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Unauthorized Free, Private Bus Stop Benches Will Be Removed in Detroit, Bureaucrats Say.

Written by Gary North on May 10, 2013

A technology class came up with an idea: free benches at bus stops. This would help elderly people, the students imagined.

So, they went to work. They designed, then built, a bus stop bench. They put it at a bus stop with no bench.

The Detroit Department of Transportation informed them that this was not an officially approved bus bench. The DDOT said to remove it. It said it would remove it if the students refused.

The students did the right thing. They built another bench. They put it up at another bus stop.

Then they went to the media. “Take a look at this,” they said.

Presto! A human interest story that made local bureaucrats look like dolts. It got coverage.

The DDOT has done the bureaucratic thing. It has refused to take any phone calls from the media. It has played turtle.

The students say they will build a third.

Will the DDOT remove the benches? Will the officials risk a prime-time evening news story on every local TV station? What’s a bureaucrat to do? Enforce the regulations or avoid trouble and let this blow over?

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33 thoughts on “Unauthorized Free, Private Bus Stop Benches Will Be Removed in Detroit, Bureaucrats Say.

  1. Michael says:

    Just another story on the stupitity of government……I'm so afraid of the black hole we are all falling into…..government is your enemy!

  2. @ Michael: I'm not falling into a black hole. You go ahead if you want to. Life is just a series of choices. Follow the example of these brilliant students and make the system work to your advantage, man. Work it. Bend it. Twist it to your own best outcome. Do something to make the world a better place. But don't create a black hole where none exists and don't bring me down with you. Live! Breathe! There is nothing new here that hasn't been tried by the State throughout the ages. Shouldn't we be able to create a better outcome after all these years? Yes. But a dark attitude will get us nowhere.

  3. pappap42 says:

    Boy I can wait until the government has total control of healthcare. It will be like the heavens opened up. Praise be to the
    allmighty government.

  4. nancy look at your president and repeat there is no black hole !!! In fact he is as black azzhole !!!

  5. Do any of these "public officials have a measurable IQ? Does any one of them have and IQ that even approaches 1% of their ego quotient? No wonder the state is taking over Detriot to bail it out.

  6. Typical Detroit union BS

  7. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Racist Conservitive on full display folks!!!

  8. Dan in NH says:

    We need to have term limits on all Government Positions. We need the President to be qualified. He should have military experience. How can you run an army without knowing what you can do. Obama thinks his DHS is the same as a military force. One seals team can defeat 2000 idiots in uniform. Our first engagement in Vietnam we had 395 Airborne Troopers come up against a 4000 man division and kill 2000 and lost 80. The difference between a well trained soldier and idiots like Obama pushing troops. We would've one in Vietnam had we listened to experienced soldiers instead of politicians and peace activist and if that would of happened we would not be fighting with al-aquead because we wouldn't be know for quitting. We won all the battles in Vietnam and lost the war. That's nonsense. That happened due to the communist among us in our Universities and Colleges teaching our children non-sense. Obama counldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. He's an idiot who has never held a real job in his entire life just like so many of his kind. Holder is the same an idiot who thinks like most black people who get to their level they get this chip on their shoulder daring people to knock it off. Come near me and you'll see. I don't scare easily. I don't like holder or obama and it has nothing to do with their color. They are educated morons. We need to rid ourselves of such people in our government. They are dangerous because they think they know what everyone wants and woun't listen when we tell them we don't want what they are selling.

  9. Destroyoit forever.

  10. vietnamvet1971 says:

    what do you expect from the Bankrupt City of Detroit run by the "Elitist Liberals" into Bankruptcy and Scorn. They must approve every thing we do after all the Know-It-All's know what is best for us poor dumb Peons.

  11. Long before the government takeover of public transit the private bus and streetcar companies put up shelters and benches along their routes. Private companies HAD to consider their patrons' comfort and convenience or there would be no patrons thus no profits. Government just wastes more and more tax dollars on unprofitable government-run transit and the comfort of patrons be damned.

  12. vietnamvet1971 says:

    ATTENTION: We have a Black Muslim in our WH. Just the Facts no BS.

  13. trackfodder says:

    I'll bet they wear their ball-caps backward. That alone lowers the apparent IQ 11-1/2 points.

  14. Problem is, governments have to think in terms of liability. If someone sits on the bench and it breaksand they get hurt, or they fall off, they sue the govt. they’re not going to sue the students as there is no money in that. The govt as sorry as this sounds has to cover their rears in pretty much any matter. Think of all the lawsuits where people do stupid things all on their own ( think of “America’s Dummest” on TV), and then decide that their own stupidity can be turned into “payday” with a lawsuit.

  15. JohnWayne says:

    Racist? Truth I'd say!

  16. The Government can publish "standards" in a newspaper to comply with ADA regs. They already specify benches when they bid them for contract.

    The kids are smart enough to build to spec, or to question the specs if they are too onerous.

    We need Tort Reform in the US to turn these attempts at "Tort Lottery" from Pay Day to Pain Day.

  17. HadEnuf says:

    The real racist is in the "Outhouse", dummy and your evidently one too! He was "planted" as DICTATOR for the very reason of his color of his skin that matches his soul – black as hell! You see, the NWO-ists knew that racists like you would vote for him, regardless of his evil intentions of using him to divide and conquer AMERIKA which he has done! The racists are the fool blacks, 99% of them that voted for him only because of his skin color rather than to determine that he is a Muslim-Marxist jihadist, new Hitler that is intentionally destroying this dead Republic but you wouldn't realize this because you are the racist!

  18. They said the bench must be removed because it is not officially approved. Isn't the DDOT in charge of approving such benches? It seems they could actually have received GOOD publicity if they had just officially approved the bench. It is likely too late now.

  19. STUPID IS as STUPID DOES!!! Bomb Detroit and get it over with!!!

  20. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Why mention his race if you're not Racist? Was Bush a White A—hole?

  21. Everything bureaucrats do is nonsense , they only do this stupid stuff to try to justify their useless jobs , and they ALL do it .

  22. Seymour Kleerly says:

    90% of Blacks vote for white Democrats! 85% would vote against Black Republican too!!

  23. In Detroit every official IS a dolt! So corrupt they never know which lie to follow…

  24. I thought we already bombed Detroit by the looks of it.

  25. Seymour Kleerly says:

    True or not it's Racist.

  26. Norm de Plume says:

    Andy's comments about liability are unfortunately accurate. Wouldn't take 1 week for someone to claim injury and sue the transportation agency.

  27. exbuckeye says:

    But the success of those lawsuits depends on the stupidity of the jury. And who is the jury made up of?

    The idiots who voted all these nincompoops (and obama) into poffice nin the4 first place!!!!

  28. The GUBERMINT has been lying to you for decades and the Presstitutes wouldn't be able to tell what color the sky is unless the Ministry of Truth tells them the answer.

    The biggest mystery in history has been solved but they still lie about it:

  29. This statement shows your stupidity. You must be one of the ones with your hand stuck out getting anything free you can get. May God help you and open your eyes.

  30. rubygirl50 says:

    If the government is afraid of liability, then it follows that they need to stop running the buses. After all, someone could fall down getting on or off the bus, fall out of a seat (no seat belts, and last but not least, get run over by the bus. Liberal logic has NO IQ!!

  31. Obama is half black, half white, his mother was 100% white, his father was black, only the ignorent use the word racist when criticizing Obama when in fact we are not.

  32. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Vet's post was "Black A–hole"! You're very slow.

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