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From Your ATM to a Gun Show

Written by Gary North on June 12, 2013

What’s a good use for currency? A visit to a gun show.

Where is the closest gun show to you? Find out here.

Maybe you have procrastinated? Bad decision. It will cost you a lot more today than a year ago. But better late than never.

Gun shows are still legal in the United States. Currency is still legal, too.

There comes a time to say “it’s time.” It’s time.

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15 thoughts on “From Your ATM to a Gun Show

  1. Rabelrouser says:

    The point of this article is simple, and many may miss it. Pay cash instead of using plastic currency and the sales can not be data based. The intent, or mental thought process, can not be noted.
    This would slow down efforts to characterize the person, their thought process and their intent. Especially if they are preparing for what my transpire because of the recent scandels that are making the people upset. There could be other ramifications thatcould be foisted upon the people in an effort to get the situation "under control".
    Guard privacy with intellect, and not blind acceptance or an ignorance of the truth.
    This Titanic is about to hit the iceberg, but this time the sinking will be of a greater scale.

  2. yeh sure says:

    The iceberg has been hit. The engine room is filling with water and the passengers are just now figuring out that she is sinking. Some are rearranging deck chairs. Others are having a big meal. It's a big ship and it will take time to sink but sooner or later all of us will be in the water and many of us will not have a life preserver or a life raft due to lack of preparation (and too much laughter at those who were preparing). Those are the ones you really have to watch for. Desperate people do desperate things. The captain and crew will be busy saving themselves, expect no help from them.

  3. Good analogy. What I see are people in denial, including pastors and politicians…and they are NO HELP during the preparation or saving others phase.

  4. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    "What's wrong with that? Nothing. Said the iceberg to the Titanic. GLUB, GLUB, GLUB!" ―Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor in Doctor Who.

  5. Gamertjie says:

    a Bit longer. Growing up as a gamer, watching the computer and console gaming world change through the years, we still have a little leeway. But devils and aliens are a part of role-playing games and movies. Characters summon devils to destroy devils.

    Every form of magic that God forbids in the Bible, is played in role-playing games, be it board games, card games or computer games. Murderers, vampires, zombies and werewolves are a staple of modern cinema. Murder, necromancy (vampires and zombies are "living dead") and confusion of kinds (werewolves are man and animal combined) are pushed into children.

    Where Man gets rid of God, God gets rid of Man. Two sins have Israel committed before God sent His judgement to destroy them: Democracy and Human Rights (see the book of Judges – every man did as was right in his eyes), which includes religious freedom and eventually religious mingling; and their GLBTA. As did the nations which YHWH decided to cleanse out of the land so Israel may live there.

    The gaming world has some games that are useful for rehabilitaion and physio. But the most popular games are all riddles with magic, murder and demonism.

    It is a world-wide phenomenon. Don't be surprised if the USA is merely a forerunner for the rest of the world's destruction.

  6. Why does everyone tell people to go to gun shows? During a political crises you are only going to get ripped off. Prices this year have been $80 for a $24 brick of 22LR, $1700 for a $1100 AR-15 etc. You should find an honest local gun shop who will charge you the same price he did before the crises! Then give him your business now and continue to support him in the future. He will be there for you for years to come. Have a problem with a gun show purchase, buyer beware. No one to talk to on Monday morning. Buy from someone who is part of your community, supports the NRA and spends his life fighting for your second amendment rights. Let the scalper go broke. You can get what you want at a fair price if you are willing to wait. Buy from an independent, not the Marts or Dicks or Bass Pros. Keep your business and money with the true gun lovers and supporters of the second amendment-your local independent gun shop.

  7. I hope the Captain and crew sinks with the ship.Then we will all sing nearer my God to the.

  8. sara tucker says:

    im not sure all this can get back under control. there is tooooooooo much.

  9. Excellently put.

  10. What makes anyone believe a serial number on paper money is not being tracked? While some bills go through many hands between trips to the bank, other bills, especially large ones, could go from ATM to dealer to bank, allowing cash to be tracked.

  11. 66mustang says:

    Ammo and guns may very well become currency equal….

  12. Many sellers at gun shows fit the description you give of the FFL guys that love guns, and sell at the shows. Few sellers in my state are scheissters. Most are reliable hard workong soid guys who will gladly give you their phone number and address for any follow up, and will be back to next month's show to serve YOU again. Small time dealers are great….. and will take cash for "clean" transactions with no paper trail. They are ligit real and solid folks. At least that's what I see out here in the Pacific Northwet…….

  13. "may very well…" I think WILL CERTAINLY, if they haven't already in some places. They certainly hold their value far better than the scraps of paper the banks pass out, you know, the ones look like they've been through the wash in your britches pocket……

  14. Rabelrouser says:

    Not to mention food, hygeine supplies, first aid supplies, water will be high on the list as will toilet paper (how long can you do without?). Barter will be the modem of staying alive and people are already setting up that trade system.
    The ability to just sustain a meager life in the future will be a job in it self; but then throw those who would rather just take than trade into the equasion, now you have added the effort to protect to the cost of living.
    But this is what the future will be, regardless of idealogy, or politics.
    Get used to the idea and prepare yourself and your family. Form a community of like minded people that will increase your chances of not becoming a situational victim.
    And if you dont, dont come begging unless you have something to trade that is sustainable.

  15. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    I don't own a gun. Too expensive.