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FBI Locks Up an Afghanistan Marine Veteran, Because He’s Nuts.

Written by Gary North on May 22, 2013

The FBI arrested a man because he posted inflammatory material on Facebook. They say he is crazy. They put him in a mental institution.

On whose word? A psychologist, who spent 15 minutes with him.

That is all it takes in America for the FBI to get you.

His mother started posting on Facebook about this. The posts went viral.

My friend John Whitehead, a Constitutional lawyer, intervened. He runs the Rutherford Institute. The Institute is named after Samuel Rutherford, the Scottish theologian who wrote Lex Rex, and who was part of the Puritan revolt against King Charles I.

Whitehead says that every year in the state of Virginia, 20,000 people are forcibly incarcerated for mental illness.

This is surely very good business for people running mental facilities. It’s guaranteed business.

A judge has granted him his freedom. If his mother’s Facebook posts had not gone viral, and if Whitehead had not intervened, he would still be locked up.

What does this tell me? That Facebook can beat the government. The FBI went after him because of Facebook, and the case blew up on them after his mother posted her articles on Facebook.

I searched Google for “Brandon Raub.” I got 97,000 hits.

The government gets more lawless, but technology is ahead of the government.

See Whitehead’s interview of Raub here.

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93 thoughts on “FBI Locks Up an Afghanistan Marine Veteran, Because He’s Nuts.

  1. Google Charles Thomas Sell. Tom Sell was a friend of mine locked up for years in Missouri based on one person's accusation and no facts. Never got publicity. No one cared. We've been locking up people for years in this country by declaring them insane.

  2. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Of course he really is insane. If he was not when he enlisted, then basic training surely made him so – and then he served in Afghanistan.

  3. how have they missed the insane S.O.B. in d.c.

  4. I surely hope you're being sarcastic, because if not you can go straight to hell.

  5. I hope you mean insane S.O.B.'s (plural). The Democrats and Republicans are equally insane.

  6. The Soviet Union was famous for declaring dissidents insane and locking them away

  7. Good rebuttal Vin.

  8. I know many men who went through basic training and then off to fight wars who were not insane – admittedly they have flash backs but then don't we all who go through traumatic situations. BTW – I married one who fought for years in the European theater – WW2. A son who fought in Nam. I can safely say, that war does not cause insanity. Other things will – like alcohol and drugs, however.

  9. Ignatius says:

    Anyone who serves as imperial storm troopers for the Empire is by definition insane.

  10. When these cowards come for you, use head shots only, they have body armor!

  11. Sisyphus58 says:

    Hey Ignats, alot of "storm troopers" died so that you could say something STUPID like THAT!!!

  12. So, I guess the guy's name was Raub?


  13. 2WarAbnVet says:

    The Gestapo normally starts out wearing velvet gloves. When people grow used to their tactics, and cease to complain, the gloves come off.

  14. HOFFHACK says:

    careful Gary, big brother is watching!!!

  15. If the FBI are locking up people because they are nuts ….. then they should be locking up the Obama White House first?!

  16. HOFFHACK says:

    It is time for the "Well Regulated Militia" to get Well Regulated!!! (equipped and organized)

  17. Only revealed by the title of the video.

  18. awkingsley says:

    Knowledge in expert Oriental or Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis, Kinesiology, and Iridology would allow mental health professionals to make a definitive determination of mental illness, and start our medical system in a direction of cures instead of incompetent palliatives that never cure. Compassionate care and Patient Advocacy is making the physicians upgrade, so accurate diagnosis can be made.

    Unfortunately, our health care is all trauma and sepsis – last resort medicine and bacterial infections. Allopathic Medicine has absolutely no treatment for chronic disease, which is why we have all of these shootings. Only Natural and Alternative Medicine has treatment for chronic disease, but Allopathic Physicians have no ability to ascertain that because they lack expert diagnostic skills. The foremost of those diagnostic skills is expert Oriental or Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis. With expert pulse diagnosis, a physician can define the area of the body from which the disease originates, progression of the disease, and the efficacy of treatment protocols. An expert pulse diagnostician can even determine if a woman is pregnant within 24 hours of conception. This lack of diagnostic skills is why thousands of patients are diagnosed as mentally ill every year when they are not. The medical system on which we are relying is pathetically incompetent, so we have a large number of mentally disabled people who are not cured.

    Contact your state legislators, and ask them to mandate medical schools to train first year medical students in expert diagnostic techniques. Those are expert Oriental or Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis, Kinesiology (saliva testing), and Iridology. Kinesiology can help a physician to determine effective medications. Iridology provides a quick check for disease – mental and other chronic diseases or complaints. Blaming Allopathic Physicians is the cure. Soaking tax payers for incompetent mental health diagnosis and mental health care is a crime.

