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Rogue Agents? How High Up?

Written by Gary North on May 20, 2013

The White House’s story is that rogue agents at the IRS’s office in Cincinnati were responsible for intimidating Tea Party political education organizations in 2011 and 2012.

The phrase “rogue agents” means independent agents. That means “who could have foreseen this?” agents.

The White House wants us to think of these rogue agents as the people who attacked our facility in Benghazi.

Better yet, we are expected to think of them as the jail keepers at Abu Ghraib prison.

A recent Washington Post story quotes an unnamed agent in that office as saying that instructions came from the top.

Which top? How high?

This is Abu Ghraib in Cincinnati. The goal of the White House today is just what Bush’s White House strategy was in 2004 when the Abu Ghraib photos started circulating: (1) to keep all of them from circulating; (2) to lay the blame on no one higher than a sergeant.

The higher the top was, the closer it gets to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Republicans will do their best to trace the top to inside the West Wing. The Democrats will try to contain the chain of command to Cincinnati — and preferably middle management.

Will containment work? That’s a major political question. It’s right up there with the question of containment on Holder’s Justice Department and the Associated Press.

Holder beat “Fast and Furious.” Will he beat the AP policy?

The press corps had no skin in the game with “Fast and Furious.” It does with the AP scandal. “There, but for the grace of Holder, go I.”

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12 thoughts on “Rogue Agents? How High Up?

  1. And if the perp turns out to be one of the 93,000 IRS employees and has tenure, can he/she be punished or dismissed?

  2. And if you believe this shyt………………..you need to be in a straight jacket………taking a strong dose prozack

  3. There's a long-standing legal maxim, "Notice to the principal is notice to the agent; notice to the agent is notice to the principal". The people at the top as just as culpable as their subordinates because these bozos in office are supposed to be IN CHARGE of their workforce.

    By blaming it on "rogue agents" the higher-ups are simply admitting the government is out of control and they are incompetent.

  4. Yeah….right! Try a new spin.

  5. Obama must go!!! It seems to me that there is nobody with balls enough to kick him and his ilk out of the white house. Holder should already be in chains in the federal prison. We Americans are letting this happen. If they try to force any type of gun control upon us we just need to tell them to go to hell. We need to get everyone to stay the course and if need be, civil war time!!!

  6. Gary, get some real material. What a joke.

  7. The tune may have been appropriated from elsewhere and the orchestra playing the music given them however it is the band master who leads and calls the program.

  8. Seymour Kleerly says:


  9. The person can be charged, prosecuted and sent to prison!!!


  11. If they're "rogue agents" they have names and ought to be indicted and arrested. If this goes "all the way to the top" then the Administration is lying. Again.

  12. 2WarAbnVet says:

    … or promoted?