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Kansas Law: No More Government Money Promoting Gun Control

Written by Gary North on June 7, 2013

The governor of Kansas has signed a law that prohibits local governments from using taxpayers’ money to promote gun control. They may not produce or distribute “any kit, pamphlet, booklet, publication, electronic communication, radio, television or video presentation” that is related to gun control.

They may not hire lobbyists, either.

Gun control promoters say this is an infringement on their constitutional right to take money from taxpayers and then use this money to promote their own agendas. One local official protested. “The next thing you know, the state will pass a law that closes tax-funded schools. Public schools are based 100% on the idea that local governments can and should use taxpayers’ money to promote agendas that a lot of taxpayers oppose. I mean, once you accept the idea that a local government can’t use taxpayers’ money to promote its own agenda, where will this stop?”

OK, I faked that quote. But it is consistent with the critics’ protests.

Critics of the bill argue that the bill comes dangerously close to violating the First Amendment rights of cities and towns that want to see changes in state or federal gun laws. Mayor Mike Dever of Lawrence, Kansas, told the Associated Press that he is frustrated with the state’s concealed carry law and now worries about to what extent he can challenge the law.

“It kinds of creates an interesting dilemma for local government agencies, when they feel strongly about something and have to be careful,” Dever said.

We need more interesting dilemmas like this. Lots more.

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41 thoughts on “Kansas Law: No More Government Money Promoting Gun Control

  1. Recall mayor Mike for & prosecute him for treason. KU is an other hotbed of traitorous college professors make them an example once & for all. Free speech is protected until you promote your agenda to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights which is treasonable.

  2. Sounds like Kansas has a real American running the state as for that mayor through him out then ship his commie butt to China .he more fit in there.

  3. lark125 says:

    I strongly agree with the mayor. I do not want my tax dollars going to a cause that tries to take away any of my rights. and to give tax money to anti gun people to run adds that subvert my right to own and posses a gun is an affront on my 2nd amendment right. I at the same time would not want my money going to help sell guns OR IN the case of the COVERMENT
    GIVE guns to those that would do harm to this country. (F&F)

  4. Lucky3511 says:

    Well done governor. Keep these liberal loons from totally bankrupting our country

  5. ANTICRIME says:

    Errrr, ….I think you mean GOVERNOR.

  6. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Apparently someone in Kansas understands the term, "Shall not be infringed".

  7. Another example of liberals torturing the language of the US constitution And the Bill of Rights that were hard-fought, earned and are the law the land. What are we Constitutionalists prepared to do?

  8. Way to go Gov. Sam Brownback!!! You are THE man.

  9. Agree with the MAYOR? I think you meant the Governor! The mayor obviously has a problem with the Second Amendment.

  10. Tionico says:

    what the lobbyist fail to recognise is the FACT that government can ony govern by the CONSENT of the governed… and that does NOT mean of a few chosen elites who "decide" on the basis of emotion or someone else's money what "we the people" REALLY need, as opposed to what WE decide we want.

    SO.. on what basis do public entities take money extracted from their sovereigns to restrict what their sovereigns are alraedy entitled to do?

  11. Bob Marshall says:

    It is past time for governors of all states to stand up and fight for the people who elected them into office.

  12. Well Gary, How much of this is faked? It sure helps te liberls to fake news stories.

    What is the bill o law number and how do I get a copy.

  13. NOBODY in the world has the right to take my money and use it to promote ANYTHING am against or do not agree with , but then I am not a communist b–t–d that makes a living stealing everyone elses labor and assets .

  14. ChuckL, why don't you click the link at the bottom of the story and read that info for yourself?

  15. A right is something you exercise that does not involve extinguishing the same right for another. If you exercise your right to free speech, the guy next to you can exercise his right to free speech by disagreeing with you. Both of you have had your say, but neither of you has infringed on the other's right.

    When corporations, government attorneys and lobbyists argue that they have a "right" to push for gun control with money extorted from you through taxation without representation, your property has been taken from you without due process of law and is being used to finance the abolition of EVEN MORE of your God-given rights.