  19. jaybird says:

    This is sad that you use your freedom of speech to sign petitions and speak out against a rogue government and you can disappear in this country. The American people need to educate themselves about what is going on and more need to speak out. Most people are too busy working and raising a family, I did not know all of this until I retired but I am trying to tell everybody that I know. I think they don't want to believe it or it overwhelms them.

  20. I think there is way too many FBI, CIA and others that do not know the real purpose of their jobs so they think up a lot of
    these "national dangers". So they arrest innocent and harmless people to fulfill their expanded imaginations.

  21. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Not in Iraq or Vietnam!

  22. These guys didn't die so that you could say something either stupid or wise. They died so that the oil companies could build a pipeline through Afghanistan, and the taliban wouldn't allow it. The story is out there if you dig for it. Even Smedley Butler, marine general and 2X medal of honor winner, admitted later in life that "War is a Racket."

  23. VIN — He is not being sarcastic I think he is just one of a lot of stupid liberal progressives. I think they (this administration) would like to see all of us who served in the military put away for one reason or another. DHS has accused all of us as potential terrorists. So we defend this country and come back and are accused of being a terrorist? Pathetic.

  24. I was going to reply to that but I don’t think your worth my time!

  25. Txpatriot says:

    And you weeny are a wuss. I think it's a shame people like you get the benefits of our heros who go put their lives on the line for our country. When the shooting starts you'll be hiding behind some woman's skirt.

  26. Txpatriot says:

    Well sir, he is running the asylum.

  27. Txpatriot says:

    Truer word have not been spoken

  28. Txpatriot says:

    Sad to say sir , but you are correct. No one wants to hear it. What they do not understand is ,that this is not politics. NO SIR , THIS IS OUR LIVES WE ARE TALIKING ABOUT.

  29. lukasiwicz says:

    Please provide your references to studies that conclude that Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis, Kinesiology (as you use the word, this seems to have something to do with salivary analysis; generally, though, it refers to the study of human movement), and Iridology are anything but arrant quackery.

  30. richard says:

    Last August when this all came down with Raub I tried to ask about Whitehead's claim that "every year in the state of Virginia 20,000 people are forcibly incarcerated for mental illness," but did not get a response. Anyone know if this can be verified?

  31. lilbear68 says:

    prople better understand sooner rathyer than later that Facebook is a data mine for the feds. it was started with partial grant from the feds and now the feds can look at anything on there when ever they want. thats probably 1 of the reasons its almost impossible to remove/close your account once its open

  32. Fleendar the wise says:

    You have Operation Vigilant Eagle to thank for this. Vets are being classified as insane using this operation just by things posted on FB. This is why the govt has classified people who DON'T have FB accts as potential terrorists. Because they cannot monitor you. So, if you have a FB account, you're a terrorist in the making in the govt's eveys. If you don't, you're a terrorist in the making in the govt's eyes.
    The line has been drawn in the sand. The government considers ALL Americans who disagree with a communist, military state America as terrorists.

  33. Virgil_Hilts says:

    Phillip….RE. your post. As Queen Victoria once said when a member of Parliament interjected with what he thought was humor…the Queen replied: "We are NOT amused."

    Marine basic training made Sgt. Raub a SURVIVOR….NOT insane.

  34. damm i just realized I'M A TERROREST

  35. Ignatius says:

    The Empire does nothing but make more enemies for me, Sissy. What exactly do you think the storm troopers ever did for me? Did they stop a third-world country (Iraq) from dropping "weapon of mass destruction" on me? NO! Did they stop Panamanians from invading my country and killing my family? NO! Did they stop Afghanistanis from invading my country and killing me? NO! Did they stop the tiny island of Grenada from invading my country? NO! Did they stop the Vietnamese from invading the U.S. and threatening my family? NO! Did they stop the Somalis from invading the U.S.? NO! SO JUST WHAT THE F*&# DID THE STORM TROOPERS DIE FOR? FOR NOTHING EXCEPT TO LINE THE POCKETS OF LARGE CORPORATIONS AND POLITICIANS!!

  36. Richard Cancemi says:

    How long does it take to approve or disapprove a comment?

  37. SparkGap says:

    Good Hoffhack – Regulated = equipped & organized. It also= practiced, trained, exercised. The Constitution established a regular Navy, but no permanent army. A national army was only to be assembled in times of national defense. A national army might have been composed of called up militia members. Otherwise, the militias were to be as capable as any army unit. Sad to say, equity has been largely lost because of technology, history and tyrant fascist liberals.

