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Snowden’s Revelations Goose 1984’s Sales

Written by Gary North on June 12, 2013

If there was any question about the impact of Edward Snowden’s revelations about digital spying on Americans, the sales of George Orwell’s classic novel on Big Brother dispels them. It has moved from lower than 7,000 to #125 on Amazon’s best-seller list.

The anti-utopian novel was published in 1949. It is the story of a future society in which the world is trilateral: three tyrannies. Great Britain is run by a bureaucracy in which the ever-present Big Brother monitors the words and deeds of everyone through two-way television. There is no privacy. Anyone at any time can be observed by the state. The #1 slogan in the novel is “Big Brother is watching you.”

The book is a classic. Classic books do not have huge sales increases very often. Events from outside the realm of classic book reading rarely propel a classic book to huge, unexpected sales. Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing  is the source of these new sales. His account of NSA, FBI, and CIA spying on our digital communications is so close to the novel that readers are buying it by the droves. Social media are doing it. People are making the connection.

The connection between sales and Snowden has been made by hundreds of columnists.

This lets us know that Snowden’s story is having enormous impact. It has traction. Readers are making the mental connection: “NSA is the arm of Big Brother.” When the public can make the connection between Snowden’s account of what is happening and what happens in a dystopian novel, the U.S. government has a problem.

The Bush-Obama Administration — for it is one administration on civil liberties — can pretend that this is a fad, that it will soon blow over. It won’t blow over. Snowden’s story is now permanently linked to the plot line in a classic book. The book will remain a classic. When people read it from now on, they will make the connection: Big Brother and NSA.

From the NSA’s point of view, this is the worst disaster in its history. This is worse than Matt Damon’s monologue in Good Will Hunting.

The movie was fiction. Snowden’s revelations are not fiction.

When the essence of your agency’s mission statement is “domestic spying in obscurity,” Edward Snowden is your worst nightmare.

Whenever readers read the novel from now on, they will think: “This is where we live.”

Of course, we don’t live there. Winston Smith, the anti-hero, works as a historian. He drops primary source documents down the memory hole, never to be seen again. With the World Wide Web, any of us can dredge the memory hole, 24×7. Google may be spying on us, but it lets us spy on Big Brother.

Big Brother has the capability of listening to us. Watching us in secondary. Our images will not be used against us. Our words will. Words matter in a court of law. Our words are now inherently public.

But we have the capability of watching Big Brother, words and images.

Big Brother has lost more legitimacy in the last 60 days than I recall in my lifetime. Scandal after scandal has hit Obama’s Administration: Benghazi, IRS, NSA, and now State Department procuring. The media are “piling it on.” The public always loves a scandal. This Administration has them by the boatload.

Obama is fast turning into Billy Conn. He can run, but he can’t hide.

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9 thoughts on “Snowden’s Revelations Goose 1984’s Sales

  1. Young adults may not have read this classic or “Animal Farm” or the Constitution, for that matter. Who recommends foundational reading….schools! This is where parents and older relatives have a responsibility – to encourage mind-broadening classics.

  2. When I read 1984 in high school it was treated as a warning sign. The US federal government thinks it's a how-to manual!

  3. YRofTexas says:

    Don't forget "Fahrenheit 451"! Another one that peeks into the future. It is very easy to figure out human nature, it's selfishness, its thirst for power. Read all 3 books in high school. Wonder what novels are encouraged in today's public high schools?

  4. Margaret jacobson says:

    Anything that MOOCHELLE. Says ??

  5. Seems odd that the media is piling on now.
    What really has changed?

    Do the media not want the Dems to win in the 2014 election? Very very strange, all of this hitting at once. Coincidence?

  6. Good observation. I think Jon Rappoport wrote about this very thing a month or so ago. It's as if "all the media progressives heard a supersonic whistle" (my recollection of his quote) and they all rushed to obey the directive to turn on Obama. Weird.

  7. Rabelrouser says:

    "Nothing happens in politics by accident" is a quote that I always consider in situatins like this. Its almost as if they want the people to get mad and respond in a violent manner. Then they could respond in power and force.
    Another movie that I highly reccomend is" V for Vendetta". It is a good anaology as to what can transpire, but the ending is more provacative to the spirit of freedom in mans heart against a tyrannical government. Great Movie!!!!

  8. Bob Marshall says:

    In 2009 Obama had 37 Zionist in top positions both in his cabinet and administration. Many of the 40 czars appointed are Zionist. One of the largest lobby groups and most influential in dictating U.S. foreign policy is the AIPAC. few seem to know how Israel obtained the present state of Israel. How many millions of American lives did it cost in WWI? what about the attack on the U.S.liberty. The U.S. was less than fifteen minutes from dropping nuclear bombs on Egypt before the attack was called off. thankfully, not most of Israel is Zionist. (Rockefeller and Rothschild unite.)-Financial Times May 30, 2012. Everyone should read the speech given by Woodrow Wilson after he signed the Federal Reserve Act. too bad there are more patriots like Louis McFadden who revealed the truth about the federal Reserve in 1933. As McFadden said in his 25 minute speech the Federal reserve caused the Great Depression. A fact, Zionist Ben Bernanke admitted this past year. McFadden tried to impeach the Secretary of the Treasury, two assistant Secretaries of the Treasury, and the entire board of governors of the Federal Reserve and the officers and directors of the twelve regional banks. McFadden failed in his re-election campaign to return to congress due to slander and personal attacks on his character. McFadden died of a sudden illness after attending a banquet in New York in 1936. No autopsy was preformed on his body. You don't mess with the Zionist cash cow, the central banks. Both Iraq and Libya discover this as well. So far, Cuba, North Korea, Syria and Iran have no Rothschild controlled central bank. Just a matter of time and then just as both bushes, Obama, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Kissinger and the former director of the World Health Organization stated, there will be a New World Order. " The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer. the New World order cannot happen without the U.S. participation. yes! There will be a New world Order and it will cause the united States to change it perceptions." Henry Kissinger, World Affairs Council Press conference April 19,1994. Zionist Alan Greenspan was responsible for the stock market crash of Oct. 1987. Winston Lord, forger president of the Council on Foreign Relations and Reagan's Ambassador to China said that the Trilateral Commission doesn't run the world, the Council on Foreign Relations does. visit their site, look at the members list and you will see he is right. ' To achieve world government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas. Brock Chisholm director-UN World Health organization Director General. George Soros; The United States must stop resisting the orderly decline of the dollar, the coming global currency and the New World Order. In August 2007 Zbigniew Brzezinski endorsed Barack Hussein Obama. he stated Obama recognizes that the challenge is a new face, a new sense of direction, a new definition of America's place in the world. last but not least. speaking the United Nations General Assembly Hillary Clinton told its members population control will become the center piece of U.S.Foreign Policy. The ADL-Anti-Deflamation Leauge is one of the most feared Zionist organizations in America. Ask yourself this question.Who runs America?

  9. Well it's obviously not the Jews Bob. So where do you go from there? For every Rahm Emanuel there is a Mark Levin. For every Michael Bloomberg there is a Charles Krauthammer. Your pitch would be more believable if you would lose the Jewish conspiracy angle.