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NSA’s Spying Will Continue.

Written by Gary North on June 13, 2013

A recent Pew Research poll reveals that a majority of Americans don’t care that the NSA spies on them.

Or do they? A Gallup poll says a little over half are concerned.

The voters are split down the middle: as this nation has been for a decade, which is why we got two terms for Bush, and then two terms for Obama. But it’s the same administration on privacy issues: spying on the public forever. Meanwhile, the voters can’t make up their minds. So, we get the same policies under two political flags. I call these “false flag operations.” It’s Council on Foreign Relations Team A vs. Council on Foreign Relations Team B.

It always is.

The Senate last year overwhelmingly defeated amendments that would have made domestic spying more difficult.

The NSA is about to complete a $2 billion spying operation in Utah.

So, it’s business as usual. The NSA has been collecting 1.7 billion communications a day ever since 2001. This has been widely known. There has been no protest.

Only one communications industry CEO resisted this intrusion, the head of QWEST. The government then stopped giving QWEST contracts. The CEO is now in jail for insider trading.

There will be no change. It will be business as usual.

Snowden’s revelations have created a short-term media circus. They have gotten attention for this story the first time in over a decade. But to imagine that the NSA (No Such Agency) will in any way be hampered is naive. Americans don’t care that the fourth amendment has been scrapped by America’s domestic spies — the real ones, not the make-believe ones. Most Americans don’t know what the fourth amendment says. They don’t care.

When a government bureaucracy with automatic budget funding confronts a public that is not concerned about privacy, we know what will happen next. Nothing. The American public says: “Get them wogs!” Americans are the “wogs.” And they have been gotten, good and hard.

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7 thoughts on “NSA’s Spying Will Continue.

  1. Whereas the NSA spying is an expected national defense strategy to protect us from our enemies, the far more disconcerting scandal involves the IRS. Apparently the definition of “enemy” has taken on a new meaning. When government agencies begin targeting citizens, as “enemies,” because of their political speech then the NSA’s spying becomes a very frightening prospect.

  2. The idea that the government has EVER seen the public as anything but the enemy is sheer naivete. At all times and in all countries…including 250 years ago in America…the government exists to enrich their friends and punish their enemies. Go look at the Whiskey Rebellion, what led up to it, and then find out who one of the biggest distillers was at that time…a certain G. Washington.

  3. 2WarAbnVet says:

    The same government that collects mountains of information on law-abiding American citizens ignored multiple warnings from various sources about the Tsarnaev brothers. One cannot help but question the motives and the efficiency.

  4. Not if Obama and company are kicked out and we get an American "leader" in place.

  5. I'm so grateful that the mosques in this country are exempt from this NSA snooping. What pray tell could possible be found there! ! ! ? It gives me a warm feeling – sure it does.

  6. cbanalyst says:

    Just about everyone realizes that there must be a certain amount of surveillance to protect us. Smartass Obama says "trust me", but because of what he is doing in the IRS, we don't.

  7. Seymour Kleerly says:

    You don't watch Fox News by any chance do you?