you come from, or what you have, you are not above GOD.

  3. Hopefully he made a dent in the pro-war stance of many evangelicals. I speak as an evangelical myself.

  4. People forget that the only nation on earth that has ever used nuclear weapons against the civilian population of another country, is the United States of America when it incinerated Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

  5. yes bring them home so they can protect the U.S.A. from this chimp dick-tater

  6. albertmaslar says:

    Finally, the son Rand Paul follows the path of his patriot father Ron Paul who would bring ALL the troops home and cut off all funding to the real "infidels" that use American tax dollars to war against America and cut off the heads of Americans..

  7. jimbo999 says:

    During the invasion of Japan that was to take place if the Atomic bombs didn't work, every civilian in Japan was trained to be a soldier, even if it meant throwing rocks at Americans. They were taught that the Americans would do terrible things to them and they must fight to the death.

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki were industrial cities where they were building fighter planes, and other military equipment. Nagasaki was not the choice for the second bomb, but the real target was obscured by clouds that day, so the planes were diverted.

    If not for the Atomic bombs being dropped, millions of Japanese civilians and hundreds of thousands of American military would have died in the invasion. Thousands of Japanese would have killed themselves rather than surrender, as they did on the Islands that were liberated.

  8. jimbo999 says:

    Rand Paul makes a lot of sense, but I still am wary of him because his father is not playing with a full deck.

  9. And we should have learned that is the correct way to fight a war. If a war is in order devisatate the enemy so they sit down and shut up. Don't waste our soldier lives and money playing around the edges. It should be the same in the middle east NOW. If we truly determine war is in need, hit so they know it, make them think before they strike again. Otherwise stay home , DON"T send money and DON"T waste our resources

  10. I think we actually KNOW who has the full deck, and Ron Paul was far ahead of the majority of voters.

  11. Jimbo, you need to realize that ALL of Ron Paul's positions are absolutely consistent with his limited Constitutional government, sound money, noninterventionist foreign policy philosophy. He has thought through these positions since day one, and knows the answer to every question and accusation that can be thrown at him. More importantly, he's a man of absolutely unimpeachable integrity. It's not helpful for you to accuse him of being a mental defective simply because you disagree with him on some issues. If you have issues with his positions, you need to point out where he's wrong and in terms that will be convincing. My bet is you can't, so you resort to characterization.

  12. rita Davidek says:

    I am inn my 80's ands remember Truman's decision vividly. I had two brothers preparing for the invasion of Japan. They were thankful Trumans decided to drop the bomb. They were alive because of it. Millions were expected to die. Another thing, have you ever looked at all the Americans buried in other countries? They sacrificed theirlives for Europeans they didn't even know. Don't cast a stone at America and don't judge if you aren't sure what you are talking about. Sure we have made mistakes over thye years–Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, but we have done more good than any other nation in the world.

  13. yeh sure says:

    Rand is saying the same things as Ron. So why is Rand OK and Ron not??? Simply because you have been brainwashed like the sheeple you are into judging Ron Paul based on his diminutive physical statute and squeaky little voice and mousy demeanor instead on on his ideas. You and millions of others simply can't get past the visual of Ron Paul not "looking and sounding presidential". You will do well to think about it and eventually admit that you were manipulated by the main stream media in this regard. Ron Paul is an American hero and has done more to protect our rights and freedoms than all other politicians combined over the past 40 years. He never sold out to the system like the others did and we the people repaid him with mockery and unsubstantiated claims that he is some sort of whack job. He is the finest statesman of the past 50 years, HANDS DOWN.

  14. jimbo999/azwayne/ritadavidek: my forebears saw more combat in the Pacific '42-'45 than all of you put together — and then some.

    Since your grasp of history is lacking: Japan was goaded into attacking Pearl Harbor after the implementation of an 8-step plan hatched in 1940 by the head of Naval Intelligence, Arthur McCollum. This has been settled by WWII veteran Robert Stinnett in his conclusive expose, Day of Deceit. FDR had just won reelection on a platform of keeping America out of foreign wars. Churchill convinced him that Germany would be launching sub attacks on the US from the British West Indies if the US didn't commit to fighting. FDR needed an excuse to get America into WWII without appearing to renege on his campaign promise.

    The Japanese were actually suing for peace when the US unleashed its WMD's on the world. Truman later said he ordered the attack — not to head off a mainland invasion of Japan and save American lives — but to show the Russians that the US had the willingness to use atomic weapons. So began the Cold War.

  15. There are plenty of trolls whose job it is to flog the government position in the blogosphere, regardless of how bad the economy gets, regardless of how many unwinnable wars we start, regardless of how many liberties are stolen. Their job is to stand there with their hair on fire and insist they can't smell any smoke.

  16. paco12348 says:

    I agree with Rand Paul, our troops need to come home. Why do we fight wars for infidels. The more they kill each other the less we have to worry about. If Iran or any other Muslim country continue to hit us with terrorists acts then we need to blow them out of the water. Even here in the US Obama is making people in the Pentagon trying to force the troops to forget their Christian faith. One would think the entitled Military leaders would be harder to indoctrinate but their nose is as far up Obama's rear as the Democrats in Congress and everyone that voted for him. Obama+Allah+Graven Images. Our Founders are spinning in their graves.

  17. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I agree! Even the original operation in Afganistan was correct, it's just the subsequent years of dithering that caused it to fail.

  18. Seymour Kleerly says:

    The country is far more afraid of Dumb Racist Conservatives than Obama!

  19. I am amazed. Our politicians are calling for all Americans to surrender their weapons unconditionally, but "misguidedly?" supply weapons to rebels, hoping to stop the violence?

    That' swhy we have a Constitution. Career politicians (any one who has served more than one term) are all criiminals. That's why they want criminals to have guns, regardless of who or where the criminals are.