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Entire School District Shuts Down — Out of Money

Written by Gary North on May 16, 2013

Michigan’s Buena Vista — “Good View” — school district in Michigan shut down this week. It is out of money.

Some teachers say they will teach for free. But will all of them do this? In any case, it’s illegal.  Michigan doesn’t allow it.

The state cut funding by $3 million, due to declining enrollment.

The nearby Pontiac School District is close to bankrupt. It can’t meet payroll.

Two districts in Arkansas are bust. The Philadelphia district in Pennsylvania is begging for money from the state.

We are in an economic recovery. What happens in the next recession?

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18 thoughts on “Entire School District Shuts Down — Out of Money

  1. Maybe they should pay their teachers in Bitcoins?

  2. conservitive_1 says:

    maybe they should stop aborting babies .. then they would have more children in schools…
    maybe they should abolish the useless teachers union that are sucking the life out of the school system…
    maybe they should teach children instead of indoctrinate them and then more people would keep their children in the public school system

  3. This is exactly what the liberal schools systems deserve. They don't teach the truth or any real history, and they don't really teach the basics any more. This is music to my ears.

  4. Thats great , no more communist indoctrination for these abused kids for a while .

  5. Praise God, have we been raptured?

  6. maybe they should fold up the whole government skrool charade
    maybe they should separate school from state
    maybe they should get their hands OFF of our children

  7. Reading these comments I wonder how the United States made it this far considering how bad our public school system is. Amazing!

  8. Navy Vet says:

    I agree. The "dumbing down" of all school systems was started about 20 years ago by the liberals. Their plan has worked beautifully, but we are "paying the piper" now.

  9. MI Patriot says:

    Our state Board of Education restored the funding and re-opened the school. There was a late night meeting with the board and the school. According to our state constitution, there is wording in the constitution that says they have to withhold money if certain conditions happen. The board accepted their deficit elimination plan, so it's good for Buena Vista. Our state board of ed is so clueless.

  10. Pelican0987 says:

    Thank Obama….he screwed up the whole system

  11. Obama, like most of his predecessors, is a merely a reflection of the system. The system, such as it is, is built on sand.

  12. All government-run schools should be shut down NOW! Who's idea was it to pay the teacher with taxes? We don't pay the plumber or electrician or auto mechanics with taxes, why the teachers? Why do they get a paycheck no matter how bad the performance? Let's just privatize the entire system, and then people will send their children to the school of THEIR CHOICE without any government interference in their lives, and THEN the teachers will be forced to perform according to the standard the PARENTS set, NOT THE ALMIGHTY STATE.

  13. But bad for the parents and children who will still be held hostage to a government-run indoctrination machine that is funded with property theft.

  14. might be an improvement !! homeschool groups start forming !! DEFUND THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION !!

  15. times change! I went to two parochial schools (late 1950's to 1961) . My best education came from the public schools in junior high and high school !! Since thje federal government steppecf in with interstate commerce statute , education went down hill fast !!

  16. I live in Baltimore city. Last may (2012) I was in the library (main) . I left my cell phone at home, I asked a young girl ( leadership academy student reading the newspaper) if she knew todays date . She politely replied she didn't know the date . I said whats the date of the newspaper ?? Very sweetly the young stated "It wouldn't help , because this was yesterdays paper" ?? She couldn't figure out how to add a day to come up with the cureent date !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TALKE ABOUT DUMBED DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. maybe they were taught in politicaly correct schools ??

  18. Corsica says:

    Buena Vista, Mi is 82% non-white, $14,000 yr per capita income. There's your problem. Same for Pontiac, Mi.