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Leno Needles the IRS. Audience Applauds.

Written by Gary North on June 5, 2013

Now that he is leaving the Tonight Show, Jay Leno is showing his colors.

This was choice.

President Obama says he’s renewing his efforts to close Guantanamo Bay. Guantanamo Bay? How about closing the IRS? Why don’t we do that?

[Thunderous applause]

How about shipping the IRS to Guantanamo Bay? That’s what we, yes! That’s how you do it.

[Thunderous applause]

Well, more problems with the IRS. A new report has found that they spent $50 million on employee conferences and retreats in just two years. They would have investigated sooner, but it turns out, you know, they don’t belong to any conservative groups. So nobody really noticed. They didn’t really see it. A little odd, yeah.

The bureaucracy rolls on. It does not face a revolution. As long as money rolls into Washington, nothing will change. But doubts about the system are increasing. We can see it in the headlines. They are headlines. The mainstream media give coverage, because they are dying. They must find a new audience. That audience is in the Right, not the Left.

The Web is undermining the mainstream media. The blackout is no longer working. This will not change the mainstream. It will make it smaller.

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48 thoughts on “Leno Needles the IRS. Audience Applauds.

  1. RickTorn says:

    Thanks to the thoroughly corrupt and discredited administration (and Fox News), the tide seems to be turning. Now if we can just get a few more people to become engaged in their country's future, maybe we can restore sanity and integrity to the country that we love.

  2. Fox is a communist front organization. They tells us they are conservative, but if you analyze what they say. over time, they are really dumbing down so-called weak conservatives into the mainstream.

  3. The Marxist in Chief is smacking his lips seeing his mission coming to reality. That mission is to establish America as a Marxis State.

  4. What's it like to be an idiot.

  5. Helen Tritt says:

    Obama is without a doubt, a Narcissistic Lunatic that rightfully DESERVES PRISON. He is an evil FRAUD, TYRANNICAL DICTATOR, and should be locked up without hesitation, as he is our #1 threat to National Security.

  6. WillytheGeek says:

    Does this mean that Leno is really a conservative finally standing up against the Big Media Broadcasters before he leaves the air? Sometimes it hard to tell with the guests he has on his show. I was thinking he was forced to have those people on. He couldn't possibly be that warped liberally. Was I mislead?

  7. jimbo999 says:

    Dear Mr. Leno,

    This notice is being sent to you because a possible discrepancy in you Federal Income Tax returns for the following years:

    Please show up at the Federal Court House in Sacramento, CA next Monday at 9:00 AM.
    Bring all of your financial records for those years, and be ready to answer any questions we may have.

    Have a nice day.

    John Smith
    Regional Director
    Internal Revenue Service

  8. A Murrucun says:

    Not gonna happen. Mr. Smith and his bosses do not want Leno talking about them on network TV.

  9. The Bob says:

    When the People fear the Government, this is bad, when the Government fears the People this is good, which way is it now in the USA? And, if necessary what must the People do to correct it?

  10. asbrownpe says:

    Don't know. Tell us.

  11. Martin Shaw says:

    Obama is destroying our country. Wake up America call for his removal from office. Also, throw out any one in Washington that has been in office over 10 years.

  12. The communist front organization is the Obama Administration. I have watched for years and have never seen nor heard dumbing down of any kind. Again, any dumbing down would naturally be coming from the dumbest president in American history.

  13. It's rather ironic. After all, Leno is one of Obama's biggest supporters. He had Obama and Michelle on his show several times. I bet his cracking these jokes will not have the IRS on his rear end.

  14. ABC- Always Behind Communists; CBS- Communist Broadcasting System; NBC- Nobody But Communists. Wise up, schmuck ! The freedoms you save may be your own…

  15. Come on ! Every conservative knows thet the IRS can only ask for the previous 7 years of tax records..Besides, everyone know Leno was a big Obama contributor.

