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IRS Bureaucrat Takes the Fifth. This Is Going to Be Fun.

Written by Gary North on May 23, 2013

The IRS lady who was in charge of the program to screen non-profit 501(c)(4) applications has taken the fifth amendment. She refused to testify on the grounds that her testimony may tend to incriminate her: the fifth amendment of the Constitution.

Good for her. Every IRS official should do the same. They should all be incriminated.

She made an opening statement. So, she may have lost her right to hide behind the fifth. She may be forced to testify, under threat of contempt of Congress.

A lot of us have contempt for Congress, but that’s not illegal. Her form of contempt would be.

It’s great to see federal bureaucrats put in the spotlight. As Bobby Fisher said, when asked why he liked chess: “I love to see them squirm.”

Eric Holder is on the hot seat for his department’s monitoring of phone calls by Associated Press reporters. This time, the media are on the attack.

Let us hope that this continues. There is nothing like a fresh plate of fried bureaucrats to serve as an appetizer. A full course meal of across-the-board budget cuts would be even better, but Congress never has that meal on the menu. It only offers the low-calorie “reductions in the rate of increased spending” as an option.

Will anything significant come of all these hearings? Will the federal bureaucracy be reined in? Of course not. But it is pleasant to sit back and enjoy the consternation of bureaucrats who usually dish it out, as they eat crow in full public view. I love to see them gag.

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6 thoughts on “IRS Bureaucrat Takes the Fifth. This Is Going to Be Fun.

  1. Navigator30 says:

    Can we really depend on Political Hack Holder to pursue charges in this matter? He will protect Obama at all costs. I guess that he is counting on a Presidential Pardon for all his misdeeds.

  2. albertmaslar says:

    No good deed goes unpunished but the guilty go unpunished as they get a pass, protection, and promotion. Speaker Boehner is talking big, that somebody is going to jail, but he is a wimp of a House Speaker that talks the talk but walks Obama's walk. Speak softly and carry a big stick morphs into Speak loudly and carry no stick. The trouble with federal government in particular is incumbency who only look out for themselves and their expensive suits.

  3. The lady seems to be conveniently familiar with the Fifth Amendment. Too bad she hasn’t taken time to acquaint herself with the First Amendment.

  4. MetaCynic says:

    Why is it that we taxpayers are not allowed to plead the 5th at tax time and not testify against ourselves by not filing a return? If a major bureaucrat 'public servant' at the IRS can plead the 5th, so can we, her bosses!

  5. Watchdogman says:

    IRS…sick bunch of puppies! Power mad hypocrites….Flat tax them out of business..Oh wait the politicians have built in so many loop holes for themselves it is probably not going to happen until,,,Americans march on DC and throw the bums out …

  6. Richard Cotromano says:

    They have no regard for the constitution when it comes to public,but they want to use it for their own benefit! Screw her and all of these liberal traitors!