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Mises’ Answer to Would-Be Conspirators: You Will Lose

Written by Gary North on May 15, 2013

Gary North’s Reality Check

Over half a century ago, Ludwig von Mises made a crucial observation.

The capitalistic social order, therefore, is an economic democracy in the strictest sense of the word. In the last analysis, all decisions are dependent on the will of the people as consumers. Thus, whenever there is a conflict between the consumers’ views and those of the business managers, market pressures assure that the views of the consumers win out eventually.

I have long believed he was correct. Like Mises’ disciple Murray Rothbard, I am a student of conspiracies. They all have this in common: they seek leverage through the state. They instinctively know that Mises was correct, that they are the servants of customers in a free market order. So, they seek to rig the markets by means of the state.

Once a person comes to grips with Mises’ observation, conspiracies appear less formidable. The state is a week reed when compared to the long-run effects of liberty. The free market prospers under liberty. It expands its control over production and distribution.

This leads me to the topic at hand.

Alex Jones and Paul Watson wrote a really interesting report on the CEO of Google, Eric Scmidt. He is a big supporter of Obama. They say that he is behind a new organization, Zeitgeist. It is a supplement to the Bilderberg organization. It may be about to absorb Bilderberg.

I have been fascinated for almost half a century with the attempts of various conspiratorial groups to influence the affairs of men. This has been the goal of power-brokers for as long as we have records of human societies. The quest for power, by way of specialized knowledge and behind-the-scenes influence, goes back to the story of the Garden of Eden. Men are always trying to get shortcuts to power. They want to have inside information. They want to be the powers behind the throne, at least in those cases in which they are not convinced that they sit on the throne.


One of the basic themes of writers who specialize in conspiracy historiography is that the people on the thrones are really not the true source of their own power. It becomes difficult to maintain this when you are dealing with somebody like Josef Stalin or Adolf Hitler. When you get a true megalomaniac on the throne of power, and he personally tells everyone what to do, on pain of death, it is difficult to maintain that there are any powers behind the throne. These rulers seem to have a kind of built-in sniffer that enables them to locate people who think they are the powers behind the throne, and those people tend to disappear.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the exercise of power, every person on a throne is dependent on information. The better the information he has access to, the more effectively he can wield power. The difficulty is this: people do not want to tell strongmen on the throne that what they had been told before is a pack of lies, or worse, utter nonsense. That can get you killed. So, the quality of the information that flows upward to the person on the throne is always suspect. So, the man on the throne attempts to have multiple pipelines of information. But the more pipelines of information there are, the more confusing events get.

The flow of accurate information is the crucial resource. The person without accurate information is flying blind. I think that this, more than anything else, is what brought down the Soviet Union in 1991. The more complex that a society gets, the more difficult it is to gain access to reliable information.

Then there is bureaucracy. It is difficult to enforce your decisions, no matter how powerful you are.

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6 thoughts on “Mises’ Answer to Would-Be Conspirators: You Will Lose

  1. Simon Jester says:

    For years, people have called Alex Jones a nutcase.

    For years, he has consistently been months ahead of news stories that become front page worthy in the bigger media outlets that dare to tell the truth.

    Don't think that there is anything that the "elite" won't do to get more power: Including blowing up buildings full of innocents, starting wars, nation-building, using American presidents as puppets, or poisoning the vaccines that are supposed to protect our health….NOTHING is off the table with the power-hungry psychopaths who can never have enough power or control over humanity.

  2. false flag says:

    dr. north says…."When you get a true megalomaniac on the throne of power, and he personally tells everyone what to do, on pain of death, it is difficult to maintain that there are any powers behind the throne."

    thats a poor thesis in which to dismiss the power behind the throne theory…..he makes people disappear!
    Hitler was originally an infiltrator, he infiltrated the DA partie , and transformed it into the nazis, he was bankrolled and given orders right from the beginning, hitler is a clear case of an errand boy working for his masters. now does gary north have the courage to tell us who these scum behind the throne of hitler were? if you say german/white nationalists, you are a clown.
    hint: the bankrollers, were " international bankers"….but we dare not name them do we…commit the ultimate PC sin.

  3. Re: false flag,
    — hitler is a clear case of an errand boy working for his masters. —

    To what masters are you alluding? It is one thing to say that in the beginning, the Nazi party had supporters among industrialists and other cronies that wanted to obtain special concessions and privileges from government (just like many industrialists and cronies in many parts of the world at that time as well as now) but that does not mean they represented the power behind the throne, especially once the war started, which for the most part came as a great surprise to most Germans.

  4. — But the more pipelines of information there are, the more confusing events get. —

    There exists a great historical example that illustrates this fact: The Spanish emperor Phillip II had created a vast network of information gathering that delivered up-to-date information to his person. The machinery itself was formidable, but unfortunately for Phillip, he was only one man and thus incapable of processing all the information he was receiving with efficiency and many times failed to determine which data was important and which was irrelevant. His was a classic case of Information Overload.

  5. bikelikemike says:

    Alex Jones IS a nutcase. And half of your 'suggestions' of what "the elite" may do; blowing up buildings, nation building, and most likely poisoning vaccines.. haven't been done in or by our nation recently. You should be monitoring some chem-trails or some other conspiracy-theorist garbage. And stop making the tea party look exactly as our adversaries claim we all are. Now did the Federal Reserve/ Bilderburg Group or the CIA, etc kill Kennedy? And does an elitist cabal run our nation? Are about 70% of our supposed representatives in DC bought and paid for/ have been selling us down the river for decades? Sure.

  6. I wish you were right. But you have not looked at what the advertisers do on TV to sell junk. It works because they DO control people. And you are not considering what is going on in schools. Liberals have long controlled universities. Now they are trying to control ALL public schools by something called CSCOPE. They FORCE teachers to teach it as given. They refuse to allow parents access unless forced to by courts. Then, who knows if they have not scrubbed what they present. And the kids BELIEVE the teachers BEFORE they believe their parents.

    Turn off the TV. Home school. Then you have a start to NORMAL kids.