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Riots in Sweden by We Know Who and Why Immigrants

Written by Gary North on May 24, 2013

Immigrants are rioting in Sweden.

Where are they from? Shhhh.

They are “youths.” Can you be more specific? Shhhh.

What are they rioting about? Shhhh.

Does this have anything to do with religion? Shhhh.

This is like flash mobs in urban America, where the rioters are described as “teenagers.” Yes, they surely are. Can you be a little more specific? Shhhh.

The media know that we know. So, they do not bother to mention what they know that we know, and we know that they know. Everyone shrugs. “That’s the way things are these days.” Yes, they surely are.

This is happening all over the West. There are blackouts. We all know there are blackouts. “Let’s let sleeping dogs lie.”

Problem: the dogs are not sleeping. They are rioting.

We live in an age of denial. Most people are content with this. Some things are just not mentioned. Obvious things. Crucial things. Politically incorrect things.

That which liberalism cannot solve with higher taxes, it refuses to mention.

The rioting in Sweden comes from people on the dole. Of course, almost everyone in Sweden is on a dole of some kind. So, the media need to be more specific.

Sorry, but that degree of specificity is not acceptable in the media in Sweden. Or France. Or England.

They’re rioting in Sweden, still. La de da de da de da. And Texas needs rain.

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21 thoughts on “Riots in Sweden by We Know Who and Why Immigrants

  1. PC and socialization brings out these kinds of problems.PC kills and we are next in line here for an all over riot and Muslim terrorists together with black mobs

  2. Corsica says:

    If these "youths" tried anything like that in their home countries they would be mowed down like the rabble they are. The Swedes need to go "Viking" on the rioters' asses.

  3. Leslie Jones says:

    Ahhh- the Dependent Society. If you feed wolves, have a plan when the food runs out or you become the meal!

  4. Well—they can't blame THIS one on Bill Haley & The Comets….

  5. 2WarAbnVet says:

    If you are incapable of even identifying the problem you will never solve it. This is, unfortunately, the situation that exists throughout the Western "politically correct" world.

  6. Gary, this one was classic. Extremely well-written. It deserves wide, wide publication. I'll start–by forwarding it to a number of people.

  7. Why don’t I receive your email full of links ant more, Dr. North? All I get now is sales pitches for penny stocks and donations.

  8. jimbo999 says:

    According to the article published in The Guardian:

    Paragraph # Refers to the rioters as:
    —————– ———————————
    Headline youth poverty
    1. youths
    2. Young people
    3. people
    4. Rioters
    5. people
    6. youths
    7. rioters
    8. 69 year old man wielding a machete, poor
    9. people, victims of racism, Rami Al-khamisi (first indication of the problem youths religion)
    10. unemployed, bad housing, no respect from the police, Rousbeh Djalaie (immigrant)
    11. youths
    12. refugees from war and repression
    13. people
    14. welfare recipients who are being stripped of benefits
    15. youth, immigrants
    16. foreign born
    17. youth unemployment
    18. left-leaning, ghettos
    19. immigrants, "partly to blame"
    20. immigrants, asylum seekers from distant war zones
    21. immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees
    22. asylum seekers
    23. darker-skinned immigrants, ** BINGO **

  9. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Why do you include Black mobs?

  10. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Why does Sweeden allow in any immigrants they might not want? They were not colonizers who turned foreign countries into their own. Also, Sweeden did not send troops to the middle east to fight Muslims.

  11. Well, Babsan shouldn't have come out and said it (Shhhhh), but this is exactly what is meant by "teenagers" (Shhhh) in flash mobs here. Reread the essay, Seymour.

  12. I think we should just ban all muslims… after all the lefties think nothing about violating the rights of law-abiding gun owners because of a few scumbags shooting up the local mall, school or theater. So lets hose the "peaceful" muslims along with the considerably larger fraction of their crazies. Or do it like the left does & limit mosque capacity to 10 and impose a 30 day waiting period for a building permit. 😉

  13. Shhhhh….. even the wrioter won’t admit who they are. They are.. shhhhhh negroes or dark-skinned Mooslims, but shhh………

  14. Idle hands are the devil's workshop, irregardless of whether they face Mecca to pray or don't pray at all.

    I do not understand why Swedes and other Eurocracies invite people from overseas lands that have alien cultures to live amongst them.

  15. Seymour Kleerly says:

    So you blindly follow Racist, Right Wing Propaganda? Think harder!

  16. David1942 says:

    Love it! The Viking Era when men were men and when we had a real world.

  17. shamu10 says:

    How many White Smiling Faces do you EVER see in a RioT???? None, unless they are getting the Crap beat out of 'em!!

  18. Bonney Bacon says:

    Because 'they' want everyone to live peacefully together in unity–forget that even plants fight for dominance. Has never happened, isn't happening and won't happen–you are fighting human nature and it's pecking order.

  19. Not colonizers? Southern New Jersey, southeastern Pennsylvania, and all of Delaware were New Sweden before the British consolidated their control over east coast North America. The Swedes were not happy to loose their New World colonies. Check your facts before making uneducated comments.

  20. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Good point!

  21. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I was referring to non-Caucasian nations in Africa!