  16. Wolfman says:

    The powerful IRS tax collection agency for the USA is out of control and should be terminated
    Here is the no spin Obama IRS agenda to enforce Obama care on the American people and harass conservatives or anybody else that disagrees with them. Solution/ abolish the IRS and have a 10% federal flat national income tax and no high salary IRS agents to pay with benefits and parties for the rest of their lives. Wake up America !

  17. Wolfman says:

    just like the guy they cleaned out in Texas that flew his helicopter into the IRS building

  18. What about the FOX marxist/libtard stars: juan williams, karl rove, geraldo rivera, and that grumpy panel guy who grunts??
    They are low information token leftists. Who in FOX keeps these guys around????!!!!!!!!!!

  19. That is either the dumbest thing I've ever heard or…..no, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

  20. They use these idiots to show how stupid and idiotic democraps and obozo reallly are. They never make any sense and after they speel their stupid brains, you realize just how dumb some people are and what retards oboza attracted to vote for him. Conservatives have alot of work to do in re-educating these couch-potato, blood (money)-sucking, do-nothing-but-breed-more-idiot , welfare losers.

  21. Bob Marshall says:

    One thing i doknow about FOX is they are a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The real power who calls for a one world government. Visit their site and you will see where the real power in America lies.

  22. Greatest thing that I've heard on this website!!!!!!!

  23. That's the dumbest thing that I've heard today!!!!!!!!!

  24. I put in with you Jerry. Where do dummies get that kind of trash? They are idiots wrapped in morons.

  25. Agreed, but FOX is not "Looking Out For You" either. The pundits lean conservative but they stop short of backing a Constitutionally based government. The left advocates welfare; the right advocates warfare and true freedom is somewhere in between. FOX is the best but their best is not quite good enough.

  26. CyTxRon says:

    This is true.

  27. They use these idiots to make you believe they are on your side when clearly they aren't.
    Ever heard an expose on the annual deaths in America caused by legally prescribed pharmaceuticals?
    It exceeds 735,000 but is hidden by coroners who call it heart failure, lung disease or cancer. FOX, like their contemporaries, will not bite the hand that feeds them. Who's looking out for you? NOT FOX.

  28. CyTxRon says:

    It's the dumbest thing I have heard all year !!!

  29. CyTxRon says:

    Leno is not "way out there" conservative, but he is certainly to the right of Fallon, Kimmel, Letterman, Stewart, & Colbert.

  30. http://www.FairTax.org abolishes the IRS, repeals the 16th amendment, covers medicare & social security and makes income taxes illegal for everyone. A flat tax won't remain flat unless we repeal the 16th amendment. Plus, why should anyone have access to what I earn? I don't care what you make and I don't want you to know what I make, but a flat tax forces us to continue to document our income and report it to some bureaucrat after we've spent a fortune on tax avoidance professionals. The http://www.FairTax.org plan also raises taxes on imported goods which further helps to level the playing field with nations like China & India who take advantage of near slave labor work force.

  31. Ken Barclay says:

    A guy named Bill Miller I think, wrote a book back in the 1980's I think, that was about amending the Constitution regarding income tax—-85% of all states MUST vote yes to amend the Constitution—-It was his conclusion that it wasn't even close, back in 1913 that even 50% of the states even RESPONDED to the Federal Government request for the individual states yes or no vote on amending the Constitution, and of those that even voted most voted NO–but the amendment passed—I got my info from an interview I saw decades ago so please forgive any inacurracies—-In the interview the author said some "suits" offered him like $750,000 for his manuscript but he turned them down, saying he never expected to make that kind of money from his book, and he just wanted the info out so folks would know—-But he couldn't get a USA publisher to print the book, and he finally found a publisher in Tijuana Mexico to print 5000 of the book, but stopped at 800—–You connect the dots, and please do your own research on my comments as I know some of the dates etc. are only ballpark as it was three decades ago that I watched the interview, and had no interest or knowledge of the FED or income tax at the time—

  32. De funding the IRS and Obamacare should be done with one stroke. We know what Obamacare is already doing to the best healthcare system on eartn, not perfect by any means but can be improved on without catastrophic measures like Obamacare is doing at this time and it is going to get worse. It's time to stop the Obama dictatorial leadership in Washington. His "Executive Pen" needs to taken away and replaced with representative government like the Constitution says. This man is out to destroy every vestage of our Republic

  33. I can easily tell that dumbing down is taking a toll on miko above. What a dip oh well I'll just leave that up to you.

