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FBI Monitors G-Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Facebook Accounts

Written by Gary North on May 13, 2013

If you store your emails for over 180 days, the FBI says it can legally monitor them without a warrant.

It took a Freedom of Information Act inquiry to find this out.

This defies a ruling made in 2010 by a federal appeals court.

An FBI “Operations Guide” makes exemptions for any email that stored by a service provider for more than 180 days. It says:

“[I]f the contents of an unopened message are kept beyond six months or stored on behalf of the customer after the e-mail has been received or opened, it should be treated the same as a business record in the hands of a third party, such as an accountant or attorney. In that case, the government may subpoena the records from the third party without running afoul of either the Fourth or Fifth Amendment.”

G-mail is a third party.

Outlook isn’t. The FBI has to get a warrant to look at Outlook emails.

I use Outlook. I don’t use G-mail. I never have. Why not? Because of exactly this reason. I did not want a third party to store my emails.

In a statement, the FBI insisted its methods are constitutional: “In all investigations, the FBI obtains evidence in accordance with the laws and Constitution of the United States, and consistent with Attorney General guidelines.”

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24 thoughts on “FBI Monitors G-Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Facebook Accounts

  1. RWBwolf says:

    this comes as no surprise. The Constitution protects us,, but few know really what FROM…it's an out-of control GOV'T !!
    This has all the trappings of a Gestapo-run outfit that is only self-serving, designed to oversee any & all things..which, they DONT have the powr to do.. Xcpt as stated, "…w/ consent of the Atty General..etc yaatta vosh-rikki-dosh…".means nothing.

    I'll put up the first $1,000 for the moving van. Who's Nx ? RWBwolf

  2. Two quotes, with no explanation or further elaboration needed:

    “In all investigations, the FBI obtains evidence in accordance with the laws and Constitution of the United States, and consistent with Attorney General guidelines.”

    "This defies a ruling made in 2010 by a federal appeals court."

  3. Peter Pride says:

    Frigginh A–holes!

  4. Obama is a Marxist sonofabitch. I have a Constitution-protected God-given right to speak it, write it, transmit it, display it, and if I wish to stand on a street corner and shout it publicly. So for the convenience of the federal government I will once more express it – in capitals: OBAMA IS A MARXIST SONOFABITCH … and the FBI be damned.

  5. RocketJL says:

    This announcement may have been made to ensure we know why 'a' certain congressional committee can not get certain emails. Wow.

  6. JERRYHP says:

    Under the wonderful Patriot Act, which was passed for "our safety" without a single member of Congress reading what they voted on, an FBI can hand write a search warrant while talking to you. You cannot tell anyone that you were even visited by the FBI, much less that you were served a warrant. You cannot tell your attorney that the act occurred. The Patriot Act is anything but patriotic! The government is anything but patriotic!!

  7. Yes, this is all awful. But anyone that sends anything over unencrypted electronic networks – including phone – that they don't want the government to hear/read is just an idiot, and has been for years. I've assumed everything is being read for over a decade.

  8. AgnesDay says:

    Point well taken, Joel. I worked in public education for more years than I want to remember, and we KNEW that all our web traffic was being monitored on a real-time basis. They told us so. It was a real incentive to do private communications on private time.

  9. ALL AMERICAN says:


  10. ALL AMERICAN says:

    Very b true, and it is amazing that the employed in the FBI and other various agencies go along with actions directly against the Constitution they swore to uphold and protect.
    They are throwing it on the ground and deficating/stomping on it…and have no care for the PEOPLE.

  11. FRENCHIE says:


  12. Don't forget Holder of the DOJ. They basically do what they want to do, who is going to stop them? Our elected representatives? HA!

  13. That was the original version, but Article V. was ammended and struck down by the District court as being unconstitutional as to many parts of the gag order (especially about being able to notify and seek the advice of your attorney).
    Still it is not within the intentions of our constitution as far as privacy and being innocent until proven guilty.

  14. What do you expect with a COMMUNIST for President and AG???

    They can read this!
    Benghazi IS about the MURDER of 4 Americans and TREASON!!!

    It IS NOT just a cover-up IT IS MURDER of 4 Americans and TREASON COMMITTED by Obama, Clinton and ALL in Obama's administration along with ALL those that are protecting Obama giving HIM AID and COMFORT!!! They ALL MUST be EXECUTED!!!

    President (KING) Barrack Obama,
    Vice President (Vice King) Joe Biden,
    Attorney General (Sheriff) Eric Holder,
    (QUEEN) Hillary Clinton,
    Victoria Nuland,
    Jay Carney,
    U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice,
    Ambassador Thomas Pickering,
    Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano,
    Senator Harry Reid,

  15. See what I mean about lawyers? They just make up stuff as they go along. History proves it.

    They think they are like fairy tale authors, only their story is real.

    If Jesus complained about the lawyers of his time and so did Shakespeare who said, “First, let’s kill all the lawyers”.

  16. Donny-Joe says:

    To all: As any of the alphabet soup crew should come to understand, with our guidance- We are the Grantor/Beneficiaries of the national trust and they are ALL TRUSTEES. As I do not fund anyone that would hurt my TRUSTEES, or do any thing to harm my TRUSTEES, I couldn't give a damn what they read that I have. When the tires hit the pavement I Am their boss; thing is, for those expressing it, THEY already know this and act accordingly.

    My recommendation is every thinking man/woman would take the time to do the necessary appointments as fiduciary(ies) for PUBLIC issues, receiving instructions and such, so that every PUBLIC EMPLOYEE/UNITED STATES citizen know their duties and start earning their paychecks as TRUSTEES. This is every living Spiritual being's responsibility, if they want their world in the correct order for abundant living.

