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Government Is Buying Up Ammo, So the Public Can’t — Senator Imhofe

Written by Gary North on May 7, 2013

The procurement officer of the Department of Homeland Security says the DHS has the right to buy 750 million rounds of ammunition. This is three times what the Defense Department buys to train soldiers in the U.S. Army.

What will be done with this ammo? Nothing, says Oklahoma Senator James Imhofe. It’s not being bought to use. It’s being bought to keep it out of the hands of citizens.

If the nation’s ammunition manufacturers have received guaranteed sales to the government, they will shift production to government-demanded ammo. This takes production away from calibers demanded by the public.

This will work for a while. It will make the ammunition firms rich. But at some point, the government’s orders will be filled. Then the firms will start selling to private users. The result is a robust ammunition industry.

There is no industry in better shape today. There is demand on a scale never seen in peacetime. This demand from the private sector will increase. Why? Because when people want something, and they are told that it’s not available, they really want it. The ammunition firms are in fat city. The more they sell to the government, the more capital they have for investing in more production capacity.

The smart owners will move their firms’ new capacity to Texas. They will escape from Connecticut. They will head for a large state where people own guns. There is also no state income tax.

This is good news for ammunition manufacturers. In the long run, it is good for gun owners. New productive capacity will be used. The various federal agencies will at some point be loaded up.

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29 thoughts on “Government Is Buying Up Ammo, So the Public Can’t — Senator Imhofe

  1. Kurt Simmons says:

    This un-needed purchase to keep citizens from having ammunition would seem to be an "infringement"our right to keep and bear arms.

  2. Why aren't the damn ammo manufacturers refusing to sell to the DHS and the government????? WTH!!! In a round about way they are betraying us. Stop selli ammo to the government!!

  3. Nanacat says:

    Any conservative worth his/her salt, has a gun & ammo already. If one can afford it, all of us should be buying more!!
    Less for them.. it should be in our hands, not theirs.

  4. ROinMO says:

    it's Inhofe…


  6. My rep is a confirmed leftist Obama ass kisser. Contacting him is a complete waste of time.

  7. boone1 says:

    Sorry but the house has no will or balls to stop anything if they did obama would have been gone before 2012 elections.

  8. from new york eh

  9. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Imhofe is a cretin!

  10. Lee S. says:

    Are there any ammunition or gun manufacturers who refuse to sell to the government? If not, there should be.

  11. Robert says:

    I felt like something was going to happen about a year ago and started stocking up on ammo. I now have approx 10,000 rounds of 357, 5000 rnds of 38 special which I can use in my Ruger Blackhawk, 10,000 rnds of 12Ga. 4 and 8 shot, approx 1000 rnds of 12Ga Slugs, about 10,000 rnds of 380, and over 50,000 rnds of 22's. I have them hidden at another location in case Obummer send his goon squad after them. I have been offered $50.00 a box of 50 for the 357's. Ammo is going to be up to gold prices.

  12. Simple; The Govt has plenty Ammo. Just stop selling to them till the use what they have stocked up on. and let the rest of us have some. We can not have “too much”. This is a ploy to deprive the public from getting any ammo.

  13. Charles says:

    It is all about making money and right now, the government has more of it then the average citizen. Manufacturers make more money selling to the government then to citizens so they go with the guaranteed sales.

  14. Robert says:

    If DHS is buying all the ammo to keep us from getting then WHY are they buying 2900 armored trucks, 7000 assualt rifles and a million bullet proof vests? DEMOCRAT LIES to cover the truth.

  15. Robert says:

    No its not. They are going to us that on the public when the economy collapses and all hell breaks loose. Its coming, and soon.

  16. Buffal oBill says:

    I've been saying this ever since this started. So, it's no surprise to me. This is the only way they can try to circumvent the 2nd Amendment.

  17. Argeebee says:

    The ammunition manufacturers are "for profit" companies. A guaranteed profit (from the Government) is better for them than a slower profit (from the public).

