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87% of Americans Say It’s Wrong to Cheat on Income Taxes. But Sales Taxes? Cheat!

Written by Gary North on May 6, 2013

According to a 2013 poll, 87% of Americans say that it’s wrong to cheat on income taxes. They say that integrity is involved.

Most of these people live in states that have sales taxes. All of these states require anyone in-state who buys an item on the Internet, from a firm not located physically in the state, to pay sales taxes.

Do you do this? Always? No? Well, then, you are a tax cheat. Face it.

Why is it immoral to cheat on sales taxes, but not on income taxes? Have you thought this through?

Is the real issue this? “If the government cannot enforce a law, it’s an immoral law. Get rid of it.”

This issue that will soon be in front of the House of Representatives: the federal enforcement of the states’ sales tax laws. Will sellers that are not located inside the geographical boundaries of these states be required by the federal government to serve as unpaid tax collectors, thereby lowering the cost of enforcement by states? In other words, is this law Congress’s attempt to make you a moral person?

Do you think that it’s right to make businesses unpaid tax collectors? No? But that’s what every business is that collects a sales tax.

Do you think businesses located outside a state should be required to be an unpaid tax collector for that state? No? Then be ready to tell your Congressman to vote no on this tax hike.

The lust of politicians for your money is very great. Only the lust to be re-elected is greater. Make sure that the second lust prevails. Make it clear to your representative that you oppose this tax hike. If you don’t know who he is, go here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find.

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20 thoughts on “87% of Americans Say It’s Wrong to Cheat on Income Taxes. But Sales Taxes? Cheat!

  1. Jsmith says:

    I never heard of such a thing. While I may be a cheat., it's through ignorance. My state has never asked me, and I have never paid.

  2. aaronson2 says:

    It's a testament to the thoughtlessness of the general public, and the power of brainwashing by the political class, that 87% think it's moral to willingly submit to theft by the government. The government says that the product of our labor belongs to them, and the majority are brain-dead enough to believe the lie, thus becoming willing slaves of the parasitic politicians who laugh all the way to the bank.

  3. Most Americans don't know the origins of the "income" tax, the difference between a direct vs. an indirect tax, the apportionment provision to the Constitution, the uniformity rule that all indirect taxes must adhere to, the Brushaber, Cheek and Pollock decisions, etc., etc. When a people is as ignorant of their own rights as Americans are, there's not much hope for a free country left.

  4. Robert says:

    I disagree that “cheating” on taxes is immoral. There is no moral imperative to tell the truth to the government.

  5. thetzor says:

    I agree that cheating on taxes is wrong. Now for the tine print. If I go to a store physically that store charges me the tax for where that store is, no matter where I might ship it to (and yes, stores can ship the things you purchase to other locations). If I go to Key West and get a number of items and ship them to New York, I pay the Florida sales tax. So "point of destination" is a misnomer.

    Now, what if I were to make that purchase by sending a regular letter to the store?
    Now, what if I were to make that purchase by using a telephone?
    Now, what if I were to make that purchase by internet?

    Clearly someone's tax must be paid, otherwise it is cheating, but whose? I would suggest the point where the physical transaction is made, in effect the physical location of the store. Why? Because the internet is just like me going there, ordering in person and asking to ship the package. Because the store only has to worry about one tax rate; the rate where they are, and not all the possible tax rates for every possible location in the United States. Because we all know the only people to profit from this is those who aren't covered and we know the US can't enforce US laws on foreign companies.

    So small businesses suffer and foreign businesses profit. Doesn't sound logical to me.

  6. One state cannot collect taxes from citizens that live in another. This is the classic definition of "taxation without representation". This is why sales taxes cannot be collected across states lines. It's unconstitutional. If this tax passes, it's just another gross violation of the constitution, so what's new?

  7. The Bible says give to Cesar that which is Cesar’s. Taxes from buying on line has not been asked for by Cesar yet and until he does its not cheating.

  8. I say just the opposite , demand elimination of ALL income and property taxes and pay ONLY sales taxes . That is the most fair , because you only pay taxes on what you can afford to buy . Food ( not gourmet ) and all medicine and medical costs excluded along with VERY basic housing . this would be the fairest system , a low priced car , low taxes , a high dollar car , high taxes , the same for everything , if you can afford to pay for the more expensive materials you can afford more taxes . A NATIONAL SALES TAX OF 20 TO 22 PERCENT AND NO OTHER TAXES . It would virtually end people control through taxation and reduce the power of government to run roughshod over us . THNK ABOUT IT !

  9. I say 87% of Americans are idiots and ignorant of history. Sue the IRS!

  10. pshack dweller says:

    Hooey… The sales tax may go forward, however, the complexity of local and jurisdiction variable sales tax is small business' nightmare. Many small business have sprung up. I know mothers that were out of work the hit the Goodwill and other Thrifts … paying sales tax and reselling the items. Those purchases will be double taxed. Many of the items on ebay have been purchased and have had tax paid on them.