  38. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Nothing against the troops, they were heroes!

  39. SparkGap says:

    jaybird – look up Ephesians 6:12. Our opponents are much more than Obalmy & Friends. They are just puppets. But you keep trying to communicate, jaybird. Even my Mom just doesn't get it & she would prefer that I kept quiet. Her beloved D. party has had a slow growing ideological "cancer" for 100 years, but now the bulge is unmistakable. "No king but Jesus."

  40. It has been proven that the most mentally unbalance people in the world are those that study human mental stability for years , because they become inured to real insanity .

  41. awkingsley says:

    This is based on my own personal experience with all of these diagnostic systems. Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis saved my life by determining the area of the body from which my chronic disease originated. That information gave me the ability to understand the cause of the disease (an injury). From there, I was able to begin a search for cures, and I found a cure for my chronic disease.

    Kinesiology was developed by Physical Therapists to ascertain where on the back Orthopedic Surgeons should operate – a very critical function. It was found that this same system, just as pulse diagnosis could be used as distance diagnosis by keying in on DNA, could be used for distance diagnosis by keying in on the DNA in a saliva sample. Pulse diagnosis traditionally uses a lock of hair for distance diagnosis. Surrogates hold the DNA sample to accomplish the diagnosis. Oriental and Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis has been used successfully for many thousands of years in the East. Without that knowledge, our own society has no ability to diagnose or determine the efficacy of treatments.

    On Quack Watch, Allopathic medical professionals put Alternative and Natural Medical diagnostic systems down with erroneous claims. They do this on the basis of comparative research studies, for which the basis of success was the number of diseases each method could diagnose, a thoroughly erroneous hypothesis. The body does not see all of the diseases that Allopathic Physicians are diagnosing. Since many chronic diseases have a common cause, the body only sees many of the diseases as symptoms.

    Allopathic Physicians are floundering in the dark in every area but the operating room and sepsis. Tax payers pay huge amounts of money into our medical systems for Prevention, but how can any physician prevent a disease he doesn't even know how to diagnose or cure? This is why we have all of the constantly changing ideas about what is good for us. Allopathic Physicians are constantly experimenting on the general population to determine what works, and the simple solution is for them to learn to be experts in their craft by adopting the expert diagnostic methods.


  43. Where IS that PROOF????


  45. The CIA does NOT ARREST people!!!! Then YOU do NOT have a CLUE as to what the CIA IS or what they do!!! YOU are an IDIOT!!!

  46. YOU are Seriously MENTALLY SICK!!!

  47. I fly daily Old Glory and the Gadsden Flag. On Memorial Day I add the Stars and Bars. I tear at the first strains of OUR National Anthem and choke up at "God Bless America." I am an unabashed flag-waver, a proud native-born United States Citizen. I honor, respect, and abide OUR Constitution. I am a practicing Christian. I am an American. Obama and his fifth columnist minions are frankly anti-Constitution sonsofbitches and true enemies of OUR Republic. Because I freely admit my love of country and duty to God according to liberal guidelines I am mentally unstable and a threat.

    "Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters."

    Daniel Webster

  48. 2WarAbnVet says:

    I've little doubt that the Obamabots will find anyone who opposes the leftist/statist agenda must to be "nuts". There won't be a sufficient number of asylums to hold them all; but there are always camps to hold the overflow.

  49. Barbara says:

    Damn all those pie recipes are going to explode. Which flavor do you prefer — apple or cherry? I know — the potato salad is evil!?

  50. Executive orders are only legal and apply to the Federal Government.

  51. awkingsley says:

    On what basis do you cast that aspersion? I'm the one who provided a viable solution. Where is your solution? Oops! You just follow Establishment thinking like the rest of the sheeple, which is why we have chronically ill people who will never be cured. I beat the system and got well.From: notifications@intensedebatemail.comTo: annwkingsley@hotmail.comSubject: GDC replied to your comment on FBI Locks Up an Afghanistan Marine Veteran, Because He's Nuts.

  52. redmeatstate says:

    John Whitehead lost all his credibility when he went against Arizona's right to defend itself from foreign invasion. He's another shill for the left. I will no longer support his organization.

  53. chvietvet says:

    The FBI is long gone. What we now have in America is the KGB. Remember how long they locked up Andre Sakharov and fed him mind-bending drugs to destroy his mind.