  18. Nice contribution to the discussion, Seymour.

  19. blh557 says:

    Some people are just total idiots about this. 750 million rounds is a drop in the bucket compared to the 8.5 BILLION rounds sold annually. This poster couldn't even spell Inhofe's name right! These contracts are to be served over a 10 year period. And if you think Government agencies aren't having problems getting ammo you are sadly mistaken. I have a cousin attending the San Antonio (yes, in Texas) Police Academy and they can't even get enough rounds to practice or qualify on because of nutcases who line up at Walmart and Academy and every other big-box and gun shop on ammo delivery day.

    When I practice I expend about 100-150 rounds, which I wisely bought components for long before this stupidity of hoarding began. I'm not active duty and I only get to practice maybe once to twice per month, but anyone who HAS or IS on active duty understands that for practice to be effective you have to expend lots of rounds… let me repeat… LOTS OF ROUNDS. LEO & military units practice, or at least should practice, multiple times per week expending even more rounds… when they can get them. Ditto for competitions. Many competitive shooters can't get rounds. But, guys, there are 80+ million of us! How many LEO and military are there? Certainly not that many, but they practice all of the time.

    The people causing this problem are not the DHS, ICE, EPA, FBI, ad. infinitum. And let me tell you, I am not saying these departments aren't screwed all up! I think they are. But the brunt of this ammo shortage lies squarely on the backs of people who will never expend 100 rounds practicing ANYTHING. They just panic and BUY, BUY, BUY! If you have a need, buy whatever you want; but if you're just hoarding in fear of some soon-to-come "GUMMINT" tyranny, you do so at the expense of everyone else! You have the right to do that, however, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! Don't whine and complain that you can't get "enough" rounds when you haven't shot anything since this problem started.

    Lastly; every one of you who cowers in fear, or mouths off incessantly, including Gary North, show a lack of respect to your fellow Americans who happen to be serving. Yes, there are some statists and some real jerks out there in law enforcement. Thankfully they are the VAST MINORITY. A full 79% of all LEOs will stand with the people in the event of Gov't aggression. I would suggest the numbers are just as high or higher in the military. I've never spoken to a single person in active military who said they'd obey an order to fire on civilians. You vets should be screaming bloody murder at the conspiratorialists who apparently think you would have done the same thing.

    Shame on you.

  20. Seymour Kleerly says:

    It was lame, but this guy is also the point man for the Polluters. He's definitely one of the worst.

  21. boomer8 says:

    the huge upside to this is that in a couple of years all of this ammo will be available at tremendous discounts through surplus stores!
    government is stupid.

  22. Now that the ammunition manufacturers know the hidden agenda, can they refuse further service to the U.S. Government as they would any other customer?

  23. or calif.

  24. Rabelrouser says:

    Visit this site: http://Modernmilitiamovement.com http://Wramsite.com
    Being prepared and forming community keeps you safe and strong.

  25. KATRINA gun confiscation by military, BOSTON BOMBING Marshal law imposed. I retired from 24 years Air Force last year. Troops will just follow orders. They won't fire on American citizens till they fire back. Things are escalating fast.
    JULY 4th 1000 man armed march on DC.

  26. Laxzealot says:

    No one seems to consider the key strategy here. Government contracts, while large, are "cancellable" at any time. Which means ammo manufacturers cannot rely on the government contracts they receive to fully and actually be fulfilled. This will prevent them from adding additional manufacturing ability. So, capacity stays the same, supply is reduced, prices go up. The government hasn't received delivery of more ammo but effectively ties up existing production. Think it through. We the people are the only victims of market pressure in this case. Don't buy any more ammo than what you need for three to four months.

  27. VotsBH says:

    The Obama administration is hell bent on bancrupting the economy fabricating mostrous expenditures.
    From renewable fuel, hopeless green energy projects, electric cars,high speed trains no one is planning
    to ride, senseless foreign aide packages, to dumping money into ammunition that some day will be thrown
    away because of shelf life expiration. Who is going to call them on this treasonous behavior ?

  28. guest on this planet says:

    never enough ,remember to share with those dont have enough , its like redistribution of wealth , just ask barry

  29. Good post