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“Unconstitutional,” Says AP CEO.

Written by Gary North on May 20, 2013

On Sunday morning, the CEO of the Associated Press called the Justice Department’s collecting of phone records of AP reporters “unconstitutional.”

That it was unconstitutional is obvious. That Obama remains mute on this incident is not unconstitutional. It is political.

What is significant is this: the CEO speaks for the entire media industry. They do not want their rights trampled. They are sensitive to invasions of their privacy. This is why this issue will not go away. This is not “Fast and Furious.”

This time, Holder & Co. have overstepped their limits — their public relations limits. They have targeted an industry that has access to the public on a full-time basis. This reminds me of the comment of Talleyrand, a survivor of the French Revolution. “This was worse than a crime. It was a blunder.”

The executive agencies of the federal government have been operating outside the Constitution ever since the New Deal. This is nothing new. But when an agency invades the special interest of the news media, it has done something monumentally stupid. It has aroused a group that is determined to maintain its independence. It knows that it has the ability to inflict pain on bureaucrats by simply publicizing the truth. By inflicting enough pain, it can send a message: “Don’t do this again.”

By keeping this blunder in front of the public, the media can inflict a great deal of pain. Obama’s handlers think this will blow over. If the AP launches a lawsuit, it will not blow over. The CEO is threatening to do this.

The White House is now in containment mode. This prevents it from being able to ram new laws through the House of Representatives. The Republicans are in no mood to give Obama a political victory. All they have to do is hold hearings on all this, which they will do. Lots of hearings.

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18 thoughts on ““Unconstitutional,” Says AP CEO.

  1. obozo should learn, when someone is kissing your butt don't fart


  3. Holy Shirt says:

    The ASSociated Press handed B.H.O. two consecutive presidential terms. Intentionally reneging their historic policy and duty to vet ALL candidates, they instead backed their preferred candidates (and not only for the Presidency). When early doubts of Obama's qualifications to the office of the President surfaced, AP went so far as to sponsor a witchhunt on the qualifications of his likeliest opponent, Arizona Senator John McCain, never vetting Obama at all. Hostile to Republicans [in general] since Nixon and Conservatives [in particular]. How much AP management's decision to overtly support Obama is due to Liberal 'idiology' or fear of our Racist-in-Chief's frequent playing of the Race Card is undetermined. Reportergate could be one more Dog-and-Pony Show. Let's hope A.P. grows some real balls not seen since Woodward and Bernstein..

  4. Let’s all keep in mind that the bigger and more numerous the so called “scandals”, the bigger and more dangerous the stunts are that The Terrorist in Chief is pulling while our attention is focused on the so called “Scandals”. Nothing in that administration, even if it looks like something that could get rid of him, happens without the puppet and his
    masters, letting it happen. The more mind blowing it is, the more attention diverting it is. I would love it if all of this was stuff that wasn’t suppose to leak out and that it leads straight to him, but I fear it is nothing more than an intentional diversion.

  5. This article understates the situation grossly. AP, and most of the major media, have been complicit with the statist liberals for decades. I am a Vietnam Era veteran and I remember how they bahaved then and I have read of many examples going back decades prior to that. The media elites have been supporting a Fascist takeover of America because they, being Useful Idiots, believed that they would be in favored, privileged positions. Suddenly the light dawns on them that they are to be treated no better than the hoi polloi. This is no surprise to me–but to them it is an Earth-shattering revelation. The liberals have committed a massive blunder. They had not quite secured sufficient power to allow them to start eliminating the Useful Idiots. Close, but not quite. Of course, history has shown that totalitarian regimes typically dispose of the UI's once they no longer need them. Let's see how gullible the media fools really are. Will they accept some sort of meaningless apology and return to carrying water for the Fascists?

  6. LOL. The corporate owned media, which has enabled and gone along with the lies handed down by Washington ("Saddam has nukular bums that can reach America's shores in 45 minutes!") for all these years, in exchange for what they THOUGHT would be favorable treatment by the government, now discovers that they have been screwed along with everybody else!

  7. The AP doesn't care a whit for the 2nd Amendment, but let the 1st be threatened and listen to them whine.

  8. JohnWayne says:

    AP, where have you been when the POTUS and Congress have been shredding the Constitution? The chickens have come home to roost!

  9. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    Barack Milhouse Nixon.

  10. Seymour Kleerly says:

    That would guarantee a loss of the house for the GOP in2014!

  11. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Who were the Fascists, Americans killing over a million in Vietnam or the media exposing it?

  12. sharts comes to mind…

  13. That would be a DUH moment….not sure how you formulated that question, Al was fairly clear (IMHO)

  14. Seymour, your post makes no sense.

  15. Let's not forget that during the Watergate scandal no one died. However, during the Bengahzi attacks, many people were brutally murdered. One was child's play compared to the other. So really there is no comparison between the two events.

  16. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Sorry. I thought he implied that our Liberal press was fascist for exposing the horror and mistake of our Vietnam invasion.

  17. Seymour Kleerly says:

    But nothing could ever rise to the level of Clinton's IMPEACHMENT for sex lies!

  18. Isn't that precious , after four years of minimizing and destroying of the United States constitution by his appointment of CZARS and his run-a-round of congress and trampling on freedom of speech , freedom of religion , freedom of self-defense , freedom to run a successful business , freedom of taxation without representation NOW the CEO of the Associated press is concerned about the constitution . he is nothing more than a lying hypocritical progressive b–t–d , I'll bet if he looked around he would find that Obam-ass is his b–t–d brother .