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National Protest Against IRS at Noon Today

Written by Gary North on May 21, 2013

Tea Party groups are organizing a national rally to protest the IRS’s invasive tactics against conservative organizations. An interactive map of where the meetings will be held is here.

This has been great publicity for the Tea Party movement. It is likely to grow.

Here is why this is important. Bureaucracies fear three things, and only three things: (1) widespread negative publicity, which threatens (2) political interference from above and outside the bureaucracy, which could lead to (3) budget cuts.

Budget cuts are the main threat. This rarely happens. But investigations by Congress are a threat, because Congress may impose an auditing board to review the organization. This transfers authority outside channels. This undermines the autonomy of senior administrators.

If well attended, the protests will alert Congressmen to potential problems in the next election. This is not a major threat, due to gerrymandered districts, but they are always alert to problems that could get out of hand.

The easiest response of a politician is a full investigation, which means a controlled investigation for incumbents and a media circus for the minority party.

Because of Obama’s trifecta — the IRS, the phone logs, and Benghazi — the individual scandals cannot be contained. They reinforce each other.

Will the protests change the behavior of the IRS? Only indirectly, by way of Congress. The IRS’s Cincinnati office, which hands out the authorization papers, will play turtle for several years. Word will come down: “no more strong arming.”

Default mode for bureaucrats is to avoid controversy by showing no initiative. The Cincinnati office showed initiative. That will not happen again.

Three words will now take over: by the book. It is a fat book.

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34 thoughts on “National Protest Against IRS at Noon Today

  1. Since the Mickey Leland (irs) building is being nicely renovated in Houston, so the scoundrels have a better working environment for their incompetence–where does one protest in Houston???

  2. SailBlazer says:

    Too bad the "organizers" of this demonstration went off half-cocked, and didn't allow sufficient time for people to get this protest on their schedule. Practically assures that turnout will be low, thus suggesting that issue is not important and/or that TP is impotent.

  3. I finding interesting that part of Mickey LeLand building was evacuated yesterday due to a suspicious package. It was found to be non award ous, but an irritant. I haven't heard anymore about it. I'm not saying that it is connected to the tea party protest…. Just interesting.

  4. I never heard of this until a minute ago.

  5. I hate the IRS and the Federal government with every fiber of my being, but I have to work for a living and can't just drop everything to go 'protest' the IRS. They have us in slavery, if I had my wish, every single IRS building would be burned to the ground.

  6. bojidar says:

    We are fighting to secure the economic future of our Eafth.

  7. We need congressman and senators that will do more than protest, we need them to abolish this gestopo arm of the U.S. government.

  8. Does anyone else find it extraordinary that the IRS decided to harass the Tea Party and not the Republican Party also? It reminds me of how Longshanks (the D's) went after William Wallace and the commoners (the TP's), and not the Scottish Nobles (the R's) in Braveheart. In the story, you will recall, the Scottish Nobles had cut themselves deals behind the backs of Wallace and company to there demise. Hmmm…… One thing is certain, it shows who the Democrats really fear, doesn't it?

  9. My Protest to The IRS Phuck U

  10. Wolfman says:

    who hired all these new high salary with benefits IRS agents to enforce Obama's agenda and raise taxes ? Solution to this problem is to abolish the IRS and just have a simple flat 10% income tax system.

  11. I am 65 years old and every political campaign I have come across has been going to take care of Health, education and welfare. Somebody lied.
    The taxes have always been a big promise too but it hasn't happened except it has gotten worse just like health, education and welfare.
    The politicians have absolouitly no intensions of doing anything about it. There is too much good old money involved. I can understand why they don't want us to have weapons for our own protection. they say we don't need auto or semi auto and we don't need a large capacity clip and they say they should be the ones who say who gets a gun. Now how does that sound?

