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De-Postal Monopoly: Feinstein’s Sweetheart’s Deal

Written by Gary North on June 3, 2013

Fact #1: Senator Diane Feinstein is married to the CEO of the largest commercial real estate services firm in the U.S.

Fact #2: The U.S. Postal Service is going bust, because it can no longer compete. It has a monopoly, but it’s market is shrinking.

Fact #3: The U.S.P.S. is selling off 41 post offices and 11 other properties. Always before, it hired multiple firms to do this. That made sense. Real estate is local.

Fact #4: It has over 500 more properties scheduled for sale.

Fact #5: This time, the U.S.P.S. awarded an exclusive contract to one firm to unload these post offices.

Fact #6: Amazing as it may seem, Feinstein’s husband’s firm got the contract.

It was just one of those things, just one of those crazy things.

Fact #6: Snopes, the debunking site, had to admit it was true. But it means nothing. Nothing!

The story doesn’t sound like bunk to me.

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37 thoughts on “De-Postal Monopoly: Feinstein’s Sweetheart’s Deal

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Of course it means nothing. Just like LBJ increasing the required percentage of loblolly pine fiber required in all federal paper purchases before he left office. It had nothing to do with the fact that Ladybird owned large acreages of loblolly woods.

  2. lethrneck says:

    Snopes is in the bag of all liberal politicians. Don't expect fairness from them and also don't expect fairness from Feinstein or her husband; how do you think they got so rich?

  3. Funny you always are ready to put down USPS. USPS is going broke is because Congress required them to pay 75 years in advance to health care and retirement benefits for employees not even hired yet! Not to mention US PS being tied down to a postal board of governors to make approval on changes in the business-really slows down reaction to marketplace environment. You should investigate other countries privatizing their mail service and how prices have increased dramatically and services go down! USPS has one of the lowest cost mail delivery services in the industrialized world! Universal delivery to rual addresses would be virtually eliminated where the highest profit margins are in urban and city areas where FedEx UPS and other delivery services focus their deliveries.

  4. Bill Smith says:

    Here’s another fact: all the people are getting screwed all the time by all the governments (federal, state, local). Always have, only now BIG TIME.

  5. Kbreedlove50 says:

    Move along foks, there's nothing to see here. (Sounds like Dick Cheney when he was being bashed about Halliburton).

  6. RWBwolf says:

    Now Congress wake up:
    There is susch a thing as "conflict-of-interest"…i.e…..I have no inteest, expressed or implied, in the subj property & act as an agent for the buyer-seller w/o compensation…..
    I've worked in R.E. ovr 40 yrs & "know-of-which-I-speak''
    Now for this, heads should roll- – and brains should engage
    Do we out in the boonies have to tell U people EVERYTHING?
    Are U led to lunch? Can U walk & chew gum at the same time? Careful, thats a tricky one………….RWBwolf

  7. Both Feinstein's should be handcuffed behind their backs, made to stand naked facing each other up against a brick wall and executed by slitting their necks with their blood dripping down their dead bodies, first Diane then her husband. This would be a lesson to any and all who are considering committing treason.

  8. This article is reminiscent of when Nancy Pelosi was House Speaker. A bill to raise the minimum wage was introduced and passed. Nancy had a rider attached to the bill that would EXCLUDE workers in American Samoa from receiving the raise. Of course, the fact that Nancy's husband ownsd a tuna canning factory in American Samoa had nothing to do with her attachingthe exclusion of American Samoan workers, thus giving her husband's company an advantage over the competition. Can you say " INTEGRITY " in the same sentence as democrat ?

  9. williamg says:

    How the hell do these people keep getting elected?

  10. Yep,,, you got that right… But never have I seen it ti be this bad !!!

  11. Private companies tabulating election results on computers that run proprietary software no one is allowed to examine. As in Diebold: We Guarantee The Results!

  12. Is this the government's version of "Insider Trading"? Who will prosecute them?

  13. Pelosi, Reid and this imperious old b * t c h should be in prison.

  14. UPS delivers to all addresses, just like the USPS. It's just that UPS HAS to be efficient and make a profit, or they go out of business. The Post Office on the other hand, limitless money through the federal government, otherwiase they would have been out of business looooong ago. Open it up. Let the free market deliver everything. Most efficient way.