  17. survivor says:

    As a second generation holocaust family survivor,, I would hear stories from my father (rest in peace) about the pogroms and everything that led to the eventual loss of freedom, personal belongings and shortly thereafter their lives. What I have never expected was to actually feel like "We The People" are going thru a somewhat subtle manner of what all those poor people went thru during the 30's and 40's. I pray (may I still say that?) that I'm wrong. The mounting news stories that I read along with personal observations tell me otherwise. I still am amazed that during the 2012 elections there were so many people out there that either didn't care, or were too pissed off that their choice of candidate didn't make it that they just refused to vote!!! What part of just about anyone would have been better that what we have now, didn't y'all understand?

  18. DoktorThomas says:

    That's Messiah Obama to you …

  19. DoktorThomas says:

    I am not a fan of the mediocre American Bar nor state bars that license them, but you had better look up the rest of that Shakespeare quote before you throw it around anymore (do your own research). FYI: Only bad lawyers who cannot make it private practice go into politics; the proof of this truth is pervasive. And it is agreeable that 97% of lawyers are worthless. ©2013

  20. DoktorThomas says:

    "subtle"? Hardly. The Nation you knew no longer exists. As for personal possessions, Zerobama signed an executive order months ago, see below, making everything of value including the water his to use and control. You own nothing. If you are relying on lame stream media to keep you informed, your train car is already waiting … Freedom and liberty are merely illusions–parlor words to be chided about by the overseers.

    "Executive Order 13603 National Defense Resources Preparedness
    Signed: March 16, 2012
    Federal Register page and date: 77 FR 16651, March 22, 2012 See:
    EO 11858, May 7, 1975; EO 12472, April 3, 1984; EO 12656, November 18, 1988

    Through Executive Order 13603 President Obama gave himself the power to control all vital aspects of your beloved nation.

    Take a look at some of the sinister and menacing forces that will be put into motion. They are weapons of mass destruction!

    Seizing of all forms of civil transportation.

    Do you realize what this means? Obama specially wrote "civil" NOT "public" transportation. In the name of a national emergency (which Obama has yet to define which, in turn, means he can define it any way he wants) he can grab ALL forms of transportation civilians use, including:

    * Automobiles, trucks and delivery vehicles
    * Boats and ships
    * Your cars, your children's cars and even grandma's car
    * City buses
    * Trains
    * Airplanes
    * Motorcycles
    * Bicycles
    * Scooters, skateboards and wagons
    * Horse and buggies
    * Snowmobiles
    * Tractors (Yes, some people drive to town on tractors)

    A secret plan went into action right under our noses a few months ago-the very plan the Blame Stream Media deliberately hid from the American people.

    Obama forgot to tell you that he can grab ALL FORMS OF CIVIL TRANSPORTATION, didn't he? How convenient to keep the good citizens of America in the dark.

    But wait… that's not all…

    Obama doesn't stop at just grabbing transportation but will grab the food out of your mouth. He will also grab:

    All commodities and products capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals. In other words all food products, growing, picked and in store, including:

    * Farm crops
    * Inventory in grocery stores
    * Grandmas garden vegetables
    * Your canned goods
    * Dog food and livestock feed
    * Survival food cache
    * Fish from fish farms
    * Fruit from orchards

    The lame stream media not only turned a blind eye to Obama's evil deeds but has refused to comment on the Obama grab when presented with the facts! The main stream press is NOT your friend.

    It gets worse!

    Health resources, which include, but are not limited to: drugs, biological products, medical devices, materials, facilities,
    health supplies, services and equipment. This includes:

    * Vitamin stores
    * Wheel chair suppliers
    * Oxygen providers
    * Drug stores
    * First Aid supplies
    * Red Cross
    * Medical insurance companies

    And the savage takeover of America doesn't end there. Obama gives the power to government to take over!

    All forms of energy:

    *Solar energy farms
    * Wind turbine projects
    * Niagara Falls electric plant
    * Your home generator
    * Hydro-electric dams
    * City power plants

    All usable water from all sources:

    * Mississippi River
    * The Great Lakes
    * Colorado River and all rivers
    * All ponds
    * All wells
    * All water sheds
    * All snow melts
    * All bottled water companies

    Yep, COMPLETE GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF IT ALL including everything YOU own!! If this doesn't scare the bejesus out
    of you, I don't know what will.

    You must help wake up others to what's going on — if this isn't dictatorship of the worse kind, then I don't know what it

    You can download your copy of Executive Order #13603 at http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2012-03-22/pdf/20… "

    Everything the fed.gov says is a half truth, lie or misrepresentation. The fed.gov is the most sinister organization in the universe. The proof is all around. Wake up and read the writing on the wall.

  21. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Turn off the Right Wing Hate Machine for your own good.

  22. Bill COLEMAN __________________________________________________________________________ says:

    The Republican Party must become relavant to those who have died and are willing to die to save the Constitution. Until that happens, volunteer with or start a local teaparty. Sorry if the tea party people may not be your favorite outfit, but
    in my opinion, it has the right messages and the greatest chance of success. I hope

  23. Bill COLEMAN says:

    @survivor. I do understand and I was born and raised in the South. The Republican Party must become relevant to those who have died and are willing to die to defend the U.S. Constitution. If brilliant words on the internet could be easily transformed into “good political” action, the Constitution would remain secure. I believe volunteering with or organizing a local tea party is the way to go, along with being active within the Republican Party. Diligent and effective massive grass roots action is urgently needed and will not get done unless the internet is used more effectively to do it. I hope that the adult grandkids of the people who did not vote for Romney spit on their graves if any grave markers can still be found in post non-muslim America. vin 5 ron et yohaa period com.

  24. Pull your head out of the sand, kid! Or put away the bong…