  16. John Ross says:

    About time some one with authority said you can’t use taxpayers money for something

  17. James Bernard says:

    Way to go Kansas! Welcome back home Dorthy!

  18. All gun grabbers are OUTLAWS. They hate the law, especially the US supreme law, the Constitution. If they were NOT OUTLAWS they would be proposing an outright repeal of the 2nd amendment according to constitutional process, but no, they know that won't fly, so they are willing to incite violence against we the people, who are the lawful civil authority in our counties with our lawfully elected sheriffs.

    That makes them Seditionists. The definition of sedition is "to incite violence against the lawful civil authority". It's a felony crime. They should be arrested and charged with sedition the instant they throw any anti 2nd amendment bill in the hopper. It is NOT possible to change, abrogate, or replace the 2nd amendment with a mere statute. There is a constitutional process to do it lawfully. Get real everyone. These people are criminals, and need to be in jail the very instant they even PROPOSE such so called "laws", which are all null and void from their inception, and don't give me any noise about the so called "corporate government". It was all done with fraud, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation, which makes all their contracts UNILATERAL, making them all null and void also. NONE OF THIS WILL STAND BEFORE GOD. They are all liars, and the blind, leading the blind, and they will all fall in the pit of hell for doing this.

    Yes the gun grabbers are the real terrorists and they fully intend to fight a war against the American people with all the ammunition they are buying. They are all monsters, and they are equipping their cannon fodder brown shirts to get slaughtered by we the people when they come for us and our freedom. They just can't leave peace loving free people alone to work and live and raise their families. They won't be satisfied until we are all either slaves or dead and they own the whole world. They have made up their minds that if they can't own it all, they are going to burn it to the ground.

  19. Pete Callaro says:

    The purpose of tax revenue is to provide services to the particular community, not mthe promote the political agenda of government employees.

  20. You go KANSAS …. GOVERNMENT for and by the people not government of the people … someone done their homework now it's time to past it on to other states to do the same….ask before taken the people money to push what a hand full of people think is right for all the people. After all its the Republic for which it stands one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

  21. Erik Osbun says:

    Good idea.

  22. hejohnson43 says:

    Thank god for a Governor with a back bone,(I was going to say with ball's) to stand up for whats right. If things get too bad here in Georgia, I will move the Kansas. I am beginning to find out that there are a lot of Politicians here in Georgia, that say one thing, like they are for the Second Amendment, but seem to vote for laws that curb it. Pretty soon if these gun grabbers have their way, a person will have to go through a back ground check, mental evaluation like I had to when I got my Final Secret Clarence in the Military. Then they are going to require a license that has to be renewed for big bucks every year, then a big insurance policy. What I am getting at is, if they can't take your guns from you, the are going to make you miserable to legally have and keep one for self defense or even hunting.

  23. ncbill12 says:

    The mayor can use his own personal funds (like Bloomberg) to pay for whatever anti-gun ads he wants.

    Though I doubt he believes enough to open his own wallet.

    There's no First Amendment issue in prohibiting a governmental body from engaging in political speech with taxpayer funds.

  24. equalizer3 says:

    I wish more Staes had similar laws..especially in the northeast…

  25. Better read the article again.

  26. When gun-control law promoters try to claim 'constitutional rights' they should be convicted of treason and exiled from the USA for violating the Second Amendment of the Constitution. If only Kansas would also outlaw Westboro Baptist and it's odious cult leader 'Filthy' Phelps… We should abolish all gun laws back to the ratification of the Constitution with Bill of Rights, and ban gun control in the USA forever, including declaring the UN-ATT a crme.

  27. Since when is it the right of special interest groups to take taxpayer dollars and noted in the statement: "Gun control promoters say this is an infringement on their constitutional right to take money from taxpayers and then use this money to promote their own agendas." If they want to LEGITIMATELY promote their agendas, then they need to pay for it out of their pockets; there is nothing in the State or US Constitution that allows these special interest groups access to taxpayer dollars, period. The KS law does not rob them of their First Amendment right to free speech and/or assembly, so if they want all the written literature, then they should pay for it themselves. The Second Amendment is clear, concise, and specific with regard to the RIGHT of the American citizen to bear arms; gun control freaks simply want to control everything to suit themselves because the aren't the least concerned for the safety and well being of self and others.

