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How to Reduce Political Conflict in the State of Israel

Written by Gary North on April 26, 2013

An Associated Press story describes a political war in the State of Israel. A new political party is now in second place. This is in a nation in which no political party has ever gained a majority vote. It is a nation of coalition politics.

The new party is opposed to what is called ultra-Orthodox Judaism. I am not clear about the theology involved. But I recognize funny hats when I see them.

Anyway, the Associated Press reports on the disputes. I have solutions!

According to a draft of planned reforms viewed by The Associated Press, the Finance Ministry has proposed cutting in half government subsidies to religious schools that do not teach a core curriculum including math, science and English, and boosting funding for schools that do.

This can be settled immediately. End all of the subsidies. No group gets any support from the government for its schools. Shalom!

It also seeks to allow subsidies for child day care only if both parents work — an effort to entice ultra-Orthodox men who study religious texts full time to join the job market.

Same solution: end all subsidies to parents who send their children to day care centers. Shalom!

A parliamentary committee headed by Yesh Atid Cabinet Minister Yaakov Peri also proposes cutting 30 percent of funding to ultra-Orthodox religious seminaries and introducing legislation to end most military draft exemptions, Israeli media reported this week.

That’s the wrong approach. The way to solve this is to extend the draft exemptions to everyone. Shalom!

Shrink the state.

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5 thoughts on “How to Reduce Political Conflict in the State of Israel

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    You forgot to add "And eliminate, not reduce, the funding of seminaries."

  2. The only thing propping up the state of Israel is massive aid from American taxpayers. That and false flag attacks designed to stampede the US into sending its sons and daughters to fight Israel's wars of aggression. As infrastructure crumbles, the US is paying to build highways in the occupied West Bank that only Jews are allowed to travel on.

  3. Seymour Kleerly says:

    Anything to weaken the power of Right Wing Religious fundamentalism is good for any society and in this case the whole planet.

  4. Earl Littlefield Jr says:

    If you advocate ending State supports for schools, do you also advocate ending foreign funding of schools? Iran, Egypt, and many foreign groups would love to "EDUCATE" your children to their brand of control……

  5. Agreed. And don’t forget the huge charities that, in many cases, are funded by America’s enormous appetites for gambling, booze and 2nd rate entertainments. At least those are voluntary.