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Double Blackout: Liberal Media Blackout on Black Abortionist

Written by Gary North on May 15, 2013

I did a Google search for these three words: abortionist blackout media. I got 54,000 hits. They were stories about the convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell, who has wisely decided not to appeal his case in exchange for a life sentence rather than the death penalty.

There is no question that the pro-abortion media dropped this story down the memory hole. The grisly details would have aroused anti-abortion sentiments.

Also, there was this: he is black. It gets worse: the guy became a multimillionaire by aborting the children of blacks. And worse, from the point of view of liberals, he did it in unsanitary conditions. The conditions were so filthy that they broke all regulatory standards. Yet Philadelphia’s medical authorities and the health care authorities did nothing for four decades.

Basically, this story screamed: “If you break the law, and you’re black, but you threaten only blacks, and you do it in your part of town, then we white folks don’t care too much.” In short, it’s 1922 in Mississippi in Philadelphia today. I call it a double blackout. See the results of my Google search here: http://tinyurl.com/DoubleBlackout.

Here are a few details from The Examiner.

The other victims of Gosnell and his employees were too numerous to count. Gosnell had worked as an abortionist since 1972. The grand jury report on Gosnell makes a conservative estimate that Gosnell did 25 abortions each night for three nights per week. That works out to an estimated 3,900 abortions per year or 148,200 abortions in the 38 years he practiced until his arrest in 2010. The take for Gosnell’s work was an estimated $1.8 million per year… most of it in cash. A search of Gosnell’s house turned up $240,000 in cash hidden in his daughter’s closet along with a gun.

Somehow, the liberal media resisted this headline: “Tax-Evading Gun Nut Hides $240,000 in Cash.”

Gosnell flagrantly disregarded the law. In Pennsylvania, abortions must be performed prior to 24 weeks, but the grand jury report notes that Gosnell had a reputation as a doctor who would perform abortions “at any stage without regard for legal limits.” Gosnell also disregarded Pennsylvania’s 24 hour waiting period law, often performing abortions on the same day as the initial consultation “as long as the patient paid in full, typically in cash.”

Did anyone care? Nah.

ABC News ran the story of his arrest, and then spiked it for 56 days until the jury convicted him of murder.

He got caught because the cops invaded his office because of an accusation that he was selling drugs. The invading force of cops then found what has accurately been described as a house of horrors.

He had been selling illegal drugs for years. Even this drug bust was delayed until the cops could no longer turn a blind eye.

The story could not be bottled up. The Web got it lots of coverage. The blackout was a flop. Once again, we find that the liberal media are playing defense. Their newspapers are going belly-up. Ratings on their network news shows are falling. Word gets out.

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12 thoughts on “Double Blackout: Liberal Media Blackout on Black Abortionist

  1. Gloria P. Sterling says:

    So he opts for life and no repeals; I hope it without any hope of parole, also. Wonder how long he will last in prison. G_d's justice be done.

  2. F. Altsman says:

    It is very interesting that Gosnell didn't mind killing hundreds (or thousands) of babies…but he made sure he had a plea deal that HE would not die. He should be slapped over on his belly and his spine severed. Would serve him right. He is one of the most evil men in my life time. He rates right up there with Hitler and those murderers.

  3. Contrary to your ignorant beliefs, there is no media blackout. It's being covered quite extensively, and searching for 3 words that obviously point to a conspiracy, I'm not surprised you get hits. It merely means there are more wingnuts loose than just you.

    No one, not even people in "liberal" media, think what this man did is okay. He was a murderer, and is being punished as such. Case closed.

  4. "No one, not even people in "liberal" media, think what this man did is okay."

    Then why did the authorities look the other way for over three decades? Obama isn't the only one imitating Sergeant Schultz.

  5. So, if abortion were prohibited – say, like drugs – would that rid us of all the Gosnells, or would it create more of them?

  6. …and this blue states' football team is still playing despite child abuse at the highest levels.

  7. Re: Shane,

    — No one, not even people in "liberal" media, think what this man did is okay —

    I'm not sure what liberals think, but they can sure find a silver lining in this horrific case:

  8. Re: G.K.,
    — So, if abortion were prohibited – say, like drugs – would that rid us of all the Gosnells, or would it create more of them? —

    Interesting that you would posit such a question when abortion is already legal in Pennsylvania and yet you still have individuals like Gosnell.

    Let's get a few things clear: the use of drugs harms no one but the person that uses them, that is the use of drugs does NOT violate the Non-Aggression Principle and does not affect someone else's rights. Instead, abortion is the killing of an innocent and defenseless human being; the act completely goes against the Non-Aggression Principle. You may want to call the unborn child a "fetus", it does not change the fact that the inidividual inside a woman is human and thus endowed with rights. So those two activities – drug use and abortion – are not equivalent nor comparable. And it is precisely because drug use is a harmless vice that you have such a big black market. Prohibition itself violates the NAP precisely because it interferes with a person's willful use of his own body.

  9. Re: G.K.

    Now to the next point: Just because there are evil people committing evil acts does not mean that making those acts "legal" makes them less evil or less prevalent. Murder is evil, immoral and illegal, yet you will still have murderers and murderers for hire. Same with abortionists: You will still see evil people performing them under a general prohibition of the act. That will not stop. But arguing for making abortion legal so that a) they become less prevalent and b) women don't die is like asking for murder-for-hire to be legal so husbands or wives do not go to jail. That's not a valid argument at all, especially when the victims are NOT being considered!

  10. Luisa48 says:

    Evil and demonic. God have mercy on his soul.

  11. I have a feeling this animal (Gosnell) will get his in short order.

  12. Poor old North, he's in thrall to the "It's all Whitey's fault!" meme.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.