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The New World Order in Europe Is Inevitable, Says #1 NWO Spokesman

Written by Gary North on May 8, 2013

The head of the European Union, whose name hardly anyone knows, says that the full union of 27 nations is inevitable. This will include monetary union, he says.

Problem: the Eurozone’s monetary union has only 17 members, and is going to break apart. The experiment is a disaster. How will the EU pull 10 more nations into the obviously disintegrating monetary union?

He promises to go public with his plan before elections a year from now.

Meanwhile, one of the original inventors of the euro says the euro is a disaster and the Eurozone should be broken up. His name is Oskar Lafontaine.

“The economic situation is worsening from month to month, and unemployment has reached a level that puts democratic structures ever more in doubt,” he said.

“The Germans have not yet realised that southern Europe, including France, will be forced by their current misery to fight back against German hegemony sooner or later,” he said, blaming much of the crisis on Germany’s wage squeeze to gain export share.

He was a major promoter of union in 1998. Not now.

Mr Lafontaine was labelled “Europe’s Most Dangerous Man” by The Sun after he called for a “united Europe” and the “end of the nation state” in 1998. The euro was launched on January 1 1999, with bank notes following three years later.

The grand experiments of the NWO keep hitting brick walls. They want an ever-larger centralized government. But the public can see that the experiment is in ruins. Still, the Eurocrats call for more centralization.

When they say something is inevitable, we can be sure that it isn’t.

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12 thoughts on “The New World Order in Europe Is Inevitable, Says #1 NWO Spokesman

  1. "Inevitable"–wasn't that the word that the Marxists constantly used right up to 1991 to describe their coming worldwide victory?

  2. The more these global authorities push for a "new world order", the more this whole concept of one world government unravels and falls apart.

    So far they've tried to create an NWO founded on (1), a global climate authority trying to fund itself with a worldwide carbon tax based on the most laughably flawed and empirically bogus "global warming" nonsense ever, (2) a global monetary authority trying to force a debt-based private central banking currency on the planet that has already succeeded in bankrupting every nation it's ever been imposed on (most recently the United States), and (3) a global health authority that wants to inject every man, woman and child with some Big Pharma sterility-inducing cocktail that even Frankenstein wouldn't touch!

  3. WhiteFalcon2 says:

    NWO is another stupid idea created by stupid politicians that want to rule the world. Peoples are to different to be tied together by some idiotic political scheme. Why in the world would any country want to give up its soverenty by giving up its currency? See how well it is working in the European Union? What is the stongest currency in Europe? The British Pound, and they aren't in that foolish scheme. It is one of the few things that they have done right. I wonder how long Germany will put up with backing the stupid cpuntries like Greece, Protugal, France, Italy, and Spain. It is totally idiotic that the US wastes billions by proping up the International Bail Out Fund for everyone except the Unired States. This is referred to as the IMF. We just put some $65 Billion into that rat hole. That could be money that could go towards helping our pathetic situation, but oh no, we have to finance that big POS. The Usless Nations is another such example.

  4. Mr.Fizbin says:

    Karl Marx is not the originator of the Communist Manifesto. It was a Frenchman. Capitalist Trilaterals love Communism. and or anybody they can make profit on even our Dear Hillary Clinton – Statement by Isabel Letelier read at Rockefeller's New York City "Riverside Church" (next to NCC headquarters),February 2, 1985; per Powell, op. cit., p. 244. See
    section of SECRET on Johnetta Cole for more on the Clintons' links to Sandy Pollack.
    Riverside Church is of course linked to Skull & Bones. In addition to IPS, Hillary sent money to other procommunist
    groups which themselves have strong ties to IPS — indicating a collaborative attempt for donations to serve similar purposes. These included the Committee in Support of the People of El Salvador (CISPES — a supporter of the Marxist Salvadoran guerrillas), the National Lawyers Guild (an officially cited adjunct of the Communist Party USA), militant William Kunstler's Center for Constitutional Studies, and the terroristic Christic Institute. Information on some of the anti-
    American and pro-communist activities of these other groups Hillary supported, and some of their relationships
    to IPS. CISPES, Hillary and IPS. The Committee in Support of the People of El Salvador (CISPES), which Hillary
    dished out $5,000.00 to, has been properly classified as a communist front organization. Formed in 1980 as the
    US branch of a worldwide apparatus supporting Marxist FMLN guerrillas in El Salvador, insight into CISPES's
    function with Latin American communist rebels and the international communist movement was gained in 1981 when the personal papers of guerrilla leader Farid Handal were captured in El Salvador. The National Lawyers Guild, Hillary and IPS. U.S. Government investigators have repeatedly condemned the NLG (which Hillary lavished $15,000.00 on) as being
    a "Communist front" group. One such official denunciation charged that the NLG: "Is the foremost legal bulwark of the Communist Party [and]its front organizations.. . [which] since its inception has never failed to
    rally to the legal defense of the Communist Party and individual members thereof, including known espionage
    agents." At an NLG convention in Austin, Texas the delegates sang the Communist "Internationale" anthem, whose
    lyrics include the verse, "Tis the final conflict, let each stand his place. The International Soviet shall be the
    Human Race!" Hillary gave money to a man who makes speeches beneath the Soviet flag, who cheered the murder of 5
    policemen and who applauds the assassination of President Kennedy.
    I dont mean to be discourteous toward Mrs.Clinton but there is such a thing as the Truth isn't there?

  5. Mr.Fizbin says:

    some very good points here. However I am not naive enough to think that the US puts any money in any Bank without getting something out of it. The US gave up its sovereignty to the Federal Reserve via President Wilson many years ago. Quite honestly it really wont matter what anybody thinks as long as the US gets its tax money to continue this. Until the American Citizen realizes the reality that they are in charge, things will continue to get worse. It is every US citizens right to dismantle their government if that government becomes dysfunctional. Its written right in the US Constitution. All you ALL have to do is stop paying taxes all at once and grow a backbone where there is a wishbone. Its really very simple, no violence, no protests………just no more money for the US Trilateralists two = one party system and eventually no more lies.
    I put my action where my mouth is a wrote the President and was honest with him and asked for a reply and got nothing. I call that arrogant. I guess the US citizen as a whole has to suffer a whole lot more before they wake up. I finally had enough and moved out of the country.

  6. NWO – where we're ALL united as one. Yup, reminds me of Babel, the tower to Heaven – and we know what happened there. I trust no earthly government.

  7. Tower of Babel is right, the EU Parliament buiding design is based on the Tower of Babel.

  8. dizzy999 says:

    The Elites are simply using the anti-Semitic 24 Protocols, and winning. Before you cast judgement, read them. We peasants are finished!!!

  9. The Eu IS the NWO. The rich, powerful criminals like the Bildebergers created the EU and control the UN.

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