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ObamaCare: Unenforceable, Unmanageable

Written by Gary North on May 3, 2013

My GaryNorth.com site has forums. Yesterday, one of the site members posted this. You will appreciate it.

Our company is currently undergoing its annual health coverage renewal and massive increase (about 25% to the company and higher co-pay’s all around) fire drill. The insurance guy shared some complete horror stories with our HR guy.

It turns out that the government — I don’t know whether state or local but it essentially doesn’t matter — has essentially zero processing infrastructure to manage any of this silliness. It has no IT capability, no personnel, no help desk support, nothing. The insurance guy described how government agencies are supposedly inquiring about buying or renting some of these capabilities from existing insurance companies.

Here’s where it gets truly comical-to-absurd and way beyond: apparently some bureaucrat proposed buying or renting the IT system from an insurer for $15,000. You know, a system which probably cost millions to develop, is staffed with a crew of trained specialists who wouldn’t last ten minutes with these knuckleheads in charge, and is purpose-built to a specific workflow and product mix.

Additionally, the government has inquired about renting call centers, as if a roomful of 150 or so people could easily be repurposed to support a massive government program and that the insurance company making it available doesn’t still need these resources on its own. (I worked in a call center in the financial industry back in the day and have interacted with numerous aspects of customer and technical support in many areas since: it’s not always rocket science but there is some knowledge, insight, and workflow required to not make a hash of things on even the most basic level.)

Whatever they think may be coming on line in October, it’s going to take forever for much to really happen (beyond taking you’re money; the government is terrific at that) and compliance and enforcement will be a nightmare (compliance will doubtless trail efforts at enforcement).

It’s like the guy at the coin store told me a couple of years ago when they proposed/enacted a reporting requirement for cash transactions of $600 (to capture meaningful purchases of gold and silver, among other things): “They’ll never be able to make it happen, so don’t even worry about it.”

I’m guessing *something* is going to happen with Obummersnare, but it won’t be what anyone expects and I sure hope it quickly leads to a massive loss of legitimacy and disappointment.

At the very least there should be some quality entertainment value out of this horrendous tragedy.

To visualize the outcome, picture Nancy Pelosi as Oliver Hardy, with Obama as Stan Laurel. Nancy says: “Well, this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.”



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44 thoughts on “ObamaCare: Unenforceable, Unmanageable

  1. Lowell says:

    Someone should have read it before passing it. Obamacare is working something like this. Imagine giving the third grade class individually assignments of drawing all county roads and streets how they would like them to go. Then give all their papers, complete or not to the transportation department, telling them to build the roads and cost is not a problem. That is close to what we have with Obamacare.

  2. Bills passed into law on a voice vote without ever even being read. The same kinda crap went on during the Roosevelt regency. Chaos prospers only revolutionaries. Everyone else suffers.

  3. Lowell,

    You are spot on, however, missing one important element, you arm the third graders, giving them authority to seize the land for all the proposed routes however they interpret them to be.

  4. Granny says:

    This certainly proves one thing, if you want something messed up give it to the government and they will find a way. Serves them right for passing it before they read it.

  5. Should have given it to the third grade…They would do a better job that the ignorant Gov. is doing

  6. Its time to deep six Obama C.and his administration is a farse and corrupt with incompetancy.

  7. Jsmith says:

    Obamacare will fail. It must. It was designed that way and that is the only way things can turn out. Luckily (at least his mind), Obama will save us with mandatory universal healthcare. We will take one more step into slavery to the Federal goverment.

  8. truthbeknown says:

    Laurel and Hardy were funny these two are not. Yes they are a joke just not a funny one.. I have prayed every night that the lord would come and take them from us. However it doesn't look like he wants them either. so I guess ill have to pray for him to wake up the people of this country so they may see them for what they are. STUPID TRATIORS.

  9. If you are a muslim you are exempt from this wonderful example of lawlessness by this administration, so for the "rest of the story" find a mosque near you and sell your soul to the devil.

  10. jesusjeep says:

    An effort needs to be made by a sizable number of us to peaceably resist obamacare and run this train into the ground. We need to waste THEIR time and money.

  11. Mary Sosebee says:

    Unenforceable, unmanageable and immoral! We should not be forced to pay a tax that supports death panels, planned parenthood and abortion.

  12. msbets says:

    The congress could screw up a wet dream and ovomit is one…………….the day will come, the good men and women of this country will finally stand up and through this massive cesspool out. WE HAVE TO OR IT'S THE END GATE!!

  13. Obamacare , with 20000 pages of laws and regs , turns us all into IRS tax targets. = Total control just the way the facists want it.

  14. nightspore says:

    I've just been reading "Atlas Shrugged". The parallels between the overall situation described in that book and the present developing situation in America (and Europe) are astonishing.