    The unintended consequence is that the efficiency of the internet in recycling and reusing is going to be crippled.

    Now how does that serve the public?

  11. Corsica says:

    If all the tax money that's bled from the American taxpayer were used for what it was intended then maybe you wouldn't have tax cheats. But since much of the money is for welfare programs for deadbeats and illegals, foreign countries that hate us and duplicate inefficient agencies that waste and abuse then what the fk do you expect?

  12. Buck,
    You are right in what you say. To take taxes of a person's labours is theft and is immoral. It means that you have worked for the government for free. Sales taxes on goods is the fair way to collect taxes. If governments did not misuse the money collected from their citizens by way of wars and other wasteful enterprises, there would be enough to still run a country and people would have more of their wages to spend.

  13. pshack dweller says:

    We should have a flat tax… Sales and use is one way, however, that is oppressive on the lower economic groups. We want to have motivated, working public with dreams and aspirations. Internet tax is very difficult for mom and pop in WV (pick anywhere) to know what tax to charge in Sugarland, TX (pick anywhere). The variables between jurisdictions cost companies that must submit taxes to all of jurisdictions a lot of money and open them up to significant fines and penalties.

    Understanding how to deploy systems that calculate local tax based on geo-codes is one thing, maintaining them is another. It costs thousands for a subscription for the service… The alternate is to call each jurisdiction and based on the specific address, find out what the tax is and where to send the tax. NIGHTMARE!!! This is another gut buster of a wound to small businesses.

  14. Actually, CNBC has it exactly backwards: If a law is unjust or immoral then it is immoral to COMPLY with it. Besides, sales taxes are not income taxes.

  15. Gaines says:

    I have refused to voluntarily pay this sales tax. I am on the option that this tax is unconstitution. I do pay sales tax on all most of my stuff I buy locally. The rate is high because we do not have a state income tax. I did pay a full sales tax on the new car I bought. Some internet stuff come taxed and some does not. The bottom line is that the state government has enough money and wastes too much now. Why do they need more? If I had my way, I would get rid of the income tax and replace it with the FairTax. It is not that I try to avoid paying state tax. I buy on the internet to find stuff that WalMart down the road does not sell. That will not change if this horrible tax is passed. That is provided all the people that sell the stuff that is out of normal do not go out of business. That is probably what would happen. This whole issue sort of reminds me of early 20 th century when JC Penny, Montgomery Wards, and Sears sold a lot of stuff by catalog. The local merchants did not like it, but the people sure did. Imagine if these politicians were around then, we might still be using kerosene lights to read with.

  16. 1 Fed Up Americaqn says:

    I say cheat anyway you can. Screw the Government because the Government screw us 10 time over. Politicians are the biggest thieves. The monies they take under the table is unbelievable. How many of the IDIOT'S we elected in office today are Millionaires and the biggest percentage are fricken Lawyers. So we wonder why this country is so F**k up

  17. Time to get your Brainwashed Head out of the sand and see the light!! No One is Cheated when items are bought out-of-state on the internet. We fought the Revolutionary War for this fact "Taxation Without Representation". The UNFAIR INTERNET TAXATION only HURTS EVERYONE usually small Mom & POP operations and everyone in general and no part of it is CHEATING on taxes. I have sent my emails to my elected House of Representatives to VOTE NO on this UNFAIR TAXATION!!!

  18. Hasn't anyone figured out that this new sales tax is unconstitutional? Here's why.

    Article 1 sec. 10 para. 2
    No State shall, without the Consent of the Congress, lay any Imposts or Duties on Imports or Exports, except what may be absolutely necessary for executing it's inspection Laws: and the net Produce of all Duties and Imposts, laid by any State on Imports or Exports, shall be for the Use of the Treasury of the United States; and all such Laws shall be subject to the Revision and Controul of the Congress.

    The problem here is that imported goods which make up most of the internet sales are immune to state taxes including sales taxes. While they can actually collect them the problem is that the revenue belongs to the Federal Treasury. They are not allowed to keep it!
    This new sales tax collection effort is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. They only way the states can collect and keep the revenue is by a Constitutional Amendment!

  19. Paladin says:

    There really is no income tax law in this country. The lie that the 16th Amendment is an income tax law is deceit. If there is no law there is no transgression. Of course the federal government does’nt seem to think it needs a law to collect taxes. For the truth about the 16th amendment go to http://www.freedomtofascism.com

  20. Every penny a REAL American can keep from our fascist gummint is a penny they can't use to further curtail our freedoms. I don't want to fill the gummint coffers to overflowing. I want a lean to the point of starving gummint, not this fat, bloated hog we now have. We have few ways to starve the bloated hog, so when you find one–use it.