  34. He is only using his experience. Not in leadership but I guess in community organizing. Put thisbox on that box and then push. Who was paying him for community organizing? I heard a black politician defending Obama freezing his college records by saying," you don't hear people asking to see white peoples college records." the reply was that is because he is the only one that had his records sealed. Does that mean there is a cover up here. You better believe it.

  35. I agree but he is not the only one destroying this country, the democrats and republicans both are destroying this country. They have us chasing our tail saying it is the republicans and then saying it is the republicans. divide and conquer.
    We at this time have our so called honorable representatives deciding to make the illegals legal. Is that what a country with high unemployment needs? what planet do these politicians come from. They are also saying we need to recruit highly educated immigrants. We have a country that cannot put our college graduates to work and they think we need more competition.
    I will say one thing, Dennis Miller has come a real long ways since his years as a left wing nut.

  36. Sorry Miko, YOU are one that has been dumbed down by the left wing liberals. Fox is the only place on earth that you can get the truth about the lies and deception from our "beloved," "I didn't know anything about it…" fearless, ruthless leader in chief and his corrupt sidekicks. Open your eyes, appreciate the honest and straight-forward information you get from Fox. Information form the left wing media has either been watered-down to protect the liberals or dismissed as unimportant.

  37. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Fox is "Fair and Balanced"! 50% anti-Liberal/Obama, 50% pro Conservative!

  38. Rabelrouser says:

    But if the American citizens had the backbone to not file next year, you know, just not feed the beast; maybe that would say something?
    Just a thought

  39. The IRS is more about political power than revenue collection . That's why the complicated IRS code is over 13,000 pages. With all the lawyers in Congress, some of them surely have the intelligence to simplify it – trim its budget and some of its 93,000 federal employees – but, why would they want to give up that political power? Why give lobbyists less reason to grovel for favors? It's like expecting Congress to pass a term-limits bill.

  40. Doug Rodrigues says:

    Do you live on the same planet as the rest of us?

  41. Jay Leno will wind up like Willie Nelson. You see, despite all the whoo-te-doo from Congressmen saying, "We're doing our jobs," before it is all over with, the IRS will get off scot free, and so will Obama and Holder. Nixon walked away from his criminal activities, and Clinton walked away from any federal consequences for his perjury, although he was such a low-life that he ended uyp getting his law-license suspended.

    Lawyers who have been disbarred, suspended, or have surrendereed their licenses as part of an agreement to escape prosecution should be declared ineligible for federal office, elective or appointed, just as felons would be.


  42. G.K. with all these lawyers in Congress, the laws we end up with are not designed to make the economy better, to improve relations between various ethnic groups, or to make our children safer. All legislation is designed to be so complicated and Byzantine that it create more work for lawyers. That is the only real gainful permanent jobs that the federal government has EVER created.

  43. This is really something: 50 mill over two years on “conferences” etc. Just when we need the $ most are they wasting it. 50 million here 7 trillion there. How far would all that have gone state side. Corp. Bail outs, this, the wars all that over stuff. Jo wonder everyone hates DC.

  44. Charlie says:

    What planet did you come from? What a DUMBASS

  45. Miko, more kook-aid for you?

  46. patrickhenry says:

    Leno … good job…but I'd have a lot more respect for you if you really put it on the line….like going to DC and protesting – not alone – but with others. Put it on the line, Dude.

  47. Theodore Gager says:


  48. You are an idiot