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Obama’s 10% Solution to the Triple Crisis

Written by Gary North on May 20, 2013

A White House nobody went on all five TV news commentating shows yesterday to declare that Obama knew nothing . . . nothing.

His name is Dan Pfeiffer. If you are not a political wonk, you have never heard of him.

When the White House sends out anyone this obscure to represent Obama to the groupies who watch Face the Nation and similar Sunday morning news shows, Obama is in trouble. When the guy is foisted off as a high-level advisor, he is in big trouble.

If this guy is a high-level advisor, then Obama is in big trouble, with or without crises.

The A-Team is gone. This is the second string.

This is not a senior advisor. This is a PR flak.

He said that this is really all about politics. Whenever any political hack uses thus line, his boss is in trouble. Of course it’s about politics. It’s about Washington. In Washington, politics is substantive, not peripheral. If an issue is all about politics in Washington, it’s a bomb under someone, and a lit fuse for his opponents.

He told Bob Schieffer of Face the Nation that Obama’s chief of staff has said that no more than 10% of anyone’s time should be devoted to dealing with all three crises, total: the IRS, the Justice Department’s spying on the Associated Press, and the Benghazi cover-up/spin.

If the chief of staff really said this, then he is living in la-la land. Obama has a trifecta of bad publicity to deal with. The House Republicans smell blood. The White House press corps does, too.

The latest two scandals have helped resurrect the third: Benghazi. This is a two-fer. The Republicans get Obama and Hillary in one scandal. They can say “it’s not about Hillary,” but of course it is. This is about 2014’s Congressional elections, but it’s also about 2016.

This is going to tie up the White House for months. It is going to undercut the White House’s plan to get a new immigration bill passed: “Amnesty R Us.” Because 80% of the votes of recent immigrants who actually vote are expected to go to the Democrats, he wants this bill passed. But the House of Representatives is busy. Very busy. “Don’t call Boehner. He’ll call you.”

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7 thoughts on “Obama’s 10% Solution to the Triple Crisis

  1. spider77 says:

    I abelieve there is truth in the statement that obama knows nothing. The jackass clown has no clue what a leader is, let alone being president. What a doffus idiot.

  2. Ignatius says:

    He's too busy spending our money going on serial vacations and playing basketball. Who's got time for business?

  3. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Didn't Reagan and later on Bush 1 use that tactic regarding Iran/Contra? What say you?

  4. Hey Spider77, The usage of descriptive words, such as jackass clown, doffus idiot? You are way too kind. Calling obama jackass is an insult to any jackass then to add clown – No, clown is a professional position in the entertainment profession. IF you must use words, please, and this is just a suggestion, why not try theif, treasonous, liar, fraud. I firmly believe that if any person has some thing to say – By all means spit it out. Thank you for reading my response.

  5. OldFartAmerican says:

    The attacks in Benghazi happened on 9/11/12 but it started long before then! It started when we got ILEAGALY involved in Libya’s civil war! Why was it so urgent to obama for us to get involved in Libya’s civil war and remove gadhafi? So important that he defied the War Powers Act! We illegally got involved in the removal of a government leader, gadhafi, and every detail of his murder was aired for everyone to see without regards to his privacy or his muslin customs as we so painstakingly did with osama. So now more and more information is trickling out.

  6. OldFartAmerican says:

    We must look at why we were illegally getting involved in Libya’s civil war, at gun running, reducing security to our diplomatic personnel, reckless endangerment of American consulate workers and desertion of those people on the ground there, and obama & clinton’s dereliction of duty! Not to mention possible TREASON! All this should be enough to end the obama/clinton rein of “the fundamental changing of America”! Will it be enough though?! obama repeatedly states “I had no prior knowledge of these actions or of this situation.” Isn’t all that the president’s job?!! If he truly didn’t know, than he’s guilty of dereliction of the duties of the office of the President of The United States of America!

  7. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Did you mind when Bush removed Sadamn who's army was not about to slaughter the thousands.