  15. Bill McCroskey says:

    jeep …. this fiasco will run itself into the ground without any organized attempt to help it along to crashing. This is going to be the most unbelievable train wreck anyone has ever witnessed …..call in to the Social Security phone help line with a simple non complex question …. and you (after being put on hold or offered a 15 to 45 minute call back) still have no help or satisfaction. This will make the S.S. office experience feel like you are in customer service HELL !!!

  16. msjallen says:

    It isn't worth it; the devil makes it worse. Muslims should NOT be exempt, they should go back to their own country and stop trying to ruin ours. Neither should Congress or the Senate be exempt. We have the worse leaders in WDC who follow that pied piper in the WH no matter what he does so there is no way they will call his hand on anything. The few that try get knocked down. Our only hope is for more people to put God first in their lives so our Nation can start thinking straight. We are on a downward spiral that gets slippyier every day.

  17. msjallen says:

    Sometimes we don't pray according to His Word and God can't answer those prayers but He understands the motive behind it. I found the following to help me think through what is happening in our country…
    Ps 76:10a For the wrath of man shall praise You; God uses the wrath of man to praise Him: Those with malcontent to do His will.
    Ex 9:17 "But, indeed, for this reason I have ALLOWED you to remain, in order to show you My power and in order to proclaim My name through all the earth. Still you exalt yourself against MY people by not letting them go.
    Hardness of heart means maximum negative volition. Pharaoh had maximum negative volition and rejected the gospel. The same thing is happening in our country; especially with our leaders in WDC.

  18. that is why we elected our poeple to to waist there precious time and our money on all this crap
    oreo has to go

  19. Centurian says:

    It's all going exactly according to plan. Obamacare is purposely designed to fail. When big pieces fail and the entire healthcare industry is in chaos, the FedGov will step in with an emergency plan to take over all healthcare in a scheme that looks a lot like the National Healthcare System in the UK. They couldn't reach for their true goal until they broke the system that they wanted to "fix."

  20. F.N. ignorant says:

    If you didn't vote for and support Ron Paul then please STFU because you are the real problem. Only Ron Paul came out in force against big government. The rest of the dem and GOP candidates were huge backers of the nanny state. People laughed at Dr. Paul for his "crazy" ideas about liberty, privacy, small government, etc. Now they are crying because they believed the con man in chief would give them something for nothing. I'm disgusted by my fellow Americans and how gullible they have been in the matter of electing government officials who make unkeepable promises in order to get elected while mocking honest statesmen like Dr Ron Paul.

  21. J Williams says:

    I agree that this is the plan for government to take over all healthcare, but if the government can't even run the healthcare exchanges, how can they possibly hope to run the entire healthcare system? As a practical matter, I suspect that there will essentially be no system beyond what already exists (Medicare and Medicaid for the general population). These programs will become overburdened and break down. There will be massive delays in service, and costs will skyrocket.

  22. Barbara J says:

    Yes, I'm going to be 70 soon and I don't like the thought that the " Death Panels" will hold my life in their hands. I have just as much right to live as anyone else.

  23. BirtherPro says:

    How can Insurance companies "survive" when most will wait to get insurance until the day before they need (expensive)surgery ???

    How will employers survive with their increased costs ???

    How will employees when there hours are cut to part-time ???

    How can the IRS possibly enforce the myraid of new laws if "everyone" resists ???

    It is UNSUSTAINABLE !!! (Which was what was PLANNED from the beginning — so the "government" will be then forced to take over completely.)

  24. BirtherPro says:

    FACTS you have NOT been told about: The Greatest FRAUD (and PRESS COVER-UP) in World History !!!

    1.) Obama has claimed TWO DIFFERENT Hawaii hospitals & birth-doctors – but NONE admits Obama born there.

    2.) Hawaii ALLOWS OUT OF STATE / COUNTRY birth-registrations – via DOH 338-17.8 (note: Act 96 in 1961) ( Therefore: NOT PROOF OF “HAWAII” BIRTH – ( w/ no proof required of “parents” or even “date-of-birth” )

    LINK: http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/hrscurrent/Vol06_Ch

    3.) Birth-recording via Act 96 / 338-17.8 would generate "Public Notice" NEWSPAPER ANNOUNCEMENTS.

  25. Barbara J says:

    Totally agree with you. Obama should've never been elected in the first place, hes NOT an American. His so called Father was not an American. Obama was adopted by an Indonesian, and his rights to being an American ( if he ever was) was forfeited. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Eric Holder need to leave Office immediately.

  26. BirtherPro says:

    14.) Not One Shred Of (credible) Evidence Obama is currently a U.S. ”CITIZEN”. ( thus ILLEGAL ALIEN ??? )

    15.) There are NO PASSPORT records available. (Or school applications – enrolled as “FOREIGN” student ??? )

    16.) He is using a STOLEN SS#. ( From Harold Bounell – born 1890, died 1976, and used by Obama by/since 1986. )

    17.) FAKE Selective Service application. ( Signed “the-day-after” date-stamped , with (19)80 stamp created from a “reversed – (20)08 stamp”, with signature that looks like his “recent” signatures instead of known 1980 signatures. )

    18.) His PUBLIC BIO FOR 16+ YEARS read: "Born in Kenya — Raised In Indonesia & Hawaii".

  27. BirtherPro says:

    19.) Evidence: enrolled in a (Muslim) Indonesian school AS AN “INDONESIAN” CITIZEN, under name Soetoro.

    BUT: Soebarkah was used on a "official" U.S. form, (mothers passport application); thus may be "LEGAL" name.

    20.) If birth-certificates are correct, he should use Obama "II". (He is USING HIS "FATHERS" name by omitting the "II")

    So “WHO” is this ILLEGAL ALIEN, using ILLEGAL NAME & SS –– that is RUINING “our” country ??? http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2013/

  28. Birther, good questions and research. But I fear none of this matters. What DOES matter is that he/they are looking us in the eye with a grin on their collective faces and saying, "What're you gonna do about it?"

  29. "Muslims should NOT be exempt, they should go back to their own country and stop trying to ruin ours."

    I don't know….seems to me we're already doing a bang up job of that already.

  30. Welcome aboard.
    I think Rand visited us from the future and told us what was gonna happen.


    p.s. One snippet from that book that has REALLY stayed with me is Rearden talking with Dagney:

    Dagney, they need our sanction to do to us what they are doing. I don't know why it is that they need it, but t do know that if we ever give it to them, we are lost.

    Be careful before you "agree" with them or "compromise"..

  31. william says:

    If there is any justice to be had then the illegally conceived Obamacare, and illegally enacted with their bribes, threats and backroom deals will come crashing down on the democrats heads. But unless the few sane honest people in Wash.d.c. do their duty the most corrupt congress in the history of America will let the poisonous maze of government steer manure ruin the lives of anyone who works for a living while Obama blames the failure on George Bush with a chorus of mindless liberals singing "Amen" in the background. May Congress and the Supreme Court and all Wash.d.c. vipers be submitted to the same hell as they imposed on the rest of us.

  32. Paddy Cakes says:

    I was really disappointed to see Gary North a part of the right wing-nut wacko fringe group. The world is seeing these Tea Party dolts and marginal neurotics and mild psychosis. Gary…shame on you for adding a modicum of respectability to these clowns.

  33. Seymour Kleerly says:

    If Paul could be more credible on Foreign Policy and necessary industrial regulation, he'd be a force.

  34. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I think the Dems. actually laid a trap for the Cons. to sound crazy.

  35. Obamacare we know was forced upon us and passed by liberals so why are we even accepting something that is illegal and unfortunately, the Supreme Court upheld it. Now we are being told to buy into the " Gang of 8" amensty bill that we damn well know is going to have the same if not worse results. Billions of dollars to go to people who broke our immigration laws and now we're supposed to go along with that. This is only the beginning for millons more to follow. It is also unenforceable, full of loopholes that only greedy lawyers and acitvist will benefit from.

  36. I agree. I've been praying for America every night at 9:00 (I have my alarm set on my phone) since I first heard Obama was going to run, 4 years now. They're all preparing for the One World Government: Jesus is coming soon!

  37. I predicted as much from the very beginning. The thing is unmanagable and as such will fail. But not before leaving huge swaths of devastation in our economy.

  38. patricia says:

    His Obamacare should be voted on by the people and no cheating and if we get enough no votes it should be
    deleted. The country is trying to come back and this Obamcare will just retire Doctor's who won't deal with the
    mess and companies will cut their employee's hours or go out of business. In all, this bill is bad for America.

  39. Only politicians who have never worked outside government, would believe that hiring four people to rubber-stamp paperwork and pass it back and forth to each other is job "creation" and "growing the economy".

  40. Correct. Gummint can screw up a wrecking ball.

  41. A Patriot says:

    Ron Paul will never be a force, and all he has done is bleed votes from marginal GOP candidates and helped elect our current anti-American administration.

  42. A Patriot says:

    Paddy, please wait until you finish Jr. High before making comments about real issues which you obviously are not capable of comprehending nor offering a credible counter argument.

  43. Those marginal GOP candidates were marginal for a reason. They were RINOs, Obama-lite.

  44. Seymour Kleerly says:

    If you changed the time to 7:35 it would surely work. God is busy watching O'Rielly and Hannity from 8-10!