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Wage-Earning Moms: 40% of Families With Kids Under 18

Written by Gary North on May 29, 2013

The Pew Research center has released a report of working moms. About 40% of American families with kids under 18 have working moms who are either single moms (63%) or wives who earn more than their husbands do (37%). In 1960, this was 11%, not 40%.

Wives increasingly have more college education than their husbands.

Single moms make $18,000 a year. Working married moms who are the major breadwinners are in families making $80,000 a year. The difference is huge. The first group of families is in poverty and will likely stay in poverty. The children will likely remain in poverty.

There is a stigma attached to such women among older Americans: unmarried motherhood is frowned upon. Among younger Americans, this stigma is fading. So, poverty is increasing in this cohort.

We know that average family income in America has stagnated since 1973. Perhaps statisticians will make the connection between unmarried mothers and poverty, and the statistical effect this has on median family income.

I will say it openly: the rise of single-mother families that are the result of bastard children is an unmitigated disaster. (The word “bastard” is straight out of the King James Bible: Deut. 23:2.) Western civilization understood this until 1960. The welfare state has forced a change in thinking.

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10 thoughts on “Wage-Earning Moms: 40% of Families With Kids Under 18

  1. One of the goals of the NWO was to get women out of the homes and into the workforce as wage earners reporting all that "income" on W2's so the government could get more untapped revenue into the coffers. I see all this advertising aimed exclusively at the working mom: "Tired? Run down? No time for yourself anymore? Not enough hours in the day to do what YOU want to do?" Congratulations, sisters, now you're just another bunch of working stiffs too!

  2. Ignatius says:

    I think it was corporations who were interested in almost doubling their workforce by enticing married women into the workforce. When the labor supply almost doubles, then wages can drop (or not rise). The entry of women in large numbers into the workforce, along with single parent families, are the major forces accounting for the stagnation of family income since 1973. The influx of women drove down the average wage, which would have been alright if everyone were a two-income family, but they aren't.

  3. I would agree. Big business backed by favorable laws and loopholes promulgated by big government.

  4. Mary Tyler Moore as TV news reporter on the MTM show was a type of role model. But rather than portray her as a working, married mom, the show's writers and producer portrayed her character as a fully empowered soft feminist single gal who worked (and dated) her way through her fertile years into career spinsterhood. Few recognized just how commonplace she would become 30 years hence. They cheered, sottishly, instead.

  5. ncbill12 says:

    In other developed countries, single mom households are well under 20% – what are we doing wrong?

  6. Bob Marshall says:

    The Women's Liberation Movement has been great for the communist. made their 45 goals to take Control of America so much easier to carry out. i dare say few citizens even know about the 45 Communist goals to Take Control of America much less read the book, The Naked Communist. Realize this. 40 of those goals have been met while the vast majority of American citizens went about their daily lives.

  7. The math just doesn't add up… much more than 40% of the children are failing (at life).
    Education is not the trump card… especially since American performance is very low in that area compared to the rest of the world… third world country level. There are some very basic assumptions here that are totally wrong.

  8. Seymour Kleerly says:

    What about the uber Capitalist system that has forced wives into the workplace just to make ends meet?

  9. Bob Marshall says:

    Those who haven't yet read the 45 Communist Goals to Take Control of America should. Just google it. A lot of questions may be answered.

  10. … and all we had to do was sacrifice the children. This re-engineered society is not working.