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Google, Yahoo, and Facebook Are Scrambling: “We Never Cooperated with the NSA!”

Written by Gary North on June 11, 2013

Edward Snowden’s NSA story on spying on Americans has exposed the big digital media companies as cooperating with the NSA’s PRISM program. They are now scrambling to avoid the obvious.

The Guardian, which scooped the world with its story on Snowden, has exposed their vulnerability.

Google. Apple. Facebook. Microsoft: they are the brands that want the world to trust them with personal information, emails, photos, documents – yet they are now facing a battle to maintain that trust after disclosures that the US government was given access to their customers’ data online via the Prism programme operated by the NSA.

The companies involved – Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple – vigorously deny giving the Obama administration backdoor access to users’ internet information, but the potential damage to their brand reputation has left the companies floundering for a way to respond.

How can they escape? Snowden’s story confirms James Banford’s story. Bamford revealed all this in 2008. No one cared. Now, without warning, this is a hot story all over the Web.

How does a company plausibly deny this? They are all going with a version of this one: “We never inhaled.”

In March, 2012, Wired ran Bamford’s story on the NSA’s huge complex in Utah: “The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say).” It got some coverage, but there was no follow-through. Congress does not care. Congress funded it.

Bamford began reporting on the NSA in 1982: The Puzzle Palace. Hardly anyone noticed. Now Snowden gets worldwide coverage. That’s the beauty of the Web. You never know when some story will gain traction. Snowden’s has.

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35 thoughts on “Google, Yahoo, and Facebook Are Scrambling: “We Never Cooperated with the NSA!”

  1. This is awful, but I'm basically sitting here shrugging my shoulders. I've known for years that every phone conversation is recorded and every e-mail is archived somewhere. Are there really people that don't know this? If you want something to be private, you can't use electronic media.

    What we NEED is MANY third-party smart-phone apps that will encrypt every word of every phone conversation, and every e-mail. (It needs to be many because if there's a single one that gains too much market share, you know the NSA is going to get a back door into it.) Maybe this scandal will raise people's consciousness of this issue enough to make that happen. The technology to solve this is out there, it's just not yet user-friendly enough to gain wide acceptance. Of course, that still leaves them knowing WHO you're calling, but that's better than them knowing what you said. Maybe even that could be gotten around with some kind of anonymizing switching system…you call the anonymizer with your call, the anonymizer calls your final contact. But again, any worthwhile solution has to be small-scale and decentralized, or the intelligence community will just find a way into its heart.

  2. It's time for a new company to come into being so everyone can dump the companies named. The companies named have betrayed the people just like the President of the US.

  3. So, you want to live in a country where you have to hide all your communications, encrypt everything, try to live using cash only (credit cards tracked), be resigned to ‘safety’ checkpoints and car tracking on toll roads, have your cildren’s DNA taken at birth or at school, forced to pay taxes for planB/abortions/contraceptives and insurance …this is OK by you? Seriously, as soon as I can get a passport and tie up loose ends, I’m gone -overseas missions.

    AND DON’T lecture me on running from saving my country. What country…I can only fight so long, then me and my taxes and life blood are used to support a system I don’t condone. I am no one’s slave, and certainly not a slave to a PRETEND facade of a FREE country. Go to a country where you are free to preach and live relatively unmanipulated by daily propaganda.

  4. Here's a little tip for those who are looking for secure email: Try Swissmail, a Swiss-based company which accepts no advertising and charges a nominal $35/year for their basic service. It's 124-bit encrypted coming and going. We use it for all our personal communication and sending of all sensitive info (we were overseas in a very controlled part of the world for several years and wanted our email to be private to our supporters back in the States and elsewhere). It's possible that, given how the US gov leaned on Swiss banks recently to identify "tax evaders" that they could do the same with Swissmail, but it may not be worth their while, at least not yet. Something to consider.

