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Digital Currency Firms’ Sites Have Been Shut Down.

Written by Gary North on May 28, 2013

Around the world, half a dozen cybercurrency sites were shut down last week. The URL addresses of the sites have been changed. All attempts to get into them by investors have been blocked. The site addresses have been re-routed.

The new site address owner is refusing to say what is going on. It is obvious what is going on. The United States government has shut them all down. People who used these services cannot access their money.

The head of one of the largest operations, Liberty Reserve, was arrested in Spain. He is a Ukrainian and a citizen of Costa Rica.

One of the companies involved in digital currency transfers is Perfect Money. Here is a description from its site.

Perfect Money is a leading financial service allowing the users to make instant payments and to make money transfers securely throughout the Internet opening unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of the Internet businesses. Perfect Money targets to bring the transactions on the Internet to the ideal level!

It just got a lot less perfect. This announcement was posted last week.

Dear Perfect Money Customers,

We bring to your attention that due to changes in our policy we forbid new registrations from individuals or companies based in the United States of America. This includes US citizens residing overseas. If you fall under the above mentioned category or a US resident, please do not register an account with us.

We apologize for inconvenience caused.

The screws are tightening on digital money sites.

Bottom line: the U.S. government reserves the right to shut down any website on earth, at any time — no appeal.

Meaning: you can put your legal digital money into these sites. Then, without warning, these sites are defined by the U.S. government as money-laundering sites. They mysteriously go offline. Think of them as roach motels: your money goes in. It does not come out.

This statement appears on the website of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Federal officials have acknowledged the need to close the regulatory loophole that exists in relation to digital currencies. Despite industry assertions that digital currencies are not subject to regulation, as well as the formation of several trade associations and consortiums attempting to demonstrate industry self-regulation, U.S. Government entities are exploring the application of consistent federal regulation over the digital currency industry–which promotes itself as unregulated and anonymous. Additionally, because the value of digital currency accounts changes with the market performance of the backing commodity, any profits earned (capital gains) during the withdrawal of digital currency accounts may not get reported to the IRS unless the digital currency account holder decides to declare the amount voluntarily.

The war for privacy goes on.

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20 thoughts on “Digital Currency Firms’ Sites Have Been Shut Down.

  1. But the scam of private central banks issuing the public's money as a loan at interest continues!

  2. Yup! The big crooks (as in skimming from millions at once) are partners with the politicians and will do their best to kill anything that smells of honest money.

  3. Benjamin says:

    Ho-Hum, it's known as , Obama-nism", and it continues to take over America's Capitalism.
    One day that remaining 52% of Obama's minions will wake up, rub their eyes and say, "What happened to my 401-K's"????

  4. Fed Up Grandma says:

    Benjamin, I don't think obama minions have 401-K's…maybe 401 free cell phones, 401 food stamps, etc. ad nauseum…The only time they are going to wake up is when their freebee's are gone and they are on their way to a "summer" camp…

  5. wisdumb says:

    Say it correctly: These businesses have been nationalized!

    Where do they draw the line? Will PayPal and credit/debit cards be next?

  6. lilbear68 says:

    its always been good advice 'never bet against the fed'

  7. Another object lesson in the riskiness of putting one's wealth in paper or digital instruments. This is a small-scale instance of what will later become a general reality: all paper/digital assets will be gone in a flash and people will be left with only tangible assets. If you don't hold it/can't touch it, you don't own it!

  8. lastamerican says:

    nope. They participate in the system. All CC transactions can be tracked and monitored. And the major cc companies and banks get a cut from all transactions. These startups didn't participate – well, they are not invited to do so either. So, they can't exist because they are competition; both for the financial institutes who cut from every transaction and for the banking cartel that prints debt out of thin air.

  9. Tionico says:

    the main reason was hidden in plain sight at the end of FedGov's rant… IF anyone happens to make any profit, the independent systems do not report to FedGov those facts…. thus FedGov cannot hold their greedy and bloodsoaked paws out to take their baksheesh or mordida. And THEY do not take kindly to such happenings..

  10. Bob James says:

    John Kennedy found out the hard way…..

  11. That's all a "market correction" is: profit-taking by the stockholders of the Federal Reserve. Three times in this nation's history it has adopted a private central bank, and 3 times it has been brought to the brink of ruin. We need another Andrew Jackson to rout out the "den of vipers".

  12. Rabelrouser says:

    Yes the Fed does not like the competition nor the ability to keep monies from them.

  13. It's called a Marxist(Anti-Christ) takeover(i.e. brother England has had Marxist ideology since the late 18,00's in the Churchill era & our Wilson/FDR era) being finally completed that began about 1913. If anybody out there is spiritually aware(?), they also know the America, like England, both are Israel by the seed of Joseph, including Judah by the way(Gen.48:16), which is why brother u.s. placed over itself the "forbidden foreigner"(non-Anglo-Saxon) predicted in Deuteronomy 17:15. Did I mention, also, this time, the RIGHT Anti-Christ(Marxist) over U.S. of Revelation, chapter 11. Watch, especially starting this coming October 5th for the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 to appear, leaving only 144,000 Anglo-Saxons(i.e., 12,000 from being left alive from each of the 12 tribes of Israel with the tribe of Joseph replacing Dan as being protected, because Dan lost the right to be protected through lies(Irish came here with the second group who were Jesuits, when our forefather's still would NOT allow Roman Catholics into America! p.s. Ephraim & Manashsheh are Israel, which does include Judah too! Did you know that piece of history & probably the real reason for our Civil war? Just saying…

  14. Lucky3511 says:

    What do we expect when we have the most crooked pseudo president in American history. He probably found out that somebody was moving money and he could not get a cut of it. So close it down. Until we annul this Kenyan fraud and recover our country move and more wrongs will be forthcoming.

  15. John Galt says:

    E.O. 11110 says it all!

  16. The fascist oppression of the feral gummint advances daily. Had enough of their chit yet, America?

  17. Simon Jester says:

    The day is coming when the oppressors will be defeated and this country will truly be free.

    The globalist conspirators are scared. They have been exposed and are tightening their grip. The more they tighten, the more will slip through the cracks.

    My biggest fear is that they will pull off a false flag event that will dwarf 9/11 and implement martial law. That will be the start of the civil war.

  18. Desi Erasmus says:

    Yes, an exchange that depends on a firm with an address to maintain its funds transfer function is vulnerable to this kind of attack. The technique which avoids the need for such a "custodian" does not have this vulnerability. It remains to be determined if there are other vulnerabilities which cannot be plugged. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin

  19. Seig Heil

  20. The fascist gummint's war on privacy goes on.