  12. ernest t says:

    WE had a good turn out In Albuquerque NM but they made people park blocks away and walk to the IRS Building. One older woman passed out from the walk and had to be evacuated by ambulance. Security called police tow trucks and a man with tire boots. for anyone parking in the parking lots closer by. This was heavy handed for a rally of only one hour. It was scheduled for 12-1 PM and every one left promptly at 1 PM. The area was left cleaner than when we showed up. I also pointed out to a lady there that this must have been the wrong rally because there were men, women, old, young and of every color and shade. I heard on the TV that only old white men came to these things. Now that was racial profiling and I thought that was wrong. I saw no meada now I will wait to see if there is any coverage.

  13. ernest t says:

    That would be good but a flat consumption tax would be best that would tax everyone according to their spending not income. It would pick up all of the underground and illegal economies. Also if the tax was prominent every time you bought something people would be shocked by how much of our property is confiscated by our government to pay for our enslavement.

  14. ernest t says:

    If a rally happens and the press ignores it did it really happen. Those of us that where there found strength in others that showed up. It was great to talk with others that get it especially in the blue NM.

  15. The congressmen and senators are a big part of the problem. They will do little or nothing . But waste your money.

  16. PND but you want to accomplish something, others just wish to talk and waste their energies. Remember the 1968 march of Martin Luther King in DC. the stu errrr sorry the taxpayers are still paying for that march, even to PHDs for his people, example his niece. who teaches in an Atlanta college.

  17. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Would you want the people inside like the Right Wing hero Tim McVeigh?

  18. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Why would any non-white attend a Racist Tea Party rally. It's not blatant NOW but it's at the core of it all.

  19. For 8/28 rally in DC, thet wouldn't let the buses drop us off at the wwii memorial area, and made us walk from the stadium almost 3 mi. away. Mysteriosly the subway broke down and no cabs were available. Many of us got to the rally just in time or late. Mysteriously, cabs appeared at the end of the rally. This is all factual, so provable that an effort was made to impede us.

  20. Stan Pondell says:

    You should go to a rally to see for yourself how all of us Tea Party people act. We would be glad to have you see the real world.

  21. Good one, Doug.

  22. I should also say that it reveals where the real dichotomy lies–between the Dems and Repubs and the TP, not between the Dems and Repubs like they'd have you believe. That's a scam.

  23. Seymour Kleerly says:

    From reading their posts on different conservative sites, I doesn't seem they changed. I hope you're right!

  24. Re: Seymour Kleerly,
    — From reading their posts on different conservative sites —

    Be mindful of what you read in conservative sites because most of the commenters there are leftist trolls. I was able to unmask a couple of them before I was banned from Townhall.com

  25. Re: Seymour Kleerly,

    — Would you want the people inside like the Right Wing hero Tim McVeigh? —

    I don't understand what you mean. Can you clarify? Are you saying that Tim McVeigh is a hero who happened to be right wing, or that he's someone considered a hero by right wing individuals? Your clumsy grammar makes me think you need a Proper Writing Skills hero yourself.

  26. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Sorry, PND wanted every IRS building burned to the ground. I wondered if he wanted the Government workers in the building also , just like McVeigh.

  27. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I've often thought that myself. But there's sooo many, it's pretty scary.

  28. johnapappas says:

    You need to give more notice for these events to enable people to be there.

  29. When Civil War II begins, we'll hold THE ULTIMATE PROTEST against our fascist gummint and it's Black Shirt agencies like, IRS, BATF, DOJ, DHS, and other militarized agencies under the mulatto Hitler. These crud will be lucky to merely be unemployed when the shooting war begins, rather than permanently out of breathe.

  30. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Extremely, paranoid and RACIST Conservative!

  31. Lets take the Senate keep the house and impeach Obama/Holder and repeal Obamacare

  32. When the IRS was targeting liberal organizations, you clowns didn't say squat, and NOW you think there's a problem? Hypocrites. Every last one of you.

  33. This is why right-wing fringe lunatics are the most frightening. More and more pop up every day, unfortunately.

  34. johnny ringo says:

    Yeah and im still not going say squat when they shoot everyone of you liberal BASTARDS !!! What now ?