  5. These companies are not allowed to tell you they are giving up your data. Look at the rules established that says it is illegal for the company to disclose that the government is looking. So they have to lie to you AND the new company you think needs to be created falls under the same rules. The government has created the best Catch 22 ever. Admit you are giving them data and you go to prison. The government has even forced them to collect and maintain the data at least until their Orwellian collection system is completely in place.

  6. gavinwca says:

    Liberal Lier !!!!! Liberal Lier !!!!!!!!.

  7. See You On The Road To Utopia, Betsy

  8. Nemesis of Empire says:

    It’s time to tear down Technology, the tool of Satan, and use the pure-hearted telepathy of Faith ALONE to communicate. I can look at someone else, and tell immediately whether they are a fellow Christian in the struggle, or a Satanic image sent to befuddle and confuse the faithful. These I mark for later abduction and removal. The rest I band together for the day we rise and smite down ALL the dark evil masters everywhere. HAIL JESUS, SLAYER OF THE WICKED!

  9. When Germany went from mildly statist to crazy-take-over-the-world, there was a transition time. In that time, citizens had to either cooperate and condone or not comply and disavow. And historically, when their gov. wouldn’t respond to legal efforts to change course, citizens who didn’t want to participate (by silence or cooperation) in genicide and other oppressions (ex. Poland) left their rougue country. BUT, it didn’t end there. Many of them, loving their original Germany, joined our allied forces or even the underground. They wrote articles and books. And many gave their lives trying to stop the madness and take back their country. I’ll concede, some stayed and worked inside the system, gathering helpful intelligence and subverting the dictatorship where they could (ex. Shindler).

    Whatever happens, I don’t ever want to slowly become like one of those citizens who stayed in place, kept their head low, and ENABLED the machine that destroyed more than Germany.

  10. Thank you BetsyB!! Truth be told truthfully! Joe L.

  11. Almost 30 yrs ago when graduating college I considered applying to the NSA, but a poli-sci friend of mine gave me a copy of “The Puzzle Palace,” and I changed my mind.

  12. BetsyB: If all this snooping was to prevent terrorism I live in the Boston suburbs,the Marathon week was crazy, where were the supposed advantages of snooping on us!!! It was a nightmare around here for a week until they found those creeps!!! OH YAH snooping did a really good job didn’t it, they truly think we’re stupid!! Joe

  13. We all need to stand up and fight these corupt scumm they lie about everything you people that belive Ovmit and are goverment has to be brain dead If you cant see what Ovmit and are goverment is up to then you belong in fema camps and go hungery I use to be a Demacrat and I seen how they had turned on the people so I got away from them I am so glad I did I dont trust them or the Republicans they are all working together they want agenda 21 wake up

  14. another guest says:

    Switch to StartPage. Based in the Netherlands, they are not controled by the US Government Agencies.

  15. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Start by turning off Fox News and Talk Radio!

  16. Cliffystones says:

    Just where do you think that passport is going to take you that has better living terms then here? Name one country on the planet where there's less BS like this, and where you'll be accepted with open arms when you get there? And even if you could get your hands on a used Apollo, there ain't ant air on the moon!

  17. lilbear68 says:

    facebook is a data mine for the feds right from the start, thats probably why it was so difficult to close and delete your account once ya wised up.
    facebook got its startup from a partial grant from the feds so they were probably the first and easiest

  18. This can be answered in two words. Bull S***t

  19. President Ronald Reagan once said, "If not America, Where Else?" I thought seriously about leaving the country since obama started 'ruling' but then decided to stay and fight for this country. There is no place else still as free.

  20. windrider says:

    And where might that be / Thinking the same thing myself!

  21. Jeanne Stotler says:

    Joe, the reason for the intrusion into our lives is to keep the liberals in power, they have figured how to control the vote, they get volunteers to register illegals and noncitizens, fix machines so a vote opposition changes to a vote for their man/woman, and other tricks. If this was being used as intended, ie: monitoring calls from radical foreign areas to an from numbers in USA, we would not have had the Boston bombing, this is a false claim, they are monitoring the average person, illegal under the 4th amendment.