  54. F.N. ignorant says:

    Txpatriot, I am a TX resident, and a 5.5 yr veteran of the Air Force, honorably discharged. I volunteered to go into the service. It was a job. I was young and looking for adventure and a way to support my new wife. I did not understand all of the politics and the politics were quite a bit lower at the time (way back in 1978). So let me comment on 2 things. First, unlike Vietnam era veterans, I and all who followed me into the service were VOLUNTEERS. We were not drafted. It was a J-O-B. We were not automatically "heroes". That is a term that is bandied around like crazy even when it does not apply. It is what the sheeple have been taught to think and say by the military industrial complex in order to justify more war, more killing, more expansion of the empire, more expansion of the fake money system. There *are* a few heroes in our military today but the average soldier is no hero. He is just a guy getting what he asked for: shitty pay for a shitty job. PERIOD. By calling the rank and file military members "heroes" it pisses on the graves of REAL heroes in the military or otherwise. I do not applaud mindless military occupation and overseas bullying. When the shooting starts, as you say, I think it will most likely be a civil war rather than a war between nations. I think the people are tired of corrupt government. By the way, this will come as a shock to you, but War **IS** a Racket. Read for yourself. These are the words of Maj Gen Smedley Butler, the most decorated marine in the history of the USA at the time of his death. He was a two time recipient of the medal of honor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_Is_a_Racket. Be sure to read his whole bio, you might begin to understand how little you really know about this stuff: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smedley_Butler. In your spare time I suggest watching less TV in order to help you de-program the brainwashing you are suffering from. Government is corrupt and WAR IS A FUKING RACKET.

  55. Bob Marshall says:

    Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI. (Goal No. 35 of the 45 Communist Goals to Take Control of America.) Few citizens seem to be aware of the these 45 goals of which 38 have successfully been carried out by communist or of the book, The Naked Communist January 10, 1963 Entered into Congressional Records

  56. A warning to everyone:PC kills and if you are a white American the worse off you are.Muslims and blacks are exempt when it comes to spewing vile,evil words.The rest of us have to allow it under this The Muslim Brotherhood administration

  57. In Texas the person has to be clearly a danger to self and others requiring the signature of two physicians (who are reluctant) then they are only ordered to be sent for evaluation. To order treatment in a facility there is a complicated process with an attorney to represent the patient. In my experience Judges are reluctant, doctors are reluctant and the communities are also reluctant.

    Some cases where psychiatrists have been sued for not forcing inpatient stays in mental institutions by relatives of the insane person has made some area courts more likely to force inpatient treatment stays. One case I personally know about was a suit brought by the family of someone who committed suicide against a psychiatrist who didn't order an inpatient stay. Seems the family was wanting money and wasn't willing to accept that every adult is responsible for their own behavior.

    We live in a world where everyone except the guilty party is blamed for any and all deviant behavior whether it be violence against self or/and others.

  58. We all know "war is a racket" simply because anything the whitehouse is involved with is a racket. Our brave service members do not deserve the type of comments you make.

  59. Yes, we all know people like that. Most of us have family who fit the category even spouses. It is sad. They are blinded so they won't see the truth of the matter. They don't want to know the truth since it wight upset their little "apple cart" and they would have to admit they have been deceived.

  60. DougRodrigues says:

    Has anyone ever spoken with a psychologist? With some of them, after a few minutes, you get the impression that their brains don't function quite right too!

  61. B Griffin says:

    'We The People' are ahead of the Government, and we need to let them continually and diligently Hear from US!

  62. John Snider says:

    Wasn't the shooter at Ft. Hood a psychologist ?

  63. corrine says:

    More people would be informed if the media would print what is really going on ! NO, we have to read it in foreign newspapers. What is going on did not happen over night ! It started after John Kennedy was murdered or even before !??!?!
    NEW WORLD ORDER ! Is here and has been for many years….it's only because the POS in our white house now is pushing it to the limits ! Another thing is that he wasn't able to do this all on his own….what we have to be afraid of is all of the people who put him where he is….they all have to go at the same time ! It isn't like killing the queen bee and the rest leave…..

  64. Dale Hogue says:

    There are a great number of people walking the streets of this great nation who are a bit on the "nutty" side, but they're not insane. So, what's the problem? I don't follow the reasoning of those who determine who should be locked up. Jus saying 😉

  65. RocketJL says:

    Scares the heck out of me.

  66. RocketJL says:

    Recently read where the VA sent letters to 150,000 veterans, telling them 'they (the VA)' decided that these veterans are no longer able to handle their own affairs and needed someone to handle their money. Since these veterans have placed into this category, they are no longer permitted to own a gun.

  67. The Government is full of Muslim Terrorists mentally unstable people especially the one moron at the top….Now who could that be

  68. Michina says:

    I am thinking how they are missing all those radical Muslims, Immas and terrorist, black panthers, et al. for all their crazy talk and not locking them up? I guess their definition of crazy is more like our definition of sane and vice verse. Once again, flipping the meanings on their head.

