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A Man Who Shot a Killer Dog Is Fined $1,000. Unregistered Gun.

Written by Gary North on May 30, 2013

In Washington, D.C., three pit bulls attacked an 11-year-old boy. A neighbor went into his home, got a 9mm pistol, and shot one of the dogs.

The police heard the shots and came to investigate. They shot the other two dogs. Then they arrested the private shooter. It seems that he had not registered his gun.

Not being a total imbecile, the District’s prosecuting attorney decided not to bring the man to trial for a felony — actually, a total of seven criminal violations of the law. He knew that this would make the District look silly. The jury would not convict. So, he had an idea: just fine the guy $1,000. That makes an extra $1,000 for the District. No muss, no fuss.

The man was also told not to get into trouble for two months. Translation: “If you see any other killer dogs attacking a child, just walk away.”

Washington, D.C. used to ban all guns, beginning in 1975. The gangs ignored the law. Thirty-three years later, a case came before the Supreme Court, challenging the constitutionality of the ban. The Court in 2008 said the ban was unconstitutional.

Consider this. It took 33 years for the Supreme Court to decide that the Second Amendment really does apply in territory owned by the federal government. Liberals were aghast. They still are.

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37 thoughts on “A Man Who Shot a Killer Dog Is Fined $1,000. Unregistered Gun.

  1. John Hand says:

    How many believe, like I do, that many of these anti-gun people actually have a gun at home?

  2. GetRealKC says:

    I'm a conservative, but why did he have an unregistered gun?

  3. Many anti-2nd-Amendment senators have concealed carry permits, plus tax-funded bodyguard details to keep them safe. The peasants, of course, are on their own.

  4. Try registering a handgun in DC. There lye's your answer.

  5. These are the people that make the laws like no guns on school property that get kids killed in schools because they have no security.

  6. A better question to ask is, why does the government require the gun to be registered?

  7. LonJean says:

    You bet John… they have more then we could ever think of….hahaha….I agree with you…we had a neighbor years ago that heard a noise outside his bedroom window and he looked out and his neighbor lady was being rapped and he grabbed his gun ran outside, yelled at the guy and he would not stop.. so he shot him in the foot… well the bad guy took him to court and won… and he had to pay a really big suite….sad huh….

  8. Randy G says:

    Not to go off subject, but, wouldn't the parents of the kid pay the fine for him? Better than funeral expenses.

  9. LOL, it's an application and a fee, along with good vision and training. Easy-peasy.

    Also, it's "lies", not "lye's".

  10. Gotta love how asking why he was doing something illegal gets you downvotes from other conservatives.

  11. How does the federal government get the money to own anything?If i'm not mistaken it's from the LEGAL AMERICAN TAX PAYERS MONEY,so actually we own it not those scumbags in washington.

  12. sally fama says:

    This is outrageous! What happened to our Constitutional right to own guns? All of our Constitutional rights are being violated!

    This man is fined 1,000.00 for saving a kid's life. He should be receiving a reward instead of a punishment. Our country is going down the toilet because naive people are pushing for an end to our civil rights.

    Let's see what happens when these same people are confronted with threats to their freedom. It will be too late. Wake up, all of you enablers! You are enabling big government to have utter control over you and your future! Stand up for your rights!!

  13. Asolutely rediculous, a government gone wild with ways to punish a citizen for doing the right thing. I think they should have awarded the citizen $ 1000

  14. Don’t blame the cops. Blame the legislators who took away that shooter’s 2nd Amendment right

  15. Seymour Kleerly says:

    They can't see hipocricy. Ignorance can be bliss, I guess.

  16. Abby701 says:

    The City should award this brave man by giving him $1,000; thus fine wiped out. We cannot afford to fine people who save others by fining them. This is why many people will not offer a helping hand (sometimes to save others) due to the myriad of laws which could result in them being arrested, and//or sued.
    We need to get back to common sense, forget political correctness and work towards loving one another as Jesus taught us.

  17. Well remember the cops are union slugs. It pays for a sweet pension (for just a third of a private career).

  18. luisa48 says:

    Remember Dad without policemen we would be living like in the old west having to protect ourselves from outlaws every day.

  19. This what you call the mentality of the insane!

  20. should have shot the dogs' owner instead

  21. Re: Shane,
    — LOL, it's an application and a fee, along with good vision and training. Easy-peasy. —

    Better do your homework, Shane. It isn't as easy as you want people to believe. Don't be dishonest.

  22. Re: Shane,

    — Gotta love how asking why he was doing something illegal gets you downvotes from other conservatives. —

    What is illegal is requiring him to register his gun, according to the Heller decision.

  23. Re: Seymour Kleerly,
    — They can't see hipocricy.–

    You can't blame them, especially when there is no such thing as "hipocricy"

    Now, if you want to talk about hypocrisy, then you and your new friend Shane are in each other's good company.

  24. Re: GetRealKC,

    — I'm a conservative, but why did he have an unregistered gun? —

    Do those shoot untrue, explode in someone's hands, or what is the difference?

  25. probably so when they ban the guns, they can't find his because it won't be registered!! Therefore they can't take it!

  26. Good people are being forced into the shadows any more. If a woman is being raped in a back alley and a stranger happens by, shoots the rapist in the head and makes his escape. The shooter has to hide his or her identity and is hunted by the police for being a vigilante. It is no longer a good thing to help another person.
    A good man comes to the rescue of a young kid being mauled by three killer dogs and because of his actions he is punished, do you think he will be so quick to do it again?
    If a police officer were pinned down in a shoot out and a man happens to see what is going on, does he help the officer or does he just go the other way? Considering the trouble he could get into, I guess it would be best to go the other way.
    Our government has really constructed a wonderful society haven't they? Just totally disgusting.

  27. Like now?

  28. BoogieMan says:

    I find to preserve liberty, One might consider owning both registered and unregistered weapons. The trick is grab the right one when you need it for self-defense, even against a dog.

  29. BoogieMan says:

    The Wild West was not as wild as you might think. Although, back in the day, there were far less repeat offenders than there are now, and far fewer crimes since penalties tended to be of a more permanent nature.

  30. At some point, descent folk will come to the realization that the people who's culture popularizes/glorifies pit bulls, gangstas, single motherhood, welfare dependency, gangsta rap and violence have cost society far, far more than any benefit – real or imagined – to having them here in the first place.

  31. Why should anyone have a REGISTERED GUN! Shall not infringe!

  32. gavinwca says:

    Some states and municipalities have gone crazy on this gun crap. They have no intent on charging real criminals with crimes, just insuring that normal Americans can not defend themselves.

  33. The better question to ask is when we have a government that runs illegal guns into Mexico, why do they punish the little guy who has legal guns just because he hadn't registered them yet? I don't see anyone high up the ladder in Fast and Furious paying any penalties yet…

  34. Lucky3511 says:

    Washington DC. Or to give it its proper name WASHINGTON, DISTRICT of CORRUPTION. The spawn of the devil, and the center of all Evil in America. Chicago may spawn the people of evil, except the one Kenyan, but Washington DC houses them.

  35. Walter Royal says:

    The "Old West" had crime rates similar to many rural areas in the US now, ie: very low. The "Wild West" is a liberal fantasy promoted by Hollywood and anti gun fanatics.

  36. Ken Barclay says:

    Fear the government that fears your guns——An armed society is a polite society—–A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed——