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44% of Republicans Think Armed Revolution May Be Necessary

Written by Gary North on May 3, 2013

A recent poll by Farleigh Dickenson University reveals that 44% of Republicans think that an armed revolution may be necessary someday soon to defend American liberties.


This indicates two things: (1) loss of faith in Constitutional politics; (2) an inability to count the costs.

If you take this position, you have adopted the view of the Communist Party in 1952. Back then, Republicans were divided between whether to jail people who believed this vs. those who said firing them was sufficient.

As for armed revolution, would this be after the season ends for American Idol but before the summer season of Royal Pains? Does anyone seriously contemplate the personal costs of taking to the streets for five years? Which streets? Armed with what?

Did the lock down of Boston not penetrate the thinking of romantic revolutionaries? The lock down was total. There was no resistance. Everyone stayed inside. After the SWAT team fired into the boat where the teenager was hiding, not knowing for sure who was inside, there was rejoicing in the streets.

Who will lead this revolution? Talk-show hosts?

Of the 44% of Republicans who say they think armed revolution may be necessary, I would guess that 90% send their children into the tax-funded schools. That is where the indoctrination takes place. Why revolt against the political system that educates your children? What is the point?

When 44% of a major political party indulges in fantasies for grown ups, we can be sure that any solutions to our problems will not to be found in the present political system.

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38 thoughts on “44% of Republicans Think Armed Revolution May Be Necessary

  1. But isn't that the point? If the present political system offers no solutions and is bleeding the country dry by crony capitalism and never-ending wars, revolution isn't driven by ideology or party, but by practical necessity of defense against wanton predation.

    Government is an elected monopoly. It's monopoly on violence is legally defined, but is not morally assured. Government can only maintain itself by force if it looses its moral authority. Up to a point that works. Thugs successfully rule nations around the world.

    Everyone in the American colonies didn't factually hate King George. A minority hated some onerous policies of his government. A minority rose in arms and (against all odds) threw him out. Most of the rest of the people were disinterested bystanders or government loyalists. Most are also today.

    Continuing to excellently train young Americans in the grim arts and arms of guerilla warfare for combat overseas and then releasing them from service back into the civilian population (with or without all appendages) probably isn't a winning long-term strategy for career pols and bureaucrats who look forward to floating on their boats on fat government pensions.

    Maybe. Maybe not.

    44% is a pretty compelling number if it's ever energized in the future by practical necessity of people who decide they've simply had enough.

  2. truthbeknown says:

    My comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly. Great So are you guys liberals? 1st amendment gone.

  3. jmac1951 says:

    Revolt should be against the NEA……The Communist education system in the Ivy League-The Gubmnt schools should be cleaned out and new management put in from better paid business people.

  4. paul h. says:

    Why do you think our founding fathers made the second amd. Of the constitusion .? And why do you think the obumer comuniest is try to take it away ! Wake up america its the only way they can enforce their comuniest political agenda ! With the people disarmed ! Semper fi !

  5. Rabelrouser says:

    The partisan count of this poll underlines the mind set of a people who have been deluded into ever so slowly giving up their freedoms and Rights to a growing Governmental authority; and those who still support the Constitution as the Rule of Law of the Republic.
    But as with most polls, I find that the numbers do not represent the majority of the people, from personal communication find that more than the claimed 44% feel that this nation is in fact headed towards an armed revolution, and not just from partisan mindset.
    Trying to undo the belief of Rights, Liberties and Freedoms can not be acheived by "laws", as being the force of power over the general citizenry. After a life of 235 yrs this nation will not accept that loss as they do not accept, on a personal basis the changing mind set of conscience as they are being conjoled into doing.
    My fear is that this is coming, sooner rather then later. And it will cause a greater turmoil than this nation faced in its last "Civil War". This is why many are today preparing to ride out the storm and preserve that which has been America, are you?

  6. Cliffystones says:

    Just because 44% of Republicans say they think armed revolution MAY be necessary, doesn't mean they're romanticizing about revolution. And it doesn't mean that they all don't understand how that revolution would affect their lives. Folks like me simply would rather live with the "inconvenience" of revolution than in George Orwell's vision of a society. Get it, author?

  7. Who will lead the Revolution you ask ? … One never knows who or what will spark a revolution, it could be some teenager on
    youtube, the lady next door … a mom who wants to see America restored to a country with a positive future for her children, or
    some nobody that was wronged by our Federal Govt. in such a flagrant use of corruption that a few hundred Citizens stand up for. Then a few hundred turns into a few thousand and so on. Surely you realize that Americans can see behind the curtain, the state controlled media, try as they may … cannot completely hide the corruption from concerned Citizens. A free and uncensored Internet still haunts the elites that are responsible for the un-American activities we are enduring. They are using our money to destroy us and our nation. Make no mistake about it, we are already head long into a civil revolution, we are living through interesting times. Let us pray that common sense prevails during our attempted civil recourse. .. and maybe, just maybe the very real threat of force, backed up by the Constitutional authority granted to every Citizen, will contribute to a victory for sanity, God given rights, and the freedom that all humans deserve. Godspeed. – Jim

  8. Israel and the Zionist world bankers control DC politicians. And are the one who are pushiong gun control . Democrat Jim Traficant spent 7 yrs in prison for speaking the truth about Israel influence in DC.

  9. Boy, is this a "Be careful what you wish for" moment! I wonder how many of that 40% would be OK with going back to the days of GW Bush: Government is OK as long as we're in control.

    The Patriots of 1776 were successful because they were prepared for the event mentally, morally, and spiritually. They knew the end they were going for and had some idea of what it would look like, in terms of laws and rights, because they had already lived it and had the structures in place already. The "Black Regiment" had been preparing them spiritually and morally for what was coming for a decade at least.

    Today, after a century of "Progressive" education, law, and government, the citizenry for the most part has no idea of these things because they haven't been taught what it means to be moral and responsible free men. We have no ideology or moral foundation to rebuild society after the conflict, thus our condition in the end will be worse than what it is now.

    No friends, an armed revolution is doomed to failure or greater tyranny.

  10. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Yipee! Another Racist Rightie shows his macho ignorance from behind his computer!

  11. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Sounds like your brain belongs to Rush Limbaugh.

  12. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I'll bet less than 10% of that 44% went to college and that all 44% actually believe Fox News, Talk Radio and sites like this!

  13. Eddy Fudd says:

    Excellent article, Bud. I agree on all points. Soon the poll numbers should increase to 90+ percent (and that is just conservatives voting).

  14. Eddy Fudd says:

    OOOHHHRRRAAAHHHChesty Puller…!
    I'm "going" with strong conservatives in this movement, as liberals are generally out in 'left field!' Rush, you've got the platform…

  15. Eddy Fudd says:

    First off, Traficant needed to be locked away for-eeever! Secondly, you just don't know whom you are dealing with, do you?
    When you try to bum-rap Israel, you defy the Living God! (For those of you who do not believe in the Lord Of Heaven and Earth, that is fine–but be prepared for the consequences, an E T E R N I T Y in hell.

  16. jdangiel says:

    At least he has one.

  17. jmac1951 says:

    Try recruiting for your own business for 40 years and you can see the gradual decline in available work force from Colleges. Most are mush, even if they get there on time, feel they are owed without performance and hate hard work. Whatever you think of Rush, he's been 100 % right . look at the mess we're in now. If you can't see that, God help you.

  18. In other words 44% think people are too ignorant and uninformable to pull off a political revolution. Does that mean constitutional federalist can’t swing another 7% to our side; or does it mean the “44%” is not totally composed of constitutional federalists? And that’s just Republicans .. . . Pretty discouraging!

  19. Bob Marshall says:

    FEMA thinks so also.That is part of the reason for Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center in Bluemont, Va. The confiscation of all guns and ammo by so many government agencies. These agencies buying up all the ammo they can find? Are we to believe a civilian force as powerful and well funded as our military is for our welfare?

  20. More and more people are speaking of revolution these days, as more and more liberties are being eroded away, but do they really consider how such a thing plays out? Can they really justify slaughtering the opposition or do they just live in a dream world that imagines a peaceful transition, without a shot being fired? Are they so blinded with anger that they don't realize that the red that will run on the street may be the blood of their own children? Did we learn anything from the civil war? What makes us think that things will be any better? Does might make right? Time to go back to the war room, my friends and consider 2 Chronicles 7:14 as a more appropriate strategy.

  21. Just because a lot of people are angry at the government, doesn't mean that they have the same ideas of liberty, Boston and NY prove that.

  22. If your fed up, start your own school. Sometimes it takes more brains then bullets.

  23. Re: Seymour Kleerly,

    — I'll bet less than 10% of that 44% went to college and that all 44% actually believe Fox News, Talk Radio and sites like this! —

    Which would mean, what exactly? Because I don't see the relationship. 18% of polled Dems and 27% of polled Independents agree with the same sentiment, so how does that fit with what you're suggesting?

  24. Jerks , it isn't loss of faith in constitutional politics , it is a demand to RETURN to constitutional politics , totally abandoned by the Presidential administration and the Senate and a House of represatives that are either Rhinos or cowards , the TEA PARTY is ALL about getting the government BACK TO CONSTITUTIONAL RULE .

  25. Eddy, I agree with you that Israel is still the chosen people, and that God has promises for them which He still intends to keep. I also think that given the above, anyone who thinks that Israel needs US support doesn't understand some very basic concepts. Concepts like God's total sovereignty, and like His complete ability to safeguard His people Israel under any circumstances (He's got all circumstances covered), and like His total, complete ability to bring to pass whatever He has decreed, no matter what men may say or do. Having said all that, I don't think it's necessary for us to allow Israel to control our foreign policy. Nor is it necessarily wrong to point out abuses. Part of the problem is that Israel doesn't believe God, either. They think that their destiny is totally in their own hands, and that if their existence is at stake, anything goes. Well, let's see how this all plays out…

  26. Seymour, you've got a serious case of snobbery. I, too, was taught to be a snob in college. I was a geology major. There's no snob like a geologic snob. I learned over the years, however, that the average guy can be pretty sharp. I also learned that I wasn't half as smart as I thought I was. It's called humility. It's great stuff, but painful to acquire. May you acquire some, too.

  27. Tionico says:

    one niggly factoid about the Boston "shelter in place" order…. no wonder the folks so abused stayed indoors.. they were unarmed, legally, and confronted wiht a MASSIVE and massibly equipped invading military force of hundreds. I think I'd likely lay low myself… better to hunker down, hope they don't fine my weapons this time, and live for another day. The armed confrontation on the Commons at Lexingtin was precipitated by Gage's orders to disarm the colonists. They drew the line in the sane and said NO WAY. And meant it. Thirteen were hit by gunfire from the British Regulars there. Nine died. Not many… but those deaths heavily impacted thst small town. Later in the day, Gen WIlliam Heath's "Moving Ring of Fire", perhaps the earliest guerilla operation of any significance, exacted a terrible toll on the retreating Brits…. a third of their officers fell that day, almost all shot from great distance by solo actors working in concert… and unapproachable in retailiation. The Colonials were smart enough to NOT line up like live theatre and face off to see who could fire the most volleys the fastest, then survive the obyonet charge best. No, they picked off the valuable targets, effectively cutting off the head of the snake as it slithered back to Boston and relative safety. I'd haev left the hordes of coppers swarming Boston alone myself….. to live for another day and work more effectively, as did the militiamen of Massachussetts on 19th April 1775.

    By the bye, those men of Massachussetts and nearly all the other twelve colonies had known for close to ten years that armed conflict was the most likely path of tyranny. When the smoke had cleared and General Lord Cornwallis loaded up his m,inions, those who set to work to frame up our government took great pains to build a government that would keep such conduct in check. They warned….. this Constitution will ONLY work for a moral people already self-governed according to the laws of God as found in the christian bible. It will serve no other people. You draw the conclusion… but, there remain, today as then, a remnant who ARE dedicated to men living at liberty to govern themselves as they belive God would have them live.

  28. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Not really, Rush own's it.

  29. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Are you referring to the bible which was written by Jews? You can't be serious.

  30. Seymour Kleerly says:

    I certainly can be a condescending obnoxious —hole, but when I hear this type of idiocy, it flows from me like Niagra falls.

  31. Seymour Kleerly says:

    It simply means that 18% of Dems. and 27% of Independents are just as gullible as Conservatives. It still beats 44% any day.

  32. Last I heard there were 5 million folk that had joined the various militias.

    I suspect those guys ain't stupid and they ARE organized. They don't confide in ME, so I don't know what they are doing or how they are doing it, but don't ever think they are stupid or disorganized or have no plans. The REAL question is, "What are their plans if they win?"

    And then there is the armed forces. Which way will they "turn". I suspect that Obama has a reason for his "civilian army", under DHS. I also suspect they will be no match for the regular armed forces.

    As far as DHS's tanks are concerned, in urban fighting they have a name for such vehicles–ovens.

    It ain't impossible, Gary. Unlikely?? yep. Impossible?? nope.


  33. Rabelrouser says:

    http://Modernmilitiamovement.com http://wramsite.com
    Networking sites for the state / local groups.

    Tony, your guess at 5 million would be a little low.

  34. Seymour Kleerly says:

    It's also my patriotic duty!

  35. Gerolde says:

    Would a revolution work now? No, absolutely not. It would be crushed all too easily by DHS with their new armored personnel carriers and stockpiles of ammunition.

    But a few years from now, after what Dr. North calls the "Great Default", when half the military has been let go and the other half is being kept on at half pay to try to keep order in the cities because the EBT cards no longer work? Could be a different story.

    Whether or not such a revolution is a good idea is a discussion worth having, and I look forward to hearing from Dr. North on this topic. I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand.



  37. All the hunters in each state make up a formidable militia! Count the Hunting Licenses, that's at least the number of armed citizens in each state.

  38. Seymour Kleerly says:

    It will be more like a Right Wing propagandist like Beck.