  69. Mitchina says:

    This guy is me! I am alsways posting articles and posting my comments of anger about these criminals in office… and many more people would feel this way if they just took the time to educate themselves on what this tyrannous government is doing.

  70. Ajfrench says:

    I understood what you meant. You’re right. Our sons and daughters are being abused by the system under Progressives and this current Administration. I have a solution though, let the polititions be sent to the front lines. It’s time THEY stand up for the tripe they believe in.

  71. Richard R. Burns says:

    I have yet to see a professor of Psychology (while attending Ny Institute of Technology, Suffolk County Community College on the GI Bill) that wasn't in some way mentally unbalanced and adamant in his belief that Psychology was a "Science".
    If ever there was an alleged science so inundated with Hokum and conjecture that bordered on VooDoo, Psychology would qualify. From Freud to Galt, etc. I spent twenty years as a New York City Transit Patrolman and have met my share of real homicidal maniacs. I've spent hours in the holding room waiting for an evaluation by a hospital Psychiatrist. Invariably, he would arrive, spend less than ten minutes and declare the person "normal" even though he just threw another passenger to the tracks. Their favorite analysis: "He's rational Officer", my response would usually be: "Thanks Doc, just give me a ten minute head start before you release him/her". So now we take an American hero, and because he excercised his right to free speech we incarerate him for a dissenting opinion. Adios America, it was nice while it lasted.


  72. Richard R Burns says:


    "You hit the nail on the head"
    See my comments below .

  73. RICHARD R BURNS says:

    Be careful of what you say Paul.."Big Brother is watching"


  74. Ex-Soviet says:

    Correct. In the ex-Soviet Union, they sent you to a mental institution if you did not believe in Communism. Same seems to be happening under our Great leader. The AlGore-ists already have claimed that you are mentally ill if you don't believe in Global Warming…

  75. Ex-Soviet says:

    In the ex-Soviet Union, they sent you to a mental institution if you did not believe in Communism. Same seems to be happening under our Great Leader. The AlGore-ists already have claimed that you are mentally ill if you don't believe in Global Warming…

  76. Let me add something to F.N.'s excellent commentary (you read it, didn't you?): When the shooting starts, and it probably will be inside this country, you'll be glad to have those whom you call "wusses" on your side standing with you. Don't mistake opposition to our government's cynical use of our troops for lack of courage. That's just plain stupid. And make sure you take F.N.'s advice and read what Gen. Smedley Butler wrote. If you have the guts, wuss.

  77. That was the exact comment that got G. Gordon Liddy in hot water. Careful.

  78. Soffitrat says:

    But when do we get to judge the judges and shrinks?

  79. Soffitrat says:

    The FBI, as it is today, should go the way of the IRS. Defund it.

    welcome to the massive police state in the usa!

  81. Pretty obvious to me, that its the government that has gone crazy. I think its time to lock up O/D and posse . They are unscrupulously out of control….and this is an act of criminal bias at the very least.

  82. He said he wasn't read his rights but they have to read the rights to the Boston terrorists. Tell me the nuts are the one's in DC

  83. you got that from G.Gorden… 🙂 AIM HIGH…

  84. just give the word….

  85. They sure did and don't care, but people out here do care. This adolfobozo deathcare is a national NAZI deathcamp for many. Tax and penalty programs ; aren't configured for paying out for health care.

  86. I agree, many men and women have served, and most have come back o k up until now. I 'm sure in cases there are drugs and alcohol involved: but long term multible deployment, the ignorant rules of combat now, and side effects from contaminants, such as depleted uranium munitions I'm sure are a much larger factor, especially among the suicide rate , or ( THE SO CALLED SUICIDE RATE) I question highly.

  87. ANY ARTERY ALONG WITH THIS WILL DO along with other anatomy placements they wish a lot of us did not have a clue about.

  88. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Would that be the Rebel Yell! How'd that work out for ya?

  89. Archangel says:

    You people are truly disturbed to have the audacity to disparage the Men and Women who when called upon were willing if necessary to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country!

  90. Goodbye 1st amendment! Goodbye 2nd amendment. USA was a great country till apathy set in and the Liberals took over.

  91. Lots of SOBs in DC. BUT Democrats and Republicans ARE NOT EQUALLY INSANE.
    Dems in this country today are progressive, left leaning and openly communist.

  92. This is hardly new. Google "Charles Thomas Sell", who was locked up and involuntarily medicated for years. He's a friend of mine who lost his freedom, his medical practice and his commission as an Army reserve officer based only on an accusation.