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Iris Eye Scans on Public School Children — No Parental Authorization

Written by Gary North on June 3, 2013

Three tax-funded schools in Florida allowed a profit-seeking firm onto the campuses to scan the eyes of children. These are the equivalent of fingerprints.

The schools did not notify parents. The scanning was done without parental authorization.

This technology is spreading. It is part of a nationwide program. More than one profit-seeking firm is trying to get into this market.

The school said it was all a big mistake. The lack of parental notification was an administrative error.

What was clearly not an error is the existence of federal funding to make sure that America’s children are tagged early, with their records put in a data base.

Most parents will go along with this. They go along with the idea of tax-funding. Why not go along with moire tax funding, “for the sake of the children’s safety”?

There are about 50 million children in tax-funded schools. Families have accepted the principle of letting state bureaucrats teach their children. Why not let these bureaucrats create a lifetime data base on them?

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12 thoughts on “Iris Eye Scans on Public School Children — No Parental Authorization

  1. I love that word moire! Moire taxes indeed!

  2. I've read that there are at least a few outraged parents in the districts where this has happened; however, they are going to have to sue the company to get their child's "eye print" out of the company database permanently. The school can apologize all it wants to, but is going on the premise that it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission. Things will continue as though no egregious breach of rights has occurred unless the parents kick up a big stink. I hope they do. I used to mourn that I was not able to have children. Now, I'm actually thankful that I didn't bring any into a world where they would be under Big Brother's rule and where so many parents have abdicated responsibility for raising their children, that the schools actually think they can do it better. In many cases, they may be right, because too many parents don't care. Too many parents look at their children as inconvenience and not as a precious gift for the future. Motherhood is looked down upon instead of realizing that Mother was the most important job in the world and which job was systematically destroyed so that the government could become the new mother. 1984, here we are. Orwell was only off by 30 years.

  3. Enjoying living in the UMSA United Marxist States of America?

  4. If I were the parents, I would raise hell & sue those BASTARDS! It like child molestation!

  5. barbara says:

    Barbara from palm beach county tea party, there is a lawsuit that was filed its called (epic lawsuit ) filed by parents.

    We have started a common core group anyone interested please notify me.

  6. These schools that allow the children to be grouped together like cattle for the purpose of having electricity ran through their upper parts of tender bodies are very lucky that not one of them is/are of my off-spring. Chances are heads would be rolling.
    When I had step-children in the school system and if any thing went array it was seen to that they changed their minds as to how those under my guardianship were treated.

  7. wiolliam d. cain says:

    I am 80 years old. My classmates and I were fingerprinted at Lake Monroe Public School, in Seminole County Florida when I was in the fourth, fifth or sixth grade, during WW2. As far as I know, it was without parental consent or notification.
    William D. Cain, Orlando, FL

  8. A lot of things are done without parental consent in schools across the nation. If the children do not tell the parents, then it goes unchallenged. And sometimes the parents think that the schools have the right to do anything short of abuse to the children, maybe even that goes unchecked. Parents need to take an interest in whats going on in the public school system, thats for sure!

  9. Liberty49 says:

    I remember getting kits to take the fingerprints of our kids back in the 80s, but WE did the fingerprinting and WE kept the prints in our file at home. They said it was in case the child was ever kidnapped. Point was: WE took action ourselves and the government had NO databases on OUR children!

  10. jaybird says:

    I am going to put a minicam and microphone on my great-granddaughter when she starts in 4 yrs so that I know if she is OK and not being taught liberal/progressive crap. The teacher best keep her political views to herself.

  11. grandmalibertyi says:

    during ww2 lots of things were done that shouldn't have been.. like itternment of Japanese citizens.. the finger printing was likely done as a means of identifying children if separated from parents in case of attack.

  12. grandmalibertyi says:

    if I were raising my children now, I would homeschool them.. I couldn't do much worse than the public school systems here in Ohio.