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Texas Gun Sales Are Off the Charts

Written by Gary North on June 6, 2013

Gander Mountain is opening four new stores in Texas. The company describes itself as a “firearms super center.” Demand is high and growing.

The stores are for outdoorsmen, but these days, indoorsmen are walking in the stores’ doors too. Texas is gun-friendly.

The boom in ammunition sales shows no sign of tapering off. This marks a change in sentiment. Gun owners are responding to political threats in the Northeast, but in the West and South, there is no trace of gun control sentiment.

So, it’s the best of both worlds. Fear of gun control is driving people into gun emporiums like Gander Mountain. Yet this surge in buying has sent a message to Congress: “Don’t mess with our guns.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to meet with Vice President Biden next week to discuss re-introducing a background check bill. When you talk with someone with as little power or influence as Joe Biden has, you are grasping at straws. If Obama is keeping his distance, we can be sure that Reid is not about to put his reputation on the line again. He had his head handed to him on this issue. So did Obama. Reid is just going through the motions.

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6 thoughts on “Texas Gun Sales Are Off the Charts

  1. Thomas Paine says:

    Are we defending ourselves from our government ? We have the power to shut it down right now. No taxes are to be paid. Why would you pay someone to kick your own rear end ? Chaos is what we don't need because that will give Obama the right to declare martial law and really do a takeover of "US". Then he will declare himself chancellor, round up all the guns and food so you really will be dependent. There will be the elite, then the masses. The elite will eat steak and the masses will eat rice.
    We need a massive demonstration upon Washington, 15 million should do, and just close down the city for about five years. All new Congress, no incumbents or their associates, the Dept. of Homeland Insecurity shall be closed and help in closing the IRS.
    The U.S. Constitution will be guarded in reality and across our nation.

  2. Bill Smith says:

    It sounds extreme but the gov. is capable of shutting down the food supply—simply make all the SNAP “food stamp” cards inactive. Those folks who depend on swiping those cards would become compliant in about a week.

  3. shamu10 says:

    When the Elite NWO's finish killing off the White Middle Class, WHO will do the work, and PAY the TAXES?? You Guessed It, The Recipients/SNAP-pers, will be Ordered at Gun Point to the Work Squads. They will WORK, Or, Starve ! All drug dealing will be conducted by Cartels {Govt. Controlled, as in Mexico} Any crime will be Grounds for Immediate Execution. There's Your Hope And Change!

  4. yeh sure says:

    You lost me at "round up all the guns". That would be a violation of the 2nd which is the highest law in the land. Nobody has legal or moral authority to violate that. Unless and until they change the 2nd, they will not be "rounding up all the guns". They can do it here or there based on local conditions on a temporary basis under the guise of helping the people (like Katrina or other natural disasters, etc.). But a widespread program of simply "rounding up the guns" will touch off insurrection. Those attempting to round up the guns as you say will face an armed response which will be a legal reaction from people defending their persons and property. It will not be terrorism, it will be self defense. Count on it. I live in Texas. We are buying guns like there is no tomorrow. Anyone attempting to illegally steal them using force will be dealt with using appropriate push back. Patsies who allow themselves to be disarmed in violation of 2nd amendment rights deserve to go into forced labor camps to work for free so that their masters can continue to live the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed in their parasitic existences.

  5. Wow… you just recited the first half of "Hunger Games" in two semi-paragraphs.


    'Nuff said.

  6. Dick Grace says:

    The moocher class is already compliant.