  15. I live in Alaska, mail is delivered to cluster boxes here that are often miles away from residences on paved roads, even in the larger cities. I cannot get Express Mail delivered to my home. only a notice to go to the PO to get it. The for profit services Fed-Ex, UPS, & DHL will pick up and deliver. My bills are all paid automatically so, like many of my neighbors, I do not use the inefficient outmoded Post Office. Let it go bankrupt and allow private enterprise to take the Post Office's place!

  16. Randy G says:

    The only other problem is as my father said in the 1960's" they have too many chiefs for the indians." meaning supervisors.

  17. Tionico says:

    SHE does not stand to gain from HIS compay's getting the contract? Nonsense. California is, last I heard, a Community Property State. What's his is hers, what's hers is his. If not practically now, once one of them dies. Smoke and mirrors.

  18. One thing comes to mind immediately: they lie. They deny with a lie. Nancy Pelosi as most of the highest ranking dems in office right now lie. The President wouldn't know the truth if it bopped him in the head. The people who support these politicians (and they could just as easily be Republicans too) don't pay enough attention to what is going on to know what is truth and what is a lie. They also believe in their representatives. A vicious cycle. I think that helps support the position of term limits. Also supports, in my opinion, of limiting benefits and salaries to the wealthiest politicians. (most of them but not all).

  19. Our Congress made this kind of "sweetheart deal" LEGAL for them. Don't try it yourself though! You're chances of landing in prison are good. This is why we need to RETURN GOVT TO THE PEOPLE. the best chance we have of doing that is to BOLDLY vote for GOOD HONORABLE PEOPLE TO REPRESENT US. My personal thought is to first take the Senate back and keep the House of Reps.

  20. No you cannot say integrity in the same sentence as democrap

  21. they should be hung by the neck til dead for lying and treason and dishonoring the Constitution of the USA

  22. You folks should read my next book, "BODIE," currently being printed by Tate Publishing. You'd like it! I won't spoil it for you, but the story does have a healthy dose of political corruption. The Senator character sure has a lot in common with Feinstein. Believe me, she won't like my book. Genre: Historical fiction/Western Adventure/Paranormal

  23. allah loves BLTs

  24. Anne Sweazy Kulju says:

    Watch the news! They cheated, that's how. They used periphery arms of government with the power to destroy, against the American people, small businesses, corporations, religious groups and patriotic groups. Look up the word "Tyranny"; you'll see we are already there.

  25. awkingsley says:

    The post office needs to end Saturday mail service. We didn't always have Saturday mail service, and in fact it is a relatively new service in post office history. The only people who received Saturday or Sunday service were those who paid for post office boxes. The post office also needs to produce only one stamp in each denomination, unless it makes more money by satisfying the insatiable need of stamp collectors. Mail service is a simple task, and the post office needs to follow the KISS principle.

  26. I read an article how the government causes the post office to be at a loss. They said that the post office was up a small percentage. The government will not listen to the real way to run it. I don't know but it makes sense because the government does screw everything that they touch they shore to not fix anything or pay attention to where money goes.

  27. CJMcRat says:

    Are you out of your freaking mind? UPS does not deliver to all of Alaska, anything in Montana outside of Billings, and the rural areas of half a dozen other states. Look at Germany, to go from one side of that country to the other costs $.90. Yes, the Germans are very efficient. Oxford University did a study of all of the postal services in the industrialized world. Yes Germany was the second best. They are good and they are efficient. Still the Germans did not come close to the number one postal system in the world. Would you like to take a guess as to what country has claim to the number one spot?

    Don't believe me, check it out for yourself. Still you should shut the heck up until you read all of the facts.

  28. Limitless money? You MUST be a low information oter! The post office went off the gov tit in 1971. There are no subsidies, and is required NOT to make a profit! The rate increases usually span 3 years are intended to make $ the first year, break even the second year and in the red the third year. This is supposed to average out breaking even for the three year average.

  29. No politician nor their family member should be able to have any business with the government or a company that has government contracts. This is plain corruption. She and her husband should be arrest and have all assets confiscated down to spare clothing.

