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Child Abuse in China

Written by Gary North on May 24, 2013

Call Child Protective Services. 1-800-TARIFFS.

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11 thoughts on “Child Abuse in China

  1. longshorts says:

    I know that child labor laws like ours do not exist in China. This is wrong and dangerous for this boy. BUT, you gotta respect this kid for handling this loader so skillfully. He can do the job that some men in this country either cannot or will not do, and he cannot even sit in the seat! I used to work the Erie Canal in NY from Niagra to the Hudson River as a heavy equipment operator, then later as a Tug Skipper, and I tip my hat to this boy. He looks like he works harder than most men I worked with!

  2. More skilled and ready for work than most college grads with worthless degrees in the USA.

  3. It shows that China is producing doers and people who can make things. All the US produces are future pear-shaped bureaucrats who can stare at a computer screen and shut down viable businesses and industries.

  4. oblongau says:

    Just think… if he were in the West he could be doing something productive like operating the controls of a game console!

  5. I notice in a close-up shot that he's wearing what look to be nice school clothing, not something you'd expect a laborer to be wearing, so likely this is not a full time job for him. I've got nothing but admiration, here.

    Child labor laws always come AFTER actual significant reductions in child labor, which come because of economic growth which makes it possible for the children to stop working. This child's children will likely not NEED to work like this, but I hope they still learn to.

    Also, we have no idea if he even thinks he's working. He could be "playing" in the equivalent of a real-life video game. It's only work if he's forced to do it.

  6. gavinwca says:

    Child abuse or children learning the skills and necessaries of their family business. I agree this is a dangerous situation for a young child but china is a different world. We stopped our children from helping on the farm and family business and are now in the process of passing laws preventing them from helping with machinery until the age of 18. Our forefathers worked in the family business from the time they could walk . They were the. Most educated, adventurous, and prosperous generation in this country ever.. Their ingenuity produced the greatest most prosperous country in the world. Our Fascist Government and there minions in the press, are in process of destroying the greatest country in the world while our politicians are making rules and laws that are making wussies and surfs of our populous and destroying our republic.was this child forced to work like this are was it a novelty.

  7. From the above comments (all of which I liked), my observation is that it's so very sad that we are looking to a communist country with admiration for the skills and ability of a five-year-old child. Everything is sooo upside down. We are supposed to be the leaders of the free world, not the envious observers of a communist one!

  8. Doug Rodrigues says:

    This kid is pretty good with that loader. American kids are stlll playing with Tonka Toys.

  9. Phillip the Bruce says:

    My 6-year old grandson would LOVE to have an opportunity like that.

  10. And don't forget burger flippers.

  11. Is it wrong and dangerous because it is unsafe or because he competes with people like you in the labor market?