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Political Grandstanding: House Republicans Vote to Repeal ObamaCare

Written by Gary North on May 17, 2013

In a straight-party vote, House Republicans yesterday voted to repeal ObamaCare. Two Democrats voted with them.

The Senate will not pass this bill. It has no chance of becoming law.

What matters is whether the House will be Republican in 2017, along with the Senate, and with a Republican in the White House. Then we will see how firm this opposition to ObamaCare really is.

We will see if Republicans campaign on this issue in 2016.

The test of a political party’s commitment to any position comes when there is a real possibility that a straight party vote will pass a bill into law. The Democrats had this in 2010, when they passed ObamaCare.

Yesterday’s vote was political grandstanding. It said that the Republican Party remains opposed to ObamaCare when the party does not have the votes to repeal it.

The test will come, if at all, only when it does have the votes. That means no modifications, adjustments, or “let’s fix it to make it work” version of the bill in 2017. Repeal. No compromise. Straight party vote. Victory. No more ObamaCare.

“Having the votes” means a 10-vote edge in the Senate: no filibuster threat.

We will find out in 2017 how committed the Republican Party is to repealing the welfare state. So far, it has had no such commitment ever since 1953. In any case, it has controlled Congress and the White House only twice since 1933: 1953-1955, and 2001 to 2003, when Republicans held the Senate because Vice President Cheney could break a tie vote. But because of the threat of a filibuster, the Democrats in the Senate could block any major change. That will probably be true in 2017, too.

ObamaCare is here to stay, I think. Sad, but true. The reaction against George W. Bush in 2009 gave Pelosi her chance. She took it.

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8 thoughts on “Political Grandstanding: House Republicans Vote to Repeal ObamaCare

  1. Gerolde says:

    ObamaCare was passed using budget reconciliation, which only takes 51 votes in the Senate. So, it can be repealed the same way.

  2. "Yesterday’s vote was political grandstanding"…. Yes, and the Democrat Party would NEVER grandstand now would they? (sarcastic) It would be hard to find one, just one honorable statesman/woman in DC. That is without an agenda to help themselves or their buddies. Greed and power will of course ALWAYS rule! So get used to it.

  3. leblazich says:

    Until our fraudulent voting system is "fixed" it is very unlikely that the so called Republicans are going to gain many new seats in either house. There is a great deal of "talk" about the broken system but as it is with everything in government nothing is ever corrected and the results are always a stalemate. It is disgraceful that voter IDs are not mandatory. It is disgraceful that not all military votes are counted. It is disgraceful that voting machines arrived at the poling places containing fraudulent votes before the poles are even open. It is disgraceful that the voting machine change the votes to favor one politician over another. The voting results are usually fraudulent and do not reflect the wishes of the 'real' voters and it is easy to understand why so many people don't vote. Not voting doesn't mean not interested but rather why even participate in a sham when their votes don't even matter. If the system was corrected, perhaps more people would vote. There are reports and books about this problem but for some unknown reason it is never corrected.

  4. Hill Billy says:

    If the Republicans are smart (which I doubt) they will tie the coming recession directly to Obamacare, which is going to cause one, if not an outright depression. There is no way you can suck milllions out of the economy in new taxes and no reak havoc on the population. The middle class will bear the brunt of these taxes and they can barely survive now. The old folks on medicare will see a doubling of the amount removed from their social security checks to pay for the deadbeats who never worked a day in their life. Maybe after the economy crashes it might be repealed but not by the Republicans- hopefully a new party will arise in the midst of the coming turmoil.

  5. Seymour Kleerly says:

    What else do they have going for them?

  6. The entire democratic Senate should be brought under impeachment proceedings and ALL their voting power be immediately suspended until after the impeachment proceedings are completed .

  7. Poodleguy says:

    You are correct. What chaps my hide is the headline: "Political Grandstanding, etc". It is not grandstanding for the republican party! What the hell is wrong about STANDING ON PRINCIPLE????? Grandstanding, my royal red Scottish arse!!

  8. Poodleguy says:

    Wishful thinking but impossible. The House could impeach but it takes the Senate to convict.