  22. You are retarded.

  23. Hi Betsy, a few months after Obama was re-elected (fraudently) my husband and I sold every thing home, furniture, etc. and moved to Lake Chapala, Mx (look it up) rated #1 for enjoyment, peace, no stress, and retirement. You can invest here without anything being reported back to Mr Obama as he will soon take everything you have and issue you government bonds which will be worthless. His amnesty bill will cost trillions and he doesn't have it.

  24. All I know after moving to Mexico I can say God's name, post it anywhere I want to, claim I am a Christian and don't care who hears me. I see family love, young people's respect, hard working people (no food stamps here) and yes, there is poverty here but, what about the states. How many people go to bed hungry? Look it up!! And, Obama is heading for a $100 million trip to Africa even having the windows bullet proofed at the hotel where staying. And, you think for one minute I respect this man who calls himself a leader. Gimme a break! All them libs are wanting power and more power and the amnesty vote is the only way a Republican will never be in office again. Sad, but true. So, I am here enjoying the beauty, no stress, cheap to live, markets with fresh fruits/veggies year round, and beautiful beautiful people. Don't believe the rumors in the USA about Mexico….they are afraid of an exodus here. Get your passport….be ready to get out of there. Fair Warning!!

  25. ANTICRIME says:

    READ CLOSELY: ….New "WORLD" Order! ~ WHERE is this TEMPORARY haven that you intend to migrate to, my friend?!
    Bottom Line; You can RUN from EVIL, but you cannot hide from it thus it is better to STAND FIRM, fight and defeat it from the start!

  26. ANTICRIME says:

    THE MOON ….temporarily!

  27. ANTICRIME says:

    WHY pay $35 when "Startpage" is free and highly secure, out of the Netherlands? ~ Check them out!

  28. ANTICRIME says:

    THERE IS NO PROBLEM with the "tools of technology", BUT WITH the evil people who misuse them for the OWN evil purposes!

  29. ANTICRIME says:

    MEXICO!!!! ~ FOGEDABOUDIT!!!! (you may have jumped out of the frying pan ….into the FIRE!)

  30. ANTICRIME says:

    IF MEXICO is so great then WHY are so many Mexicans risking their lives crossing the Rio Grande into the USA?????!!!!!!

  31. I'm with you Anticrime. I don't want to vacation anywhere in Mexico, let alone live there.

  32. Because of the ‘Global Warming’ scam, greedy libs started a ethanol movement, by turning 40% of all our food into ethanol, they went to Mexico and started doing the same thing, which created hugh food shortages and high inflation, to where people had to come to this country to be able to get on the Welfare and Food Stamp lines offered by ‘Dear Leader’.
    If you are/were a sick minded person, you could almost admire the way they(Greedy libs) bought 11 million votes.

    Remember that the 40% of all food grown in this country to make ethanol by corn could feed 565 million people.
    Also remember that most all of the corn processed into ethanol, used the dirty coal burning electric plants to produce the electricity, so zero polution saving’s. Also ethanol only gets 3/4 the amount of gas milage as regular fuel made only form oil.

  33. All of these companies are in bed with Obama. Just take a look at how many times they went to the White House in the last 4+ years, and then take a Hugh look at their income tax statements. Take a Hugh look at who they supported in the elections.
    Why do you think they support Obama on increasing taxes??? Its because they are in bed with him and most of them like Apple, Google, GE, etc.. paid less then 3% income taxes. GE paid zero, as our Jobs Czar Jeff Immeld is the CEO of GE, and one of Obama’s favorite crony Capitialist.

  34. I thought google was a visitor at the W/H many times! Am I wrong?

  35. Ther is no comfort in knowing that the NSA patrols the internet. Its idea of a terrorist is an elderly Caucasian Baptist widow born in Cleveland, Ohio.