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“Butt Out,” 60% of 18 to 34-Year Olds Tell Federal Government

Written by Gary North on May 9, 2013

Despite a horrendous unemployment rate of 45% for this age group — almost as bad as Spain’s and Greece’s — about 60% of America’s young adults believe that the government should get out of their lives.

Even more amazing, half believe that the government is not helping the economy.

Two-thirds are favorable to entrepreneurship.

These opinions were made clear in a recent poll sponsored by the Young America Foundation.

Unfortunately, only 44% think that free markets are positive.


On the whole, this is bad news for the university social science departments that teach Keynesianism, Marxism, and welfare state politics. They control the classrooms, but they do not control their students’ minds.

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39 thoughts on ““Butt Out,” 60% of 18 to 34-Year Olds Tell Federal Government

  1. Jsmith says:

    The why do they vote for those who expand the role of the Federal government?

  2. Cgretired says:

    YES! Inquiring minds want an answer to this question. Why is that? Just who voted for Obama?

    In the reporting box, replace "Goverment" with "Obama Administration" and it might tell a tale.

  3. Could they be waking up?
    Is there hope?

  4. With black box electronic voting machines running proprietary software that no one (including state officials who are supposed to certify the accuracy of the final tallies) is allowed to see the source code for, we don't know WHO won our elections anymore.

    Americans enter votes via a touch screen computer, it says it recorded the vote accurately. They go home, watch the election returns broadcast by the same corporate-owned networks in bed with big government, and the next day a talking head tells America, "This is your new president and Congress". ???

  5. Patricia says:

    Let them put their vote where their mouth is. SOMEONE put Obama back in office.

  6. Helen Tritt says:

    Obama was once again, voted in through MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD. He has NEVER done ANYTHING HONEST IN HIS LIFE PROBABLY. He does not have ANY ETHICS, HONESTY, or any other Honorable Character trait of even being HUMAN!

  7. Because they are brain washed, conditioned and indictrinated from birh to voting age by the media and the public schools systems.t

  8. Diver-Down says:

    Stalin said laughing to Khrushchev: " It's not who gets the most votes, it's who counts them."

  9. Bill McCroskey says:

    I have 3 daughters close to this age and all 3 of them couldn't wait to 'touch the screen' for BHO. My take is they have been brainwashed that free post high school education is a Democratic agenda, forgiveness of existing student loans too. Obamacare is free. I shared the following with them "unless the entire health care system from janitors to buildings and the energy to run said buildings to the highest qualified surgeons falls out of a UFO from another solar system …. ain't gonna be free ….and if this utopian pipe dream did happen … the Federal government would then tax healthcare at rates approaching what we pay today anyway and throw the taxes collected away on some other boondoggle." They have no idea how. Solyndra or hundreds of other goofy government crony capitalists projects tax monies have been stolen. And I couldn't agree more our elections are about as secure (accurate) as any held by a dictator. … paper ballots …leave paper trails … anything electronic can be cleverly manipulated. If 'geeks' that can hack the Pentagons computer system …. electronic ballots are a slam dunk.

  10. most of the people I know in this age group voted for a third party candidate – NOT what's in our White House today……

  11. I would like more information then this. Exactly "who" were they polling? They give age group, why not ethnicity and race? It would be nice to know who we deal with.

  12. Obviously these are skewed polls – take a look at who overwhelmingly voted for Obama over Romney: the 18-34 bloc. With no references cited for who they called, where they were from, etc, there's no validity to the article whatsoever.

    Gary continues his cherry-picking to push out articles that do nothing but line his own pockets.

  13. LOL "probably". You haven't even convinced YOURSELF that what you're saying is true, how on earth do you think you'll convince others?

  14. Have we become so brainwashed that when people give a differing opinion, they must be voted down?

  15. Scott E says:

    The governmants way to rememdy this problem Breinwhash them (the kids) Get em while young. The best place to accomplish this goal is use the public schools. A updated version of the Hitler youth,.l

  16. Fed Up says:

    I think you're right. There are no more honest elections in this country. Obama was elected by massive voter fraud.

    The California legislature now has a super majority of Leftist radicals. Also due to voter fraud, in my humble opinion.

  17. Are you saying “they are smarter than they look” – even with the tattoos and nose rings?

  18. Bob Marshall says:

    Look at both the 2008 and 2012 exit polls to see what percentage of young voters voted for Obama twice.

  19. Robert says:

    But Obama just told that group of college kids to "not listen" to people who warn of his evil.

  20. Seymour Kleerly says:

    The young voters are even more resentful of the racist, anti-Science and greedy GOP. than any other group. Good luck with that.