  30. Holy Shirt says:

    Before the United States Postal Service was turned into a quasi-governmental corporation, the United States Post Office delivered mail efficiently and reliably for nearly 200 years. Doesn't it seem odd that anti-trust laws that broke up the Bell System telephone monopoly somehow does not apply to the monopolies represented by free-spending lobbyists. A politician spends tens of millions of dollars to land a position that pays not a tenth of that isn't corrupt? Anybody want to buy a bridge?

  31. It is soo comforting to know that government officials are soo honest. From Obama down to the lowly Fienstein they do the fan dance by going after something (in her case gun control) to defect from what they personally are doing as putting funds in their personal pocket. Everytime I read something about the Present government it always appears to be something crooked. What country do I live in??? Not the America intended by our Fore Father..

  32. WOW!! Henry you sound a little angry. Wouldn't being handcuffed and lead out of office in shame be a better solution? I'm also angry about the thievery of all of the politicians. I want them to go to jail ! I want their children to be ashamed of the name they carry! That's the kind of justice I want to see. That's the only way these crime's will stop! Feinstein's children and grandchildren will benefit from the money her and her husband steal today. I would like to see the name shamed for many years to come, that would be justice!

  33. I am 80 and I cannot remember the time we did not have Saturday service. In fact the mail was delivered twice a day, once in the morning and once the afternoon and once on Sat. However I do support stopping Sat. service if it saves money.

  34. Follow the money…. money that goes to her local support and money that goes to the Corporate interests who own the news outlets in her district.

    Isn't it ironic that so many politicians who support "gun control" tend to be a crooked lot? Mario Biaggi comes to mind.

  35. awkingsley says:

    @LSNC: This is what I discovered about Saturday delivery: https://about.usps.com/who-we-are/postal-history/

    I lived in a city where Saturday delivery was added at a much later date. Smaller cities never had Saturday delivery, and I am very surprised at delivery twice daily. The USPO obviously cannot continue the amount of service they are providing.

  36. Like wife, like husband–both of which need some time at Gitmo Bay–courtesy of the USMC–perhaps life imprisonment.

  37. Texas Senior says:

    THEY PROBABLY LOST MONEY WHEN THEY STARTED MAILING OUT 4/COLOR ADVERTISING AS IF THEY HAD MILLIONS OF COMPETITORS! I DON'T KNOW WHO'S RUNNING THEM, BUT IT SEEMS THAT EVERYONE THAT RUNS ANYTHING RELATING TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT KNOWS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT INCOME VS. COST. IT SEEMS THAT WASHINGTON HAS BEEN TAUGHT TO SPEND MONEY IF THEY WANT TO, BUT FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, DON'T EVER TRY TO FIND OUT IF IT WILL BE PROFITABLE! I GUESS WHEN YOU HAVE ALL THE MONEY OF THE ENTIRE COUNTRY AT YOUR DISPOSAL YOU AREN'T REQUIRED TO DO ANYTHING BUT SPEND IT . . . AND IF YOU LOSE MONEY . . . IT'S THE TAXPAYERS' FAULT – NOT THEIRS. AFTER ALL, SOME OF OUR SO-CALLED HAVE BEEN IN WASHINGTON ALL THEIR LIVES, MOST ARE MILLIONAIRES BUT THEY'D RATHER SPEND TAXPAYER MONEY THAN SPEND ANY OF THEIR OWN (i.e. Nancy Pelosi using Air Force jets to fly her home every weekend at taxpayer expense. That is one woman who has not one iota of conscience. It's easy to give all the money of the taxpayers away or spend it on yourself if you can get away with it, like Obama spending $1.4 Billion personally on himself and his family last year traveling around the world in separate jets, having Hollywood parties at the White House, Golfing – all on the backs of the taxpayers I suppose, because he only paid $16,000.00 in taxes . . . SPLAIN THAT! I guess he went to the same school of all those who live off the government entirely because they were never taught that it's stealing from your country if you don't even try to work, yet, somehow he's made it OK for those people to hate "rich" people, but although he's the richest based on his spending, but they don't seem to care about that as long as they get theirs.