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Colorado Gun Control Law Is Unenforceable, Say Colorado’s Sheriffs.

Written by Gary North on May 20, 2013

A gun control law set to go into effect in July specifies that anytime that a gun owner allows anyone to have control of his gun for over 72 hours, that person to receive the gun must go through a background check.

Of Colorado’s 62 sheriffs, 54 are publicly protesting the law. It is unenforceable, they say.

The law has other unenforceable features, such as banning rifle magazines that could possibly be expanded to hold more than 15 rounds. Anyone who owns such a magazine cannot sell it or lend it.

The sheriffs are part of a lawsuit in federal court. The lawsuit says the law is unconstitutional.

The state committee that heard testimony allowed only one sheriff to testify.

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith said the sentiments held by the sheriffs are shared by other law enforcement officers like police and state troopers, who, by virtue of the fact that they are employees rather than elected officials, can’t speak up about their opposition to the laws.

States can pass lots of laws. If most of the residents decide not to obey them, there is not much that law-enforcement officials can do about it.

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23 thoughts on “Colorado Gun Control Law Is Unenforceable, Say Colorado’s Sheriffs.

  1. Well DUH! It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out! It's just a show so that the Reps can say "Oh yes, we made a law to protect our citizens. If that's the best they can do, they should stay home and save the taxpayers a heap of money!

  2. livyrene says:

    I grew up in a rural community in Colorado. I'm sure every family had several guns, and I'm also sure that "gun violence' was non-existent.

  3. oldgringo says:

    Colorado has made new gun laws not to protect our citizens…But to make criminals out of other wise law abiding citizens… Responsible gun owners take note…This state is runj by a bunch of CommieCrats who enjoy their drugs so much they'd rather give up their freedoms than forfiet their use of drugs…Everyone of our Senators who passed these anti gun laws to include our CommieCrat Governor John Hickenlooper have conducted themselves as if they are all high on drugs…They care not for protecting our school children…They only care about making themselves look good by passing stupid emotional charged unenforceable gun laws which will do nothing to prevent another Sandy Hook Shooting or Criminals and gang banders from committed gun violence..LIke with Boulder, Colorado our lawmakers themselves are infested with the drug culture and don't want to give it up…Hence we have feel good stupid guns laws which will do nought!

  4. Colorado is getting like Chicago

  5. Bob Velon says:

    Wait until you see the laws the "People's Republic Of kakafornia" are passing…. I think if the head Commie of this state passed a declaration all guns were illegal they would start goose stepping up driveways until they had picked them all up.

  6. Make sure they end up the same way Hitlers goose steppers did in the end.
    There is NO place for tyrants in America!

  7. Pat Alexander says:

    I want Americans in office and do not accept what we have in office! I want Americans to make laws and enforce laws! I do not want the un american lawless frauds,cheating mongers and the alike to be in power any longer! I want Americans that believe in the Constitution that uphold the Constitution and love the American way of life to mentor to all American citizens! God Bless America and Forever with Red, White and Blue Stripes! What you don't like about that? Hello? You don't like that,then leave while the leaving isn't so bad!

  8. I do not live in your state, but agree with everything you all say. I beleive in the Constitution , bill of right's etc., unlike all of your ELECTED officials. ( Now you know where they all stand, and it's not for this country and it's freedoms.) I can only hope and pray that when ELECTION time comes around, you still feel the way you do now, and get rid of all of them .

  9. Every pistol and rifle I own was handed down by my Grandfather, Great Uncle and Mother (yes, mother). Most of them are around 100 years old, and some even have obsolete ammo that you can't buy anymore. They are all locked up tight in a big fireproof gun safe, and that safe is bolted to the floor. I live in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia, and laugh up a storm when all the "Gun Control" nonsense starts flaring up again, like a bad rash.

    Come and get em'

    I'm sure a dangerous man when I break out the 1906 Winchester .22 pump. Look out, porcelain nick-nacks, I'm gunnin' for you!

  10. Virgil_Hilts says:

    Replying to Stan or ANYONE…since DISQUIS seems not to have an opening 'Comment' bar, this is how I jump on board. From The Article: "to have control of his gun for over 72 hours

    Yep, THAT is clear language. Mr. and Mrs. Colorado legislators…..please….with your comprehensive command of the English language, and the word skills of a James Madison or a Winston Churchill….just what the HELL were you thinking???

  11. "Give up your guns, your pensions, your savings, get back in your slave pens and breed more soldiers!"

  12. Pat Alexander says:

    yes and Washington is the the top runner on becoming the leader!

  13. I am a little surprised. I guess I thought of Colorado as a safe state. If they are going to go the way of Chicago with delusions that taking guns away from law abiding citizens so the criminals can run free, they are going to reap the same rewards as Chicago. Stupid is as Stupid does.

  14. JohnWayne says:

    The whole idea behind the radical gun laws is to get the guns. When the Second Amendment falls, the First, Fourth, Fifth Sixth and Eighth will follow quickly.

  15. fred turner says:

    I feel sorry for the old-time coloradians. as for the coastal refugee yuppies, you deserve every bad thing that can be said of you. Take your liberal democratic hippie asses back to californica, get out of our southwest.

  16. For several years, Colorado has been Californicated. Seems to happen to several states. They want to get away from some state but don't want to assimilate to the new culture.

  17. Seymour Kleerly says:

    That's not true. Don't fall for it.

  18. AD Roberts says:

    The idea is not to enforce the law on everyone. It is to be used against targeted people who oppose the agenda of the liberals. The powers that be will INSIST and DEMAND that the sheriff check out SPECIFIC people with the idea of making their violation of the law turn them into felons. That way, they will lose their rights to bear armes, vote or even freedom of speech.

    Liberals are not stupid. They are just evil

  19. Were did you get it was a rep who wrote this? Since 2009 it has been the dems who have been writing the laws,dont you think every thing has gone nuts since 2009?

  20. Come to Communecticut we have a bunch of boobs who think they know what's best for us. Our leader or should i say commucrat is so famous he made the magazines of the NRA. But he said rest assured unconditionally there would be no confiscation of weapons. Yessiree you betcha.

  21. dadzrites says:

    If CT Gov. Malloy said in his campaign speech that there would be no confiscation of weapons, won on that campaign, then took his oath of office, he committed Felony Official Misconduct. This is an impeachable offense. Even though it won't go anywhere in CT because of the Demoncrat-controlled legislature, it sure will embarrass the hell out of him & his lackeys as it goes public. I'm sure Malloy won't get a second term if the gun rights people organize into one voting block.

  22. Seymour Kleerly says:

    There's a compliment in there somewhere! This evil liberal says thanks.


    Any law, tax, or regulation, and mean ANY! — IS AN INFRINGEMENT ON OUR RIGHT!