  21. waterman3 says:

    Even bill clinton told the truth once, when he said jerry brown was a liar.

    92 debates.

  22. Erik Osbun says:

    I am twice their age, and I agree with them!

  23. 12 years of brainwashing by the commie union teachers in our dumbed-down gummint schools and 4-5 additional years in advanced indoctrination by Marxist professors will lead to the lie that the free market doesn't work. Most people in the world have never seen a real free market, because gummint won't allow it.

  24. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Just because colleges don't teach that GREED is GOOD, doesn't equal Marxism!

  25. Florida had areas where 90 registered voters turned in 900 votes (mostly for Obama) and others where there were thousands of votes more than registered votersl The total number of votes in this country was millions more than the number of registered voters, the machines registered numbers and told us that Obama had won. Did he really win? Thomas Hagel's company owns machines that register and count votes. In every area that Hagel's machines were used, the votes were moslty for Obama. Strange?

  26. Paddy Cakes says:

    Tea Partyites are a bunch of has-beens, neo-con dolts and are destined for the right wing-nut garbage heap. They are and will continue to be left out in cold, and their cognitive dissonance will govern there mental deficiencies.

  27. PatrioTom says:

    You are absolutely correct! Son of Saul (Alinsky) and his ObamaNostra crime family cheated, stole and lied to win the 2012 election. Blatant unchallenged fraud had everything to do with the BS outcome!

  28. NO he really did NOT win. He and Soros cooked up the buying and programming the machines fraud that switched votes from Romney to bamy the commie. THEN add in the many districts with their dead people and felons voting, then the additional districts that huge numbers of people voting ABOVE the registered number, more districts with 100% voting which is IMPOSSIBLE, and VIOLA! bamy the Communist 'won'…. haha…What a nasty joke on the American people he – and all his dimwitted, retarded, and ignorant supporters – pulled off.

  29. Of course the mother of all vote frauds started with the 2004 se-lection of Bush. If you'll recall, the battleground state of Ohio was home to the corporate HQ of Diebold, which ran most of the electronic voting machines in use at the time. The head of Diebold, a registered Republican, said not to worry he would deliver the state of Ohio to Bush and that clinched his re-selection.

    It was during the reign of Bush-Cheney that these precedents of a dictatorial chief executive setting the national agenda, the warp-speed expansion of the federal bureaucracy and the creation/consolidation of all these intelligence agencies into DHS, were started.

    All Obama and the Dems did was exploit the trends set in place by the GOP. That's the trouble with the 2-party system: one side defends the abuses when it has control, never considering that eventually the pendulum will swing back and the other side will get control and take advantage of the same abuses.

  30. Thank you for showing that the TEA Party is influential enough to have detractors who resort to ad-hominem attacks.

  31. As youth unemployment continues to rise, kids are forced to "stay at home" with their parents and they see that the Baby Boomers are living lives that they themselves will never ever achieve they'll grow more skeptical of "Hope for Change".

    We have to wonder how many disaffected kids bother to vote? Perhaps the "Youth Vote" votes because it wants something or fears something, while these kids who want Big Brother to butt out realize that no matter how they vote their candidate is going to tell them what to do?

  32. Bob Marshall says:

    Look at both the 2008 and 2012 exit polls. See what part the youth vote played in the electing of President Obama twice.The majority of young voters as well as married women asked for Obama.

  33. PatrioTom says:

    The rotten layers of the Son of Saul led ObamaNostra crime family onion are rapidly being peeled away exposing the true intent of this progressive communist administration. More and more young people are seeing these leftist control freaks for what they are and waking up to the reality of Obama's meaning of "change"! With continued persistence for the truth behind the Benghazi cover-up, etc, etc……maybe this band of anti-American leftist bass turds can be banished from power once and for all!

  34. I agree, how valid can this poll be when the audience supposedly polled voted overwhelmingly for Obama twice – definitely not too many “quick” studies amongst them. The poll and the voting results of 2008 and 2012 are “poller” opposites!

  35. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Don't forget the 2000 Hypocritical vote handing Fla. to Bush!!

  36. Seymour Kleerly says:

    No denying their power.

  37. Reality is better than two cups of strong coffee for waking up people…when the government is crowing that the economy is doing so well and you are living the reality of being unemployed, losing one's home, watching small businesses around you closing down, and your hopes and dreams being put on hold because of the economic situation, you take reality and start ignoring the cheery BS that says everything is wonderful. People are waking up – and getting angry.

  38. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I left out Supreme court.

  39. Bob Marshall says:

    The majority of voters in this age groups were instrumental in Obama being elected twice.