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Duck Dynasty Shoots American Idol Out of the Sky.

Written by Gary North on April 26, 2013

The A&E’s top show scored higher than the yuppie favorite. At A&E, they are happy, happy, happy.

Like a flock of ducks lured to their doom by a Duck Commander duck call, American Idol was flying along, oblivious to what was happening on the ground. The Robertson men were in their blind, shotguns loaded.

Uncle Si had his flask of iced tea. Jase was ecstatic: another day off. Phil’s face was covered with that black stuff he smears on. Even Willie was happy. “This is going to be great for business.”

Score another round for the rednecks. The yuppies took the hit.

All of this is under the cultural radar. The media moguls at the networks do not want to think about this. A show aimed at people who like to go hunting, or fantasize about hunting, is killing the liberals’ idea of family entertainment. A series that closes every show with a family at a dinner table, with the patriarch saying grace, is hammering the adultery shows on the networks.

As Uncle Si would say, “That’s a fact, Jack.”


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8 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty Shoots American Idol Out of the Sky.

  1. FRENCHIE says:


  2. Mary Katherine says:

    Finally some GOOD
    entertainment, keep up the good work Robertsons we love you!

  3. msjallen says:

    It is one of my favorite shows even as an old fuddy dud who can't stand hair on a man's face thinks it is a funny show and at least clean. Si is the one I like the least. I like the prayer at the dinner table at the end of the show. I tape all the episodes and watch them one after the other. Great laughs even though it is so stupid.

  4. uncle si for president 2016! yes i'm joking, but the really sad part that makes you want to cry is that compared to obama uncle si would be a great president.

  5. Could just be the "Wave of the Future" lurking under the radar.

    Only one in four Americans identify themselves as "Progressive". Could be that their "movement" is veering from "nuance" to sophistry, only they as a group are too self absorbed to notice the difference… but the rest of us see it loud and clear every day.

  6. Progressives tend to occupy expensive, coastal and university town real estate.

    Therefore family formation is often unaffordable except for the highest earners – the nominally heterosexual ones anyway.

    Therefore they're being outbred/replaced by both their beloved gimmegrant foreign invaders and their despised "redneck" Christian co-ethnics.

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