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Send the NRA’s Members to Guantanamo, Says Anti-Gun Columnist

Written by Gary North on May 6, 2013

Rhetoric is where people take a position over the top. I guess this is rhetoric. I hope it is not to be taken literally.

No more due process in the clear-cut case of insidious terrorism. When the facts are so clearly before all Americans, for the whole world to see, why bother with this country’s odious and cumbersome system of justice? Send the guilty monsters directly to Guantanamo Bay for all eternity and let them rot in their own mental squalor.

No, no, no. Not the wannabe sick kid who blew up the Boston marathon or the freak that’s mailing ricin-laced letters to the president. I’m talking about the real terrorist threat here in America: the National Rifle Association.

The reason why I guess it’s rhetoric is this: there are 4.5 million members of the NRA. I don’t think Gitmo could handle all of them. But it’s the thought that counts.

The author thinks that a successful campaign by the NRA to persuade Senators to vote in favor of the Second Amendment is an example of terrorism.

By using the weapon of choice for all terrorist organizations, extortion, the NRA has forced the action of about 45 ineffectual U.S. senators, a clear act of terrorism and treason. And Wayne LaPierre and his arrogant cronies are laughing about it. They’re laughing at 9 out of 10 of you and your insistence that Congress do something reasonable to stop the insanity in this country.

It’s time for the majority of Americans to fight the battle cowards in the Senate are too gutless to handle. If you have a relationship with the terrorists at the NRA, end it. Insist your political heroes do the same and turn back NRA blood money from gun makers. If you really stand behind the spirit of the American Constitution, push back against the cancerous threat that seeks to undermine it for the sake of U.S. gun makers.

And here I thought that gun ownership is a right protected by the Constitution. Now I am told that gun control is the spirit of the Constitution.

This is the mindset of the gun grabbers. Successful politics is terrorist extortion. The Second Amendment favors gun control.

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20 thoughts on “Send the NRA’s Members to Guantanamo, Says Anti-Gun Columnist

  1. John Littlefield says:

    I have two words for that anti-gun columnist SCREW YOU.

  2. Jsmith says:

    Yep, pretty well sums it up, altho' you are more courteous than I would have been.

  3. Phillip the Bruce says:

    I don't want to touch them. Have them do it to themselves.

  4. TejanaDeb says:

    Gun Control Is Racist.

    Never Again! Gun control is not a new idea in America. A call for background checks invokes painful memories of JIM CROW and black codes. "No freedman, Negro or mulatto shall carry or keep firearms or ammunition"… Mississippi Black Code 1865. Gun control is unacceptable in America! See the brief video, http://www.therightscoop(dot)com /new-ad-by-star-parker-compares-gun-control-jim-crow-days/

  5. Adam Kokesh is calling for an armed, locked & loaded march on DC July 4. All it would take is one agent provocateur in his ranks to fire one shot to start a melee in front of the Capital. Then the current administration & congress would declare martial law, confiscate all weapons in private hands with the same door-to-door m.o. they demonstrated in Boston last month, suspend the Constitution, dissolve Congress and say "national security" demands these extreme measures.

    I'm sure statists on both sides of the aisle are praying for what would appear to be an armed insurrection by "the people", so the DHS can break out that stockpile on 1 billion+ rounds of hollow-point they've been stockpiling for the last year.

  6. Jim Wright says:

    I have a better idea, send all these leftist to Guantanamo so they can be with their buddies. I would love to send Mr. Obama, Mr. Bidden, and Mrs. Clinton with them.

  7. janeshure says:

    I have 3 words for this assinine fornicator. Go fornicate yourself.

  8. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Good point!

  9. Mike the cowboy says:

    Example of a perfect idiot , kiss my ass and suck on my Glock 19 but not to hard it may explode.

  10. Ken Hagins says:

    If they sent us all there, it would make room for the "Undocumented Democrats".

  11. MichiganREB says:

    You must have a real low opinion of the lawful gun owners in this country. I agree that should it happen it would not help the cause but ai have more respect for the People who carry than that. I fact it could actually put a good point that guns do nothing without a person doing it. Since in effect it would be declaring war on the American people Congress has to declre Martial law not the president..

  12. MRSGUNNUT10 says:

    Gary North should go see Obama, since he seems to like Obama's Policies. Suck up to/on Obama Mr. North, I understand he liked to visit those homosexual Chicago Bath Houses. Maybe he will take you along.

  13. Seymour Kleerly says:

    You forgot Nancy Pelosi! What kind of good Conservative are you?

  14. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Danno used the term "agent provocateur", simply put, a dedicated leftist intent on destroying Constitutional rights.

  15. Tough Love says:

    Don't foolishly play with the enemy and thing it is a game you can win. Isolate and quarantine them and let them suffer the natural result. Minimize your exposure because they will take themselves out of the reality which will be their end. When they get the natural result of their evil, THEY WILL COME TO YOU and you can decide then how they will be treated.

  16. Txpatriot says:

    It may be congresses job to call for martial law, but this fraud has done a lot of things without congress. He has by passed anyone in athority , with nary a squeak. So, yeah he'll do it without congress or anyone else and then the crickets. Can be heard. No one will say word one about this if he does try to do it.

  17. Txpatriot says:

    And Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer

  18. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Now you're cookin!

  19. This Perry guy is the kind of scum who, if put in a time machine and sent back into history, would have bee encouraging Hitler as he sent people to concentration camps to die, or Stalin as he slaughtered his 20 million, or Mao as he waged his "cultural revolution" against his own people, or Pol Pot as he ordered people to death in the killing fields. This is the kind of sociopathic lunatic that decades of the Radical Liberal agenda has generated in America. But our libtards celebrate loons like this. They make them professors, Hollyweird celebrities, millionaire jocks, and politweasels.

  20. Rattlerjake says:

    I have one thing to say to this anti-gun columnist, feel free to come and try to take me to Guantanamo, but you better have your will updated.