  28. I agree, MalikTous! Also, we need to move the "illegal alien" OUT of the Whitehouse, to USMC Gitmo Prison Complex–for the remainder of his lying, anti-American life!

  29. Michigan_REB says:

    We.need the same law at the federal level. With mandatory removal from office for violating it

  30. I say the people should move to remove him and cut out all the gun carrying security that protects him. Cut out his security people and the removal may come about automatically.
    The mayor doesn't us to have guns but is perfectly happy having people with guns protect his sorry ss.

  31. scot_belle says:

    Could the closing of USMC Gitmo Prison, which now appears to be on O's "to do list," have something to do with O's not wishing to be planted there for the rest of his life? If so, then we still have Ft. Leavenworth, but as I understand it there are probably not enough prayer rugs for der fuhrer. LOL……..too bad, but treason is treason, and every time he opens his mouth or writes another executive order, he's adding links to his ankle's future jewelry of a ball and chain.

  32. scot_belle says:

    Since the Mayor appears to me to be the usual liberal elitist anti Second Amendment twerp, I think that you meant that you agree with the GOVERNOR, and on this basis of my understanding…I agree with your statements.

  33. Its this simple people….DONT LIKE AMERICA LEAVE.

  34. scot_belle says:

    WELL DONE….Governor!! It warms my heart to not only hear of a government official supporting the Second Amendment, but to also see the actions taken to back that up!! THANK YOU!!

    As for the Mayor, HE needs a serious remedial education that explains in baby terms…what the Constitution protects and… the LIMITATIONS that it places on government. Equal Rights to Free Speech does not mean that tax payer monies are to pay for the elitist propaganda that is aimed at curtailing or eliminating any part of the Bill of Rights. If HE wishes to open his own wallet to pay for this sort of anti-Bill of Rights for everyone else…….then HE can pay for it. It is ILLEGAL to use tax revenue monies for any other purpose than those that We the People have voted for.

    The bottom line here is that….I am not willing to have my money stolen from the government tax coffers and then used against me by this nitwit or any other elitist nitwit!!

  35. This is totally consistent with the philosophy of the left which relies on government and taxpayer money to fund their agenda. If they want to promote "gun control" (AKA 2nd Amendment abridgment) let them promote it on their dime.

  36. And a PS–Why is it an infringement of the 1st Amendment–free speech–if they can't get taxpayer money to fund their propaganda campaign? I guess what they mean by "free speech" is "free to us, but not to the taxpayer".

  37. As a life long Kansas resident ,and a hunter and life long supporter of our second amendment rights, i applaud the govenors stand. While i don’t agree with all of his ideas, this is one the majority of Kansans support_ Thanks Sam!

  38. Someone should tell this mayor to all his money out of the bank and sell all his property and use all of that money to fight for change! Or go to Washington and become a full time Boor Licker for Obama and maybe he will give him some money to do what he wants!

  39. Rattlerjake says:

    Free speech is an INDIVIDUAL right, so government has no right to promote anything. Government works for us, not themselves and their own agenda. We should not allow any government agency to advertise, or promote government in any way including free cell phones, welfare, abortions, gun control, etc. Think of the billions each year saved.

  40. just ramblin says:

    To take taxpayer money and use it for ANYTHING,except to FUND gov(,and that does not include INDOCTRINATION SYSTEMS and their TREASONOUS CLASS WARFARE unions.) is TREASON.
    lobbyists should be HUNG,they are there trying to STEAL our money for the personal use of their employers,and that is TREASON.
    just rambling

  41. Sam I wrote you once before thanking you for standing up to Eric Holder attorney general about arresting federal agents coming to Kansas to sieze our guns..
    I want to thank you again for being a TRUE American!