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Food Stamps for Illegal Mexican Immigrants

Written by Gary North on April 30, 2013

The United States Department of Agriculture recognizes that illegal immigrants from Mexico have a hard time putting food on the table. So, it cooperates with Mexicans in the USA to promote food stamps.

Judicial Watch has reported for years on the USDA’s policy of free food for illegal aliens. It has now pried loose documentation of the promotions. The USDA has provided a flyer in Spanish informing Mexicans that they do not have to declares their status as illegal aliens in order to receive free food.

There are now 47 million Americans who receive food cards from the government. This figure keeps growing.

The USDA operates to expand its services. The more employees on the payroll, the easier it is for a manager to get a promotion. So, the agency has every incentive to expand the program.

At zero price, there is greater demand than supply. This is the law of scarcity. It governs food pricing. When the government hands out free food, there are takers.

Farmers like crop guarantees. The USDA buys up a lot of subsidized food. It has to do something with this food. It is expensive to store it. So, the USDA finds people who will eat this food. A card that lets people get free food is always a winner.

Come one. Come all. The taxpayers don’t care enough to put a stop to this.

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13 thoughts on “Food Stamps for Illegal Mexican Immigrants

  1. I can see the light at the end of the tunnell………..Nx thing, a convicted felon in prison will be paid to stay in

    Lawbrreaker is a lawbreaker…….and since the Head-shed doesnt regard "violation of laws" (Xcp the laws they make now).. are we lucky or WOT ?

    Where in hell is Congress? Deciding what part of ObamaCare they WISH to be part of? Which part to reject?

  2. I beg to differ- taxpayers do care- we just haven't figured out how to put a stop to it (yet). This may be a moot point as the money will dry up and they will go back to mehico on their own, especially when the govt. starts rounding people up. Not to mention when they become targets for pissed off taxpayers.

  3. Seymour Kleerly says:

    If true, the policy is nuts!

  4. brianrichardallen says:

    About 20% of American farm work is performed by criminal aliens. (Be they calledby any other name)

    USDA "policies" including subsidies, see to the creation of vast mountains of over-production.

    And (coincidentally?) around 20% of America's annual harvest qualifies as such, is unsaleable and so most is given away around the globe by US-AID, a program that infuriates other agricultural-produce exporters – especially our "allies," Australia and Canada — and bankrupts whole third-world countries' farmers who, despite low production costs, cannot compete with "free." (Somalia's agri-business was wiped out by US-AID)

    Without a doubt, barring only NASA, the biggest tit on a boar there has ever been – the USDA is one darned department that has to go!

    Why- just ridding the country of its subsidies and 20% of unsaleable waste production would release the 20% criminal alien component of the agri-business labor force so it may bugger off back to where it came from!

  5. elmcqueeen3 says:

    Why not?…Over half the people in Puerto Rico are on US food stamps and they are not even a State of our Union!

  6. snuggles says:

    What to do?
    first. Every intercepted border crosser is photo'ed, finger printed and DNA'ed and given 90 days in a detention center in a 3rd world country. In addition, anyone caught can NEVER be in America legally for any reason.
    second. announce in 6 mos. Any illegal found here as above, can never be legally in the country for any reason.
    third. announce that in 9 mos, every employee in the country will be run through e verify.
    Fourth. Any illegal alien found after the 9 mos will have any and all assets confiscated.
    fifth. Any employer found with an illegal employee after 9 mos. who can't show fraud by the alien gets a heavy fine or jail.

    That will clear out a lot of illegals who will no longer have work, they will sell their houses and cars and go home. Cost to us…very little


  8. But, but.. messican illegal aliens are a major part of the mulatto Hitler's base. Without them and other forms of election fraud, he'd be back in Chicago working as a mouthpiece for the mob.

  9. brianrichardallen says:

    Good start — but you missed the necessary 65% With-holding Tax on all undocumented cash transfers to turd wurld shi … um … states.

  10. brianrichardallen says:

    …. Without the criminal-alien vote and every other kind of elections' fraud, the sail-eared simpleton Indonesian foreign-Exchange Student would be back in Chicago 'mouthpiece-ing' for the mob.

    Instead of in DC 'mouthpiece-ing' for the mob.

  11. truthdodgers says:

    If half of the Food Stamp Budget goes to feed Children, just think how many there must be. Kids got to eat, friends!__Time to clarify the issue of illegal immigrants. The de facto policy of the U.S. Government has been, "open borders," for the past 50 years. Rich Growers and Farmers simply wanted (perhaps needed), the cheap labor from south of the Border. Left unchallenged during the early years

  12. … and in additrion to this fraud, they spent 100% of their time on criminal activity. What part of illegal is so hard to understand. Of course they break laws… they are law breakers by nature.

  13. We have to stop the magnets that keep bringing people over here that take more than they give. No welfare, No food stamps, No free education, unless you are a citizen. Also, get rid of minimum wage laws, there you go, no more hiring illegals under the table anymore.