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PR Bombshell in Boston: Bombers’ Family Received $100,000 in Government Welfare

Written by Gary North on May 1, 2013

I call it “blowing off the hand that feeds you.” The family of the accused bombers has received $100,000 in handouts from various government agencies over the years.

There are 47 million Americans on food stamps. This family was one of them. I wonder if they still are. (Note: they are not stamps any more. They are plastic cards that look just like credit cards. The food stamp handouts are now called SNAP: Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program.)

We know that this sort of thing goes on. We know that the welfare state is now basic to American life. But bombers or not, this family has been openly ungrateful. They have had nothing good to say about America. But America is an equal opportunity welfare state. Those who hate the country are given the same handouts as those who love the country.

What did the handouts buy the voters? Resentment.

The younger brother was a stoner. He spent the taxpayers’ hard-earned money on marijuana.

His older brother used the money to fly to Russia and then, somehow, get to Chechnya. How the Russian authorities missed that excursion remains an unanswered question. It looks as though the Russians are no better at defending against terrorism than the Department of Homeland Security is. After a bomb goes off, the people in charge spend most of their time explaining away the obvious: they cannot control terrorism.

I suppose the Party Line at the USDA will be this: “It’s not right to criticize a program because of a few bad apples.” In short, “don’t make SNAP judgments.”

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16 thoughts on “PR Bombshell in Boston: Bombers’ Family Received $100,000 in Government Welfare

  1. Penguin says:

    Great idea….KEEP DEALING OUT OUT WELFARE CHECKS….to healthy able to work FREELOADERS….ILEGALS….and anyone else who should either be working ….OR ELSE DEPORTED.

  2. justme says:

    If you stop giving it to them, then they will take it from you anyway they can, especially if we enact gun control. Better to get them stoned and keep them stoned. And isn't that the current policy?

  3. Maybe the reason that they did the unthinkable was because they had so much money and didn't have a positive out look on life ,an Idle mind is the Devils Workshop !! tHE BIBLE SAY'S THE FEET OF THE WICKED ARE SWIFT TO RUN TO MISCHIEF !!!!THER YOU GO !!! AND ALL THOSE HAND OUTS FROM THRE GOVERNMENT ,A MUSLIMN GOVERNMENT ,THERE JUST TAKIING CARE OF THEIR OWN !!!

  4. Jerry Morgan says:

    They’re not real big on “Thank You” are they?

  5. Seymour Kleerly says:

    That policy was nuts!

  6. 1American1st says:

    “It’s not right to criticize a program because of a few bad apples.”

    BS! It's not just a "few", it's millions of Foreigners living off the backs of the American Taxpayers!

    STOP Immigration Reform!
    Tell our legislators to ENFORCE OUR LAWS!

    Sign the petition:

  7. sunnynomore says:

    I don't think a program should be criticized when it helps many seniors who worked all their lives and are now on a fixed income. Americans who are unemployed or under employed should not be left starving. The problems is when immigrants who used to have to be able to support themselves, come here and have anchor babies then can collect food stamps, etc. or in this case, the wrong people were given asylum and lived off of American taxpayers. I know people who are on food stamps simply because the cost of living has gotten so high and they've either lost their job or are on a fixed income. Without them, these people would starve. They don't get a lot of assistance, because the program is based on income. So, they have to have low or no income to qualify. I have seen the snap cards and they clearly don't look like credit cards. That said, if we stop considering anchor babies as American citizens, taxpayers could save a lot of money by not paying for those who shouldn't qualify. I do believe any immigrant who comes here should be self-supportive and all illegals should be deported.

  8. Gotta wonder: If it were charity instead of welfare would they still be ungrateful and inclined to kill complete strangers?

  9. This is the legal one. Think about the 20 million criminal immigrants who do the same… and have never contributed anything to our society. Democrats will give them your money for votes… greed and power.
    Social security for retired folks is not welfare… they paid into the system… and it is their money that they want back now 40 years later…
    The commie gubmint unions opt out after just 25 years…

  10. OneOut says:

    They would have probably been weeded out of the system. Private run charities tend to take a poor outlook on people who receive charity and drive a high end cars.

    Government employees who run these programs don't seem to mind as much.

  11. Michael says:

    Now all you have to do is find out how much the Crisis Actors, Fake limb builders, Fake bomb makers, Fake blood manufacturers, and all the lying cheating traitorous individuals that were part of this false flag attack made.
    Go to YOU TUBE and type in:
    "SMOKING GUN! Boston Bomb HOAX – Amputee Actor Exposed"
    The injuries were faked, just after the blast fake legs were put on people who were already amputees, other people took off outer clothing to expose tattered clothing, Facts, all facts, you can see in the photos that no blood is coming from legs that were blown off, people with clothes completely shredded without a drop of blood. There are people who help the get the scene ready for the government photographers. DO your own research. Its all fake.

  12. Michael says:

    Dont take my word for it. Listen to a Lt. Colonel about what happened in Boston.

    YOU TUBE, type in:
    "A retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Army weighs in on Boston."

  13. I stopped supporting them in 1979 when I stopped filing all state and federal tax forms and stopped sending them any money.

  14. This country better wake up and stop building a nation of parasites. It really hit me when people were collecting money for food for children who were out of school for the Easter break. Are we so dependent that we can't feed our own kids for a week!

  15. IAmWinner says:

    Larry, tell us how one can stop filing all state and federal tax forms once you have been in their (the IRS) system and still are?

  16. ncbill12 says:

    In many states (mine included) there are no longer any asset tests for SNAP.

    You could own you home outright and have six figures in the bank and as long as your household income was low enough you'